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French Minister of State
for Foreign Trade visits

Profile of Ghana’s

NIIT Takoradi Holds
Maiden Graduation

fre e
3 French Minister of State for
Foreign Trade visits Ghana

dominique paravicini
Dear Friends Hello, 14 Profile of Ghana’s Magician
Ghana celebrates its 52nd Independence Day cel-
ebrations on the 6th of March with a new Head of
State H.E John Evans Attah Mills. Unfortunately,
while this occasion will be taking place we will be
at press to produce your most cherished month-
ly magazine.
We shall however bring you all the important
landmarks of the celebrations in our April edition. 16 NIIT Takoradi Holds Maiden Graduation
However, I take this opportunity to invite you all
to actively participate in Francophonie week
from March 16th.
On page 23 of this edition, the Chairman of the
Alliance Française of Accra, Mr. Nat Nuno
Amartefio, gave us a brief historic report of the
organization as well as Ghana’s position in the
Francophonie. The program line up and all the
important events are available for you. Zenith Launches VISA Card 9
In this edition we have a report on the French
Minister of State for Trade, Anne- Marie Idrac’s Events Calendar 18
visit to Ghana.
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who’s who

Bolloré unveil their corporate logo

Director Bolloré Africa - Mr. Phillipe Labonne
On the February 5th 2009 Bolloré unveiled
their corporate logo at Golden Tulip in Accra,

All current local and international business part-
ners were invited to this event with the MD for
Ghana, Jason Mannion, as your host and organiz-
er. Director of Bolloré Africa - Phillipe Labone
came from France to assist this event.

In five years, Bolloré Africa Logistics has become

Chairman ANTRAK Mr. Alhaji Banda

a major player in the port business, whether act-
ing as a private operator or in the context of con-
cession agreements with autonomous ports or
States, or on behalf of ships entrusted to it by its
ship-owning customers.

Bolloré Africa Logistics has a portfolio of com-
mercial brands ready to serve its customers,
including ANTRAK: A brand recognised in inte-
grated logistics for the mining sector and SDV: A
historically dominant commercial brand with a
Jason Reynard, MD Bolloré Ghana worldwide presence, which operates in all areas.

6 March 2009
Some company history
Founded in 1822 and with 50 years of loyalty to Africa, Bolloré Group is now one of the 500 leading
companies in the world. From its historic beginnings in thin papers, the group chose to diversify into
areas where it could occupy a leading position. The diversity of its activities enables it to spread its risk
better. It now has a presence in plastic films for capacitors and packaging, electric batteries, thin
papers and logistics (freight forwarding, port handling, railways, etc.) in Africa and the rest of the world,
as well as in fuel distribution, dedicated terminals and systems.

Mr. Puerta & Mr. Reynard
pop the champagne
March 2009 7
who’s who

Zenith Bank (Ghana) Limited has recently launched three Visa cards (Visa Classic Prepaid Card; Visa
Classic Debit Card and Visa Classic Credit Card) to make business transactions easier and safer for

The Visa cards would enable customers to gain access to the Visa network operated in over 150 coun-
tries with a network of over 29 million outlets and a million automated teller machines (ATMs).

The Visa Classic Prepaid Card can be used by
all; one need not be a customer of the Bank.
The holder can load the amount of money
needed on the card and use it at all terminals
where Visa is accepted. The Visa Classic Debit
Cards are linked to the account of the card
holder at the Bank. Any amount spent on the
card is directly deducted from the card hold-
er’s account. The Visa Classic Credit Cards,
are linked to an account but with a credit
facility to the holder. The Debit and Credit
cards are exclusively for account holders of
the Bank.

March 2009 9
who’s who
Tigo Love Day

On the official day of Love, Febuary
14th, Tigo united 50 youthful vibrant
and eager couples for a night of com-
plete fun and entertainment!

Tigo in collaboration with YFM selected
50 lucky couples, who prior to the event
opted to be part of a ‘blind date love
celebration’ and treated them to a can-
dle light diner and a cozy movie at the
Silver Birds Cinema.

‘Who would have thought I would have
so much fun and met such a great guy!
I totally enjoyed the entire night’ said
Rose who is still in tight contact with
her ‘blind date’...who knows where it
would lead.

3 lucky couples were further chosen out
of the lot to receive brand new Tigo
phones! Tigo gives you more and a
whole lot more! Keep expressing your-
self longer with Tigo!

10 March 2009
March 2009 11
who’s who

French Minister of State for Foreign Trade visits Ghana

L-R: H.E. Francis Hurtut, the French Ambassador, Mrs. Hannah Tetteh, Minister of Trade and Industry, Anne-Marie Idrac, Minister of State for
Trade of France & Dr. Osei Boeh-Ocansey Director Gen. PEF

Anne-Marie IDRAC, French minister of State for On Saturday evening, the French ambassador(pic-
Trade, visited Ghana from Friday February 27th to ture below) held a cocktail at his resident in honor
Saturday February 28th, with a delegation of 11 of the Minister and the Club d’ Affaire Franςais du
French large, medium and small scale compa- Ghana (CAF – Ghana). The objective of the club is
nies. to maintain and develop Franco-Ghanaian eco-
nomic and trade relations and to promote French
On Friday, Mrs. IDRAC met with the President businesses and interests in Ghana by the
Attah Mills, the Vice-president Mahama as well as
other members of the government including Dr.
Kwabena Duffuor and Mrs. Hannah Tetteh.
In a press statement, The French minister reiterat-
ed France’s commitment to support Economic
Partnership Agreements as a way to foster region-
al integration in West Africa.

France has approved a concessionary loan of 45
million Euros as official development assistance
for Ghana. Therefore ranking France as 3rd
among bilateral donors to Ghana. France is con-
tributing through the French Development
Agency (AFD).
Dominique Melay President of CAF Ghana and wife

exchange and dissemination of information, ideas
and expertise.

