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Mohammed El-Beltagy
The Physician and Politician
(Detained files Documentaries)

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Who is he?
Name: Mohammed Mohammed Ebrahim El-Beltagy.
Place of Birth: El-Behera -1963.

Physician and a Politician in the Egyptian parliament and one of the

Muslim Brotherhood icons.

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Activities and Political History:

He was the head of the Student Federation Cultural Committee of the Islamic
Secondary Institute of Alexandria, and he issued the first Azhar propagation of
Islam magazine at this time Al-Nazeer -1978 ".

He participated in the Islamic group work in Alexandria Secondary schools that

had at that time a wide religious, educational and political activity.

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He was the Head of Al-Azhar Medicine College Union, then the Head of Al-Azhar
University Students Union for all its branches all over the country, for 3
consecutive years.

He was the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in parliament for Shoubra Al-Khayma

district in 2005.

He was a member of Defense and National Security Committee in the Egyptian

parliament in 2012.

He represented the Muslim Brotherhood in establishing The National Association

for Change in February 2010.

He is a Co-founder of the Global Forum for Islamist Parliamentarians (Founded

in Jakarta, 2007), and he represented
Egypt as a board member.

He was elected in 2008 as a member of

the Monitoring Committee part of The
Executive Committee for the Islamic
National Conference.

He participated with international activists

in the Marmara" Turkish ship, and was






participating in the Flotilla that tried to actively break the Gaza siege by sea.

He represented the Freedom and Justice Party in Parliament in 2011 after the
January 25th Revolution.


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. 25 2011

Career history:

He worked as a resident physician in the "Ear, Nose and Throat Department.

He received a Master and Doctorate and was appointed a lecturer in the "Ear,
Nose and Throat " Department, at Al-Azhar College of Medicine.

He participated in many charitable medical convoys through the Relief

Committee of the Physicians Syndicate.

He was the Director of one of the Islamic Medical Association branches that is
known for its medical charity activity in all of Egypt.

He has many scientific, union, cultural, and religious participations in several

associations, conferences and training courses for physicians.

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His famous words during his trial:

"Al-Sisi says me or the Anarchy, and we tell him not you nor
Listen to what we say, Judge. As you will bear the responsibility in front of
God, history and the people".

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Dr. Mohammed El-Beltagy was arrested and charged with: inciting the "Itahadiya
Palace" events and Republican Guard clashes, killing demonstrators, insulting the
judiciary and torturing a number of citizens opposing the Muslim Brotherhood in
the Rab'aa sit-in.

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