The association is open to the following cate-
gories of entities:
• French companies registered locally or
legally operating in Ghana.
• French citizens or individuals managing
French companies in Ghana.
• French business partnerships in Ghana and
partners of businesses in France who
maintain through their intermediaries
regular and sustained economic relations
with Ghana.
Mr. Jean Dolle, Economic & Commercial Counsellor, French
Embassy, H.E. Mr. Hurtut and H.E. Georges Ouegnin GEO7
For more information please contact: /

12 March 2009
Mr. Jean Dolle, Economic & Commercial Counsellor, French Embassy andAnne-Marie Idrac,
Minister of State for Trade of France

H.E. Georges Ouegnin
One of the most Internationally decorated
Ivorian statesmen with over 41 years at the
head of state protocol in Cote d’Ivoire and
President of GEO7 together with
L-R: Mr. Mr. Alandou, Gecad, H.E Jimmy Aggrey-Orleans, Mr. Tristan
Mr. Dominique Paravicini
Fonlladosa and H.E Agnes Aggrey- Orleans

L-R: Michael Cheylan, CAP Afrique, Jean -Marc Moro. L-R: Mrs. Joyce Boeh-Ocansey, MR. Gwet Lucky Gwet Company & Dr. Osei
Ulis Int., Arnaud Dornon, French Embassy Boeh-Ocansey Director Gen. PEF

Mrs. Hannah Tetteh and Dogad Dogoui, President of
Africagora R_L: Mr. Halabi, Veritas, Mr. Barten, Bivac

continue on page 15 March 2009 13
who’s who

Jason Reynard, MD Bolloré and wife

The two Trade Ministers drinking to the Ghana-French co-operation

Mrs. Botte and Mr. Jean - Claude Gruner,
Golden Exotic

Dogad Dogoui, President of Africagora
and Omar Camara, French Embassy
Mr. Piere Arnard, Cie Fruitiere expressing his appreciation on behalf of the
French delegatiom

L-R: Philippe Manteu, David Hourdry, Moet
Chandon and Jean Drouhet, MD Novotel

H.E James and Agnes Aggrey Orleans listening to the speech by the two
Ministers of State Richard and Agnes Decombe
March 2009 15
who’s who

L-R: Mr. Coulibaly, Gras Savoye, Dr.
Kpodah, AIIA Int
R-L: Mr. Alandou Gordon Executive Director Gecad, Mr. Jean Dolle, Economic & Commercial
Counsellor, French Embassy and some guests.

L-R: Dogad Dogoui, President of Africagora, Dr. Christian Kpodar, President Solomon
Investement, Marie Helen Hoba and Mr. Hoba

Mrs. Boeh-Ocansey

Alain Gbeasor, Enjoy magazine with Dogad Dogoui, president of Africagora

Mr. Bordura-Linder, ORSAM, Mrs. Carole Paravicini and Mr. Belliissard, MD SG-SSB Guests.

16 March 2009
events calender - March 2009

I take this oppor-
Barbecue Joint tunity to wish all
Ghanaians a
Venue: Behind Top in Town Happy
Day and see you
30th Osu 31st when i see you.

Happy Hour : Bywell

Happy hour: Ryan’s Irish Pub Bulgaria National Day Happy Hour
Sports Bar
Venue: Osu, From: 6 pm Happy Hour
Cheers entertainment center
Heaven Bar , Osu Venue: Ahodjo – Kumasi
2nd Jackpot Nite Klub 3rd 4th
Hang out @Typhoon, Bomso, From:
6:00 pm, Up until you lose your voice Francophone Night
Ex- Bus stop
Aphro Nite Klub
Venue: Ring Road Airport Residential
Time: From 8:00 pm till you chill

Bouncers Classical Live band Music Soiree Francophone
Barbecue Joint Golden Tulip Aphrodisiac Nite Klub
Venue: Behind Top in Town Venue: Kumasi City Pool Side Airport Residential
From: 7:00 pm
Osu Free Entry
9th 10th 11th
Happy hour
Pool Bar, Lounge and Roulette Ryan’s Irish Pub Happy Hour
Vienna City Entertainment Complex Venue: Osu Heaven Bar
Ahodjo Kumasi From: 6 pm Osu

Ireland - St Patrick's Day West African Building & Construction
Happy Hour, Powers Pub
2009 . Accra International Conference
Happy Hour , Chelsea Place and Jazz Center
Ho Pleasure Gardens, Ho Tone
Happy Hour: Bull Dog Pub
Venue: Labone , Accra, From: 6 pm
16th 17th 18th
La Bamba Pub, Comm. 11, Tema
Happy Hour : Celsbridge Pub Kumasi
Salsa, South American Dance and
Music Venue: Labone From: 7pm

Wild, Wicked & Wet Wednesdays
Pakistan National Day Casino!! Casino!!: Vienna City , Venue:
Accra & Kumasi
Happy Hour: La Bamba Pub,, Comm.
Monte Carlo Grand Café
11, Tema Attraction: pool bar and entertain-
ment, Live Band Labone
23rd Bouncers : Barbecue Joint. Venue: 24th 25th
Behind Top in Town Chester’s Bar and Pub Mid week Special: Café Masarati

Osu Venue: Osu Asokwa, Kumasi

From: 12 pm

18 March 2009
events calender

Live Karaoke accompanied
by Piano Music @ Bar

Venue: Golden Tulip Kumasi
City. Time: From 8:00 pm
Buffet @ Rhapsody

Accra Mall

Tetteh Quarshie

13th International Trade CINEMA: Sylver Bird
Aphro Sundays,
Fair Enters 2nd week Cinema, Venue: Accra
Aphrodisiac Nite Klub
Mall, From : 6 pm
Airport Residential, Accra
Happy Hour, The View
Pub & Restaurant, Venue: Ghana 52nd Happy Hour
Silver Star Towers From: 6 Time with DJ Mensah and
5th pm 6th Independence 7th 8th Friends
Day Celebrations
Guest List : Cinderella’s Klymax Bay
Behind Police Venue: Accra Mall
Headquarters, From:
La Beach
10pm From: 10 pm

Ladies Nite, Genesis Nite
Klub, Amakom
Valentine Flavors Flaunt your Special Love Edition

Kumasi Aphrodisiac Nite Klub taste Tour at Aphro Sundays,
Aphrodisiac Nite Klub
Airport Residential
Pool Bar, Lounge and
Roulette Airport Residential, Accra
12th 13th 14th 15th
Vienna City Valentine Love Climax
Entertainment Complex
Singles Nyte, Pool Bar
Nite Klub, Spintex Road Klymax Bay, Labadi Beach
From: 10 pm Accra

Tunisia Anniversary of Adventure Ghana 2009
Bless the Mic with PY the Independence of the Namibia Independence begins
Republic of Tunisia Day
Base Lounge , Osu Silverbird Cinema, 1st Floor,
Super Sat’s, Champs Accra Mall
Happy Hour: Duplex Sports Bar, Paloma Hotel,
Dancehall Nyte Lounge & Bar, Osu Ring Road. All you can
19th 20th 21st drink for GHC 10 22nd Aphro Sundays:
Aphro Nite Klub, Airport Big Timers Nyte Out Aphrodisiac Nite Klub
Residential Accra. Old School Nite:
Kiravi Nite Klub Aphrodisiac Nite club,
Airport, From: 10pm till Airport Residential
your mama calls
Venue: Ahodjo Accra

Bangladesh Ministry Of Sounds
Independence Day Old School Nite, Aphro
Nite Klub, Airport Ghana vs. Benin world
Basement Lounge, Every Cup Qualifiers
Last Friday, Osu Residential, Accra
Happy Hour :Typhoon
Live Karaoke accompa-
Bomso , Kumasi 27th Flaunt your 28th 29th
nied by Piano Music @ Bar

Dance Hall: Aphrodisiac taste Tour at Pool Bar and Nite Klub
Venue: Golden Tulip
Nite Klub
Tantra Spintex Road
Kumasi City
Airport Residential
Time: From 8:00 pm

March 2009 19
who’s who The IMEXCO and HENNESSY

IMEXCO Ghana, importers of the The producers, Jas Hennessy & Co.,
Hennessy Cognac brand, intends to sells about 40 percent of the world’s
make their cognac the number one Cognac.
drink-mixer choice for all patrons in
Ghana. “The Flaunt your tour” event is an
avenue for patrons to learn new
In view of that on the 20th of ways of drinking the Cognac, like
February 2009 they launched the 1st mixing with energy drinks, carbon-
edition of the Hennessy “Flaunt ated drinks or doing a French cof-
your taste”, at Rhema’s in Osu. fee with cream.
The tour, in all, will be held The event was well attended
across the length and breadth and the Cognac did not cease
of the country to sensitize pouring in and guest had the
regulars on the new ways of treat of a life time.
enjoying their Cognac.
We thank IMEXCO Ghana for
Hennessy is a prominent such a memorable night and
French winery founded in can’t wait for the remaining
1765 and co-leader of the editions.
prestigious luxury goods com- Flaunt Your taste Tour:
pany LVMH. Hennessy special- Saturday 14th March 2009 at
izes in the manufacture of Cinderella’s
Cognac and with a rich history Friday 27th March 2009 at
served many a prominent figures. Tantra

20 March 2009
March 2009 21
Organisation Internationale de Dear Readers,
la Francophonie Today it is a
common place
notion that
1. What is the « Organisation Internationale de la
through the
Francophonie » (OIF) ?
medium of
instant com-
The Francophonie formerly known as the «
Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie »
and easy trans-
(OIF), created in 1970, is an international organization
portation, the
of governments for political action and cooperation.
world has
It comprises 56 member states and governments, 3
shrunk to the
associate members and 14 observers for a total pop-
size of a village. In our global village our
ulation of 870 million people.
enhanced proximity to one another
requires unusual sensibility to shared
The Francophonie has evolved into a global organiza-
interests and divergent expectations. It is
tion whose numerous branches cooperate with its
the goal of the Alliance francaise to nour-
member states in the fields of culture, language, sci-
ish this community of shared interests
ence, economy, justice, and peace. The OIF can there-
and promote peace and friendship
fore be compared to the Commonwealth of Nations.
through harnessing our different expec-
tations and talents.
2. What are the missions of the « OIF » ?
In Ghana, we find ourselves immersed in
For the next decade, the action of the organization
a region of fellow Africans who already
will concentrate on :
share a common Gallic heritage. We have
happily joined their community of the
• The promotion of French language, cultural and lin
Francophonie so that with them we can
guistic diversity
create a better future for our children. The
• The promotion of peace, democracy and Human
Alliance francaise institutes in Ghana,
contribute to this process by bringing
• The support to education, training, higher
young Africans to study together and to
education and research
learn to appreciate each other’s differ-
• The development of cooperation for sustainable
development and solidarity

The OIF has moreover an observer status at the
The week of the Francophonie is a cele-
United Nations General Assembly. On a yearly basis,
bration of our cultural diversities and
March 20th is commemorated in all the governments
common interests. We are proud to par-
and member states as the International Day of the
ticipate in it as a full member of the
Francophonie (Journée Internationale de la
Francophonie family.

3. Ghana and the OIF

Since September 2006, at the Bucharest
Nat Nuno-Amarteifio
Francophonie Summit, Ghana has become an associ-
Chairman of the Board of Alliance
ate member to the OIF - the Ghanaian political
Française of Accra.
authorities having declared the learning of French
language a priority for Ghanaian citizens in particular
in terms of regional integration.

March 2009 23
Business process outsourcing (BPO)
Brought to you by IPMC
Business process outsourcing
(BPO) is a form of outsourcing
which entails contracting opera-
tions and responsibilities of specif-
ic business functions (or processes)
to a third-party service provider. In
the early days, BPO usually consist-
ed of outsourcing processes such
as payroll functions.

Now it is common for organizations
to outsource financial and adminis-
tration (F&A) processes, human
resources (HR) functions, call center
and customer service activities and
accounting and payroll.

Most services provided by BPO vendors are offered on a fee-for-service basis. This helps a company
become more flexible by transforming fixed into variable costs. Outsourcing may provide a firm with
increased flexibility in its resource management and reduce response times to major environmental

A company is also able to focus on its core competencies, without being burdened by the demands of
a bureaucratic structure. Key employees are thus released from performing non-core or administrative
processes and can invest more time and energy in building the firm’s core businesses and thereby help-
ing the company create a competitive edge.

Finally, BPO can be a major foreign exchange earner for a country’s economy. India currently receives
revenues of about $10.9 billion annually from BPO. In Africa, Morocco, Egypt and South Africa have
emerged as the African powers of BPO.

To increase Ghana’s competiveness, IPMC College of Technology is collaborating with international BPO
firms to set up offices in Accra, Ghana’s capital. Prior to that IPMC would be training individuals who
wish to work in the BPO industry. Already, IPMC College of Technology has incorporated BPO courses at
its two major branches – Graphic Road & Tesano. These courses shall be extended to other IPMC College
of Technology branches very soon.

March 2009 25
who’s who

Wine tasting event at
the Golden Tulip
Kumasi City.
Norquest Limited owned by Nigel
Rapp importer of fine wines and spirits
to Ghana led a wine tasting event at Mr. Jean Paul Figaly, MD IMEXCO Ghana and some guests
the Golden Tulip Kumasi City.

During a presentation, some selected
waiters and supervisors were taken
through the process grapes pass
through to become wine. It was also
explained to them what to look out for
in a good wine and also how to serve
wine. This was indeed an enlightening
experience for the waiters as they tasted
Some of the invited guests
the various types of red, white and the
rose wines.

Later in the evening, clients of the hotel
and other invited guests were treated to
the Laurent Perrier Champagne and
French wines from Gabriel Meffre. Also
present at the event were James and
Christine Marr who had travelled with
their own vehicle from North England Mr. Andreas Tscherning GM, Golden Tulip Kumasi and Madam Beatrice
Mensah, Manager, Zenith Bank Kumasi
through to Madrid and then to Morocco
further down to Mauritania and then to
Senegal, Gambia and Mali through to
Burkina Faso and finally to Kumasi.
Andreas Tscherning (General Manager)
Jackie Senoo (Sales Manager) Ms
Beatrice Mensah, Branch Manager
(Zenith Bank, Kumasi) and Mr. Nigel
Rapp were in attendance as well.

Mr. Samuel Addo, Regional Manager MTN, Mr. Koduah Howard and Mr.
yaw Afrifa of Golden Tulip Kumasi City
26 March 2009
Hair talk with Clu-chey
Shampooing techniques
Now its time to shampoo! As you are aware, shampoo is a
purifier/cleanser for your hair. Shampoos work well when mixed with
water and massaged in. The primary purpose of a shampoo is to
remove sebum (oil), dead cells, sweat and product build up. In addi-
tion, it also stimulates your scalp and helps to make your hair shiny Sam Clu-Chey Adika Technical
Manager Softsheen-Carson
and healthy (when done correctly).

How to shampoo
First completely wet your hair all over. This is necessary because it helps remove dust and
1 other materials from the surface of the hair. Saturating hair first will also helps the molecules
in the shampoo to get rid of dirt easier.

Massage sufficient shampoo between your palms before spreading it onto your hair and scalp
2 with your fingertips. (Never pour shampoo directly from the bottle onto the hair). Massage
firmly but gently. Remember, using force will not make removal of dirt any easier. The ideal
shampoo to have is “Dark and Lovely Moisture Seal 3-N-1 Conditioning Shampoo”. This
shampoo, cleanses gently, conditions, detangles and locks in moisture during the shampooing

Rinse it well with clean warm water until all shampoo is out. Though
3 rinsing your hair may seem simple enough, the fact still remains that, most
people do not rinse well enough. Work your fingertips through your hair
while rinsing. Poor rinsing will result in dull hair, flaky and itchy scalp. If you
have thick/coarse hair, or your hair is very dirty then shampoo again.

After a thorough rinse with warm water – at least 30 second – gently
4 pat your hair with a towel and lightly squeeze down the hair to the end
or wrap a towel around your head and leave it on for about 5 minutes.
Never rub your hair strongly, unless you want dreadlocks.

Shampooing tips:
• Brush/comb your hair before shampooing. This will remove dirt/dead
skin cells from the scalp, free hair from all tangles and possibly pins
used in styling.
• Never use water that is too hot or cold. Always use clean warm water.
• Never rinse your hair with used bath water.
• Remember, any time you shampoo you loose some hair, so, don’t panic
this is normal.

March 2009 35

A magician is an individual performing art that
entertains an audience by creating illusions of
seemingly impossible or supernatural feats, using
purely natural means. These feats are called magic
tricks, effects or illusions. In some years past in
Ghana, troops of magician passed through the
towns and villages in Ghana performing such acts
as cutting someone into pieces burying them and
eventually resurrecting them after 3 days.
One Ghanaian, who is still involved in this practice
currently and renowned the world over is
superman, he was born on the 4th of July 1960
into the family of Traditional Chief Makers of the
Volta Region, in whose hands mysticism and real
magic was an everyday affair. He grew up around
traditional magicians admiring their feats and
dreamt of becoming one himself when he grew

After his first Career as a teacher he went to India
to study Oriental Philosophy and became a Hindu
related Sanyansi (Monk). He was made Regional
Priest of Bangkok Region covering Vietnam, Laos
and Cambodia including Thailand, but finally left
the Monk hood after four years and decided to go
back to his childhood fascination of becoming a

Combining African, Indian and Western Styles of
Magic, Christopher has originated what he calls:
“AFRICO HINDU MAGIC” which includes the Fakir
styles of magic, Fire eating acts, magic with ani-
mals, playing cards, silks, dancing on broken bot-
tles, lifting things with his eyeballs, mind reading,
illusions and many other Stunts with which he
traveled the world performing at Night Clubs,
Hotels, Resort Hotels, Amusement Parks etc. He
has performed on Trains, Cruise Boats and other
social gatherings around the World. He has per-
formed to audiences which include African leaders
at the A.U summit, lifted the Ghana flag high at the
Japan Cup and the launch of M.T.N, night of 1002
laughs among others. At all these performances
the audience is held spell bound by his style and
the professionalism he brings to the act.
36 March 2009
Glo CAF Awards 2008
Egyptian football emerged the dominant force at Award winners
the Glo-CAF Awards 2008 Gala held on Tuesday in Glo-CAF Player of the Year
Lagos, Nigeria. The North African country scooped Emmanuel Adebayor (Arsenal and Togo)
five awards at the awards gala, but missed out on Inter-Club Player of the Year
the ultimate, Glo-CAF Player of the Year won by Mohamed Aboutreika (Al-Ahly and Egypt)
Togolese Emmanuel Adebayor.
National Team of the Year
Al-Ahly midfielder Mohamed Aboutreika lost out on Egypt
the history making feat of becoming the first local-
based player to win the annual honour since its Club of the Year
Al-Ahly (Egypt)
inception by CAF in 1992.
Young Player of the Year
The forward however took solace in the Inter-Clubs Salomon Kalou (Chelsea and Cote d’Ivoire)
Player of the Year, which he piped his club-mate
Flavio Amado and Enyimba hitman, Stephen Worgu Women’s Footballer of the Year
to the prize. Ahly was also voted the best club while Alice Mattlou (South Africa)
their fans were rewarded with the Best Supporters
Coach of the Year
Club (Club Division). Hassan Shehata (Egypt national team)

The Egyptian national team, Pharaohs, claimed the Order of Merit Achievement
National team of the Year whilst tactician Hassan Roger Ouegnin, President of ASEC Mimosas Football
Shehata picked the Coach of the Year prize. Club
Farah Addo
Orok Oyo
The ceremony which had in attendance CAF
President, Issa Hayatou; FIFA President, Joseph Fair Play Award
Blatter, Lagos State Governors, Babatunde Fashola Cote d’Ivoire
(San), Nigeria Minister of Sports, Engineer Sani
Ndanusa was characterized by series of acrobatic Best Supporters Club (Club division)
and musical display pieced together by the South Al-Ahly (Egypt)
Africa based True Colour Events.
Best Supporters Club (National Teams Division)
Nigeria Supporters Club

African Football Legend
Christian Chukwu (Nigeria)

Platinum Award
Umar Musa Yar’Adua, President of the Republic of Nigeria

Goalkeeper – Carlos Idriss Kameni (Espanyol and
Glo-CAF Player of the Year Inter-Club Player of the Year Cameroon)
Emmanuel Adebayor (Arsenal & Mohamed Aboutreika (Al-Ahly Defenders – Wael Gomaa (Al-Ahly and Egypt), Ismail Taye
Togo) and Egypt) Taiwo (Olympique Marseille and Nigeria), Joseph Yobo
(Everton and Nigeria), John Mensah (Olympique Lyon
and Ghana)

Midfielders – Mohamed Aboutreika (Al-Ahly and Egypt),
Michael Essien (Chelsea and Ghana), Yaya Toure
(Barcelona and Cote d’Ivoire), Sulley Muntari (Inter Milan
and Ghana)

Attackers – Samuel Eto’o (Barcelona and Spain),
Young Player of the Year Emmanuel Adebayor (Arsenal and Togo)
Coach of the Year
Salomon Kalou (Chelsea and Cote Hassan Shehata (Egypt national
March 2009 37

He is an active member of The International
Brotherhood of Magicians based in the U.S.A. and
other Magical Societies around the world

Christopher is also a Poet, Song writer and a Yogi.
He has now graduated from a Grand Master of AFA
as in Ewe or IFA as known in Yoruba to be a Psychic
and Herbal Healer.
Christopher also teaches Entertainment Magic and
developing the Natural Talents in young people as
a hobby. Mr.Voncujovi admonishes the youth to
aspire to discipline and honesty. He calls on
Ghanaians to remain faithful to their identity and
see magic as a form of entertainment and not a
religion; this way con artists will not take them for
granted. His show time range from 10 minutes to
an hour depending on the client’s demand.
Illusions, Magic, Cremation, Sword and Cutter
Ifa is the method used by the Yoruba and the Ewes Stunts, Hypnosis, Jokes and Comedy are part of his
of West Africa to divine nature and live in harmony repertoire
with it.
If you need a little spice in your life, something to
Today, he resides in Accra the Capital of Ghana and awe your guests, at functions, threat them to the
his home country with his wife Chieko and their Magical world of THE VONCUJOVI’S where MAGIC,
children. The children Mawuli, Sena, Pele and Tara ILLUSION and FANTASY are to ENJOY.
who are now Junior Magicians are doing variety of
TV and event shows in Ghana. The children some-
times appear alongside their father in performanc-

38 March 2009
Soft Pesto Breadsticks
Ingredients Method
1 1/4 cup flour 1. Mix flour, baking powder and salt.
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
2. Stir in skim milk and mix until dough
1 tsp salt forms a ball.
1/2 cup skim milk
2 tbsp butter, melted 3. Roll or pat dough out into a 10" by 6"
rectangle and cut it into 12 strips.
Your choice of topping (Pesto, 4. Paint each stick with butter and place
Parmesan, Cheddar, Sesame Seeds etc). on cookie sheet. Paint on or sprinkle with
your choice of topping.
5. Bake at 450F for 14 minutes.

March 2009 39

The body gains a lot of weight as you reach your middle years: self-confidence, wisdom, con-
trol, stature, freedom and unfortunately weight. Whether it’s a joke of mother nature’s or an
accident of evolution, your scale and age creeps at the same time as you reach your thirties,
forties and beyond.

All sorts of factors fight against you in your battle with extra pounds at this period of time in
your life. It’s very easy to gain weight. There are many kinds of metabolic metamorphoses that
promote weight gain as you grow older. Your body’s metabolism slows down, in other words,
you burn less calories as you perform an activity now than you would have some 20 years ago.
Even most athletes decrease energy expenditure (output) with aging. You also tend to be
physically inactive at this stage of your life than you were at your younger age, and it slows
your calorie burn even more. Most of all, the muscle mass naturally decreases. Muscle use
more energy fuel than any other kind of tissue, including fat, and since muscles are used to
burn fat, having less of it diminishes your calorie burn still further. It sounds as if you are
doomed, but there are reasons to give hope a chance. We are not supposed to look the same
as we did at age 20 or 25, so a little extra weight will not hurt us, especially when we were
physically active. On average, most men and women gain 10-15 pounds by age 60. The key
to these years is to find a healthy weight as you “TRAIN SMART and EAT RIGHT”

March 2009 41



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)% )% *  +,-
 #%  % '" % "'  %#  # "%
' " %'" %  #%. /   


(             !" #
Detox Your Body! – Part 1 health

Tahmah is CEO of ANEW Wellness Spa and Consulting. She is a certified plant based dieti-
cian, gourmet plant based chef, massage therapist and colon hydrotherapist. Tahmah is
also a member of the Ministry of Health’s Regenerative Health Team.

Have you ever heard the phrase “You can’t put have to be difficult or expensive. Below are a few
new wine in old bags”? Did you ever think that guidelines to help you get started. Please note
this phrase could be made in reference to your that it is necessary to consult a qualified health
physical body? Well, it can and it does. The need care professional before attempting any body
to detoxify the body is as essential to life as eating detoxification program:
food. Ironically enough, often times, it’s the foods
1. Fasting is an effective and safe method of
that we put in our bodies that make it so neces-
helping the body to detox. Both “fruit fasts” and
sary to detox. Detoxification is the process of
“juice fasts” can assist the body in reaching
reducing the buildup of various poisonous sub-
perfect equilibrium.
stances in the body. Over time, these substances
begin to disrupt the functions of the organs
2. Colon Cleansing can rid the colon of toxic
resulting in various degenerative diseases such as
buildup and debris and help prevent and treat a
diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, malaria,
variety of health problems. Some forms of
typhoid fever, hepatitis and obesity. Often times,
colon cleansing include: enema, colema,
our bodies will give us warning signals that there
colonic and herbal treatments.
is something wrong, and it is time to detox. Some
warning signals include headache, constipation,
3. Exercise! Regular exercise improves digestion
bloating, insomnia, skin disorders and constant
and elimination of toxic substances in the body.
fatigue. There are several ways in which the body
It also boosts the immune system, reduces
can accumulate toxins. Hundreds of chemicals
stress and increases your well being.
ranging from carbon monoxide, to aluminum, to
lead enter the body through the air we breathe,
4. Massage Therapy and Reflexology increases the
the water we drink and the food we eat. Excess
lymphatic circulation and improves the blood
fats, sugar, oil, salt and food additives are just a
flow thereby increasing the elimination of toxic
few substances that make the body toxic as well.
Body detoxification or “internal bathing” is just as
important as “external bathing”. You wouldn’t
5. The Aqua Chi Detox is used to rebalance and
allow one month to pass without cleaning your
amplify the body energy system allowing the
home or your car, so why not treat your body with
body to heal itself.
the same respect? Body detoxification does not

For more information call: (024) 593 5338 or email

March 2009 43
The art of weaving canes and
baskets is as old as the history
of mankind. Traces of baskets
have been found in the
Egyptian pyramids, and
woven basket liners have left
their impressions inside the
fragments of ancient pottery.
Usually the traditions and
expertise is transferred down
from generation to generation
of adept craftsmen.

As you take a stroll through
the streets of Cantonments
you discover with awe the rich diversity of products created by some of these expert craftsmen. New
times require new technologies, Kwaku hails from the Jomoro district of the Western Region, tells me
they now had to learn carpentry and electrical in order to meet the design needs of their mostly
expatriate clientele.

Kwaku sits using cane strips, weaves what appeared to be a standing basket, his eyes were fixed
intently on the work, hands moving expertly. The basket intricately done with artificial designs was
the product of a skilled and professional cane weaver. A closer inspection of the finished work
reveals a most beautiful Television stand with six completed light shades and electrical wiring to pro-
vide lighting.

I could not but be held in awe
at the beauty before me, in
this open air workshop one
could find hand woven beds,
book shelves, dining tables
sets, sitting room chairs and
tables as well as other fashion-
able decorations ideal for giv-
ing your house or even office
the perfect décor.

“How long have you been
doing this?” I asked him and
the answer was forth coming
with hint of pride “for the past
twelve years.” Kwaku had
been weaving on off since his childhood and decided to work full time in 1997. It was a trade he had
learnt well and has gained considerable experience in.
Kwaku and his colleagues, who number about ten, work as a team on projects so as to finish faster
and their location in Cantonments is ideal for their target market.

Cont. on page 47
44 March 2009
Enjoy The Humour
You should learn to be Better relationship
A man walked into a therapist's office looking
more polite very depressed. "Doc, you've got to help me. I
can't go on like this."
One day, Bill and Tom went to a restaurant for
dinner. As soon as the waiter took out two steaks, "What's the problem?" the doctor inquired.
Bill quickly picked out the bigger steak for him-
self. "Well, I'm 35 years old and I still have no luck with
the ladies. No matter how hard I try, I just seem to
Tom wasn't happy about that: "When are you scare them away."
going to learn to be polite?"
"My friend, this is not a serious problem. You just
Bill: "If you had the chance to pick first, which need to work on your self-esteem. Each morning,
one would you pick?" I want you to get up and run to the bathroom
mirror. Tell yourself that you are a good person, a
Tom: "The smaller piece, of course." fun person, and an attractive person. But say it
with real conviction. Within a week you'll have
Bill: "What are you whining about then? The women buzzing all around you."
smaller piece is what you want, right?"
The man seemed content with this advice and
walked out of the office a bit excited. Three
Trouble sleeping weeks later he returned with the same down-
trodden expression on his face.
The woman seated herself in the psychiatrists
office. "What seems to be the problem?" the doc- "Did my advice not work?" asked the doctor.
tor asked.
"It worked alright. For the past several weeks I've
"Well, I, uh," she stammered. "I think I, uh, might enjoyed some of the best moments in my life
be a nymphomaniac." with the most fabulous looking women."

"I see," he said. "I can help you, but I must advise "So, what's your problem?"
you that my fee is $80 an hour."
"I don't have a problem," the man replied. "My
"That's not bad," she replied. "How much for all wife does."

March 2009 45
March Horoscope
aries 21/3 to 20/04 libra 24/9 to 23/10
Venus entered your sign in February, augmenting your overall
charm and perhaps bringing gifts, money, and favors your way. This March brings a more serious tone than February, dear Libra,
month, Venus moves "backwards", and it's time for introspection. although the first week is likely still about "fun and games". Work
This is particularly true after the 15th, when Mars enters Pisces, the matters become increasingly into focus, and you are feeling more
sign just behind yours. It's time to revise your plans and put off new introspective. It's not that you lack confidence, but you tend to rec-
initiatives until you have more confidence in them. Others may not
be getting you--perhaps misunderstanding your intentions--for the ognize the need to look within for answers. Questioning your plans
time being. A partner may be distant. A New Moon on the 26th is likely, and in fact quite necessary. A close partner may be distant
brings new discoveries and a feeling of newness to your life. Still, or hard to read this month as well. Some disconnects in the love
take your time before moving forward. The Full Moon on the 10th department are likely. These will clear up mid-April. For now, try not
brings some chaos on the job front, but nothing you can't handle.
The first week of March is strong for business income, friendships, to push matters (or others). Give them space, and give yourself
and group associations. It's an unusual month in which you are space as well. Surprises on the job or regarding health are likely on
inclined to retreat yet others are vying for your attention. Use March the 12-13 and 21-23. The 11-12 also brings some fabulous news and
for budgeting rather than buying, resting if you can, and revising highly motivating conversations.
taurus 21/4 to 21/05 scorpio 24/10 to 22/11
Venus, your ruler, turns retrograde this month, signaling a peri- You're moving towards a more playful and fun frame of mind in
od of reflection. You are likely to pull back a little, as you take the March, dear Scorpio. Romantic surprises are likely around the 12-13
time to revise and perhaps question your plans. Matters from and 21-23. There could also be surprising turns of events surround-
the past creep up and demand your attention. This is a good
month in which to solve old problems and finally lay them to ing creative projects, children, and family matters during these peri-
rest. Nevertheless, your public or professional life is quite busy, ods. Invitations to go out and have some fun should be grabbed.
particularly in the first week of March. Friends are supportive. While love matters do pick up pace, some care is necessary when it
Despite your inclination towards retreat and rest, your social comes to a close partnership. You might find that a partner is a little
agenda is hectic. There is bound to be some drama in your
romantic life, particularly around the 10th. A lover (and in some distant or hard to reach this month. These matters will clear up mid-
cases, a child) needs some attention, and it's time to sort that April, and simply require you to be patient and understanding. The
out. A surprise surrounding a friend or family member is likely 10th brings your obligations to friends or groups to light. Going over
on the 12-13. past errors or problems is likely on the job.

gemini 22/5 to 21/6 sagittarius 23/11 to 21/12
Some complications surrounding friends and lovers are quite The first week of March continues the busy theme of last month for
possible this month, and you're likely to find these people in your you dear Sagittarius, after which life settles down a tad. While there
life dredging up old issues. Give others space. There's a lot of
activity on the career front in March. While you begin the month are bound to be some surprises on the home front, particularly on
in an adventurous mood, you quickly realize that there are a lot the 12-13 and 21-23, your focus is on settling in and keeping the
of responsibilities to take care of. Family matters grab your atten- peace. The 10th brings the culmination of an important work proj-
tion as well, around the 10th, and then on the 12-13, surprising
ect or a scurry of activity on the job. Events occur that highlight your
events and communications occur through your work. The 1-2
brings excitement surrounding a travel opportunity. Strong days responsibilities in your professional life. From the 6th and until mid-
of opportunity occur on the 2-5 and then the 10. Watch for pres- April, a lover may be distant or in a phase of rethinking matters. You
sure build-up on the 18. might also take this time to re-assess your goals on a romantic level.

cancer 22/6 to 23/7 capricorn 22/12 to 20/01
The month begins with continued attention to your personal
There are some wonderful and perhaps surprising opportu-
finances, dear Capricorn. You have big ideas about how to increase
nities that have to do with legal affairs, travel, or education
your income. While you will continue to brainstorm about money-
this month, particularly around the 12-13 and 21-23.
making endeavors in March, your attention also turns to learning,
Nevertheless, complications and setbacks are likely, but are
communicating, and networking. A surprise communication is like-
only temporary. Career matters could be causing you some
ly on the 12-13, and work brings unanticipated events on the 21-23.
concern, but try not to fret over details. Instead, come up
If a lover seems distant or a love affair appears to stall this month, it
with a better game plan. April will bring opportunities to
just means that it's time to reassess matters. You could also find that
begin anew. A relationship is reaching new depths of intima-
you experience creative blocks this month, which will clear up mid-
cy in March, and there's quite a bit of talk and activity that
stimulate changes in how you approach each other, particu-
larly in the first week of the month.
leo 24/7 to 23/08 aquarius 21/01 to 19/02
Your close personal relationships continue to take center stage in The first week of March is very busy for you, dear Aquarius. You
your life this month, dear Leo. A close partner could seem a little are getting a lot of attention, and others are turning to you for
mysterious or even elusive, but this only serves to intrigue you
more. It's a good month for deepening a connection, but do pre- advice. Money matters become a big focus from the 8th for-
pare yourself for some communication snafus. Travel, legal, or ward, and unanticipated events surrounding your personal
educational plans may not be moving forward at the speed you'd finances are likely, particularly on the 12-13 and 21-23.
like them to be. The 10th brings some financial matters to light,
demanding your attention. Likely, money shared, borrowed, or Responsibilities to others, particularly on a financial level,
loaned will be big topics on the table now. In fact, some surpris- become hard to ignore around the 10th. The 12-13 is also a
ing events surrounding shared possessions and funds, as well as strong period for enhancing or attracting a close partnership.
intimate matters, are likely around the 12-13 and 21-23. The 12-13
also brings an exciting connection with a lover. Creative projects could bring financial reward this month.

virgo 24/8 to 23/9 pisces 20/02 to 20/03
The month begins with a strong focus on your health and work March is a strong month for reassessing your finances and
routines, dear Virgo. You could be digging up interesting informa-
tion now, and there is likely to be quite a fuss over it in the first making a budget, dear Pisces, but it's not a favorable time for
week of the month. The focus turns to a close partnership or making important purchases. If you do make a big outlay, you
friendship towards mid-month, when a special someone could be
putting his/her cards on the table. While it's not a time to sweep are likely to regret it next month, so hold off if you can for the
matters under the rug, some care should be taken in all love mat- time being. It's better to hold on to your money now. From the
ters this month, particularly those surrounding shared finances
and intimacy. It's a good month for redesigning your budget, but 8th forward, you're getting a lot of attention. A partner has
it's not strong for making big purchases. You could easily regret your wants and needs in mind, and work matters are favored.
your purchases next month, so take the time to think about it
before you leap forward. The 10th brings a surprising revelation. Your responsibilities to a special someone are hard to ignore
around the Full Moon on the 10th.
46 March 2009
In days gone by basket cane
weaving was mostly for making
baskets for the transport and
storage of everything imaginable
from food, clothing, seeds and
even babies. Cane weaving has
evolved so much so that almost
any conceivable idea with wood
can be created by these men
hungry to make your day, of
course at a small fee.

History has it that the art was
transferred across the continents
through the explorers. As the
explorers arrived in new lands,
they traded goods. The goods
were shipped in baskets- thus, as
the recipient of the goods looked
over the basket, he/she then
applied that weaving technique
to the materials of their own land.
This explains how so many Asian
techniques- like hexagonal
weaves- are found in European
baskets, and how European tech-
niques were then carried over to
the Americas.

Thus, the basic types of basket
weave patterns can be applied to
grasses, trees and other natural
fibers worldwide

Kwaku and his colleagues howev-
er are appealing to the govern-
ment for a permanent place with
a structure to do their work.
According to them all work ceas-
es when it starts raining.

Cane weaving can be a rich
source of employment for our
unemployed youth and once
their group is well organized then
they can then contribute taxes to
raise the revenue of the state.

I just got myself a nice laundry
basket with my name inscribed
on it, go get yours at the cane
weaving shop near you.

Alain Gbeasor.
March 2009 47
Rent a brand new car exempt
MANAGER RENAULT-EURODRIVE duties and Value Added Tax.
ENJOY: What is Renault-Eurodrive? AN: Based on a special agreement with French
customs, a brand new rental vehicle of your
AN: Renault-Eurodrive is a rental unit called choice is licensed under the customer’s name
“TT system” which provides Brand new with a fully comprehensive insurance valid in
Renault vehicles exempt from tax during a 44 countries within Europe, unlimited mileage
stay or a holiday in Europe. and a round-the-clock roadside assistance 7
days a week.
ENJOY: What are the principles of the “TT sys-
tem”? ENJOY: How can I rent a car from Renault-
Eurodrive in France while I am in Ghana?
AN: The “TT system” is granted by French
Customs Administration. AN: Easy ! There is a Renault-Eurodrive represen-
tative in Ghana. Contact him at CFAO MOTORS.
Any nationality whose normal residence is
outside the European Union or in French The representative will manage your car rental
overseas territories and who are visiting the needs and all you do is collect it from the nearest
EU temporarily can, during their stay, for their airport in the country you are visiting !
strictly personal use, have the privilege of driv-
ing a brand new car. We have 34 delivery and drop off centres for your
ENJOY: What are the advantages of Renault-
Eurodrive compare to a simple rental? Contact Renault- Eurodrive today and enjoy a
brand new vehicle and still keep your bankers
smiling !!!

Tel:+233 (0) 21 21 34 34 Dir: +233 (0) 21 21 34 36
Fax: +233 (0) 21 22 94 90

48 March 2009
Brought to you
by Lapalm

5 2 7 8
9 8 6 3
1 6
5 2

4 2 9 1
1 6
1 5
2 4 8 7
5 4 3 6

2 6 8
2 8 3
1 7
8 7 9

6 1
9 5 8
4 5 9
1 9 2
3 5

7 2 4
5 1 3 2
8 1
4 2 3

6 5 9
5 1 7
2 4
1 5 8 3
8 4 1
LONDON from USD $400

SPAIN from USD $475

ITALY from USD $475

NEW YORK from USD $519

from USD $570
*All taxes to be added according to the amadeus system

TEL: 021 766 333 / LIBERATION ROAD
787 182 / 768197 AIRPORT ACCRA GHANA
FAX: 021 768 091
50 March 2009
snippets History made at the Oscars
The movie Slum dog Millionaire by Danny Boyle took
Hollywood by surprise when it won 8 out of the 10 Oscars out
for grabs.

1. Best Picture
2. Best director - Danny Boyle
3. Best original song- A.R. Rahman and Gulzar
4. Best original score - A.R. Rahman
5. Best adapted screenplay - Simon Beaufoy
6. Best cinematography - Anthony Dod Mantle
7. Best sound mixing - Ian Tapp, Richard Pryke, Resul
8. Best editing - Chris Dickens

Synopsis: British director Danny Boyle takes another
intriguing career turn with this heartfelt underdog tale.
Slum dog Millionaire is the story of Jamal Malik, an 18 year-
old orphan from the slums of Mumbai, who is about to expe-
rience the biggest day of his life. With the whole nation
watching, he is just one question away from winning a stag-
gering 20 million rupees on India’s “Who Wants To Be A
Millionaire?”But when the show breaks for the night, police
arrest him on suspicion of cheating; how could a street kid
know so much? Desperate to prove his innocence, Jamal tells
the story of his life in the slum where he and his brother grew
up, of their adventures together on the road, of vicious
encounters with local gangs,
and of Latika, the girl he
loved and lost. Each chapter
of his story reveals the key to
the answer to one of the
game show’s questions.
Intrigued by Jamal’s story,
the jaded Police Inspector
begins to wonder what a
young man with no appar-
ent desire for riches is really
doing on this game show?
When the new day dawns
and Jamal returns to answer
the final question, the
Inspector and sixty million
viewers are about to find
out… (Fox Searchlight)

Somovision AfiPa
Akyediepa Coupon
Text and pictures supplied by NIIT March 2009 53
Bali Hai 021 771 700
Chez Lien 021 775 356
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Dragon House 021 762 988
Dynasty 021 775 496
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Kohinor 021 771 999
Banana Leafz 021 780 790
Pearl Chinese 021 770 278
Heritage 021 785 252
Zanzibar 024 489 0990

Buka 021 782 953
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Next Door 021 713 961
Home Touch 021 777 662

The Grill 024 9666333
Le Tandem 021 762 959
Frankie’s 021 773 567
Living Stone 021 767740
Heaven 024 9748 212
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Captain Hook 021 762 228
La Chaumière 021 772 408
Le Bouquet 021 772 417
Cafe de Paris 021 517 463
Mamamia(delivery) 024 4264151
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Sunshine 021 780 599
Sunshine Café 021 785 733
Akroma Plaza 031 255
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Foodies 021 661 858
Fali’s Hot Pot 021 258 473
Lifestyle Cafe 021 224 831

March 2009 55
GOLDEN TULIP Lou Moon Lodge 020 824 1549
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Dutch Hotel 021 711 111
ROYAL BASIN RESORT Elmina Beach 021 771 700
Tel :+233-51-144/60169 Busua Beach 021 771 700 Busua Inn 020 737 3579
Tel: +233-51-37073 / 37074 TRAVEL & TOUR

MIKLIN HOTEL Amadeus Ghana 021 765 590
+233-51-39121 / 39122 / 39123 Antrak Travel 021 777 134
Marmouna 021 769 231
CAR HIRE Dansoman, we do tat-
toos(tribals, coloured,
Melian Car 024 403 453/7
black and greyworks),
VRS 021 779 387
Cole Consult 024 4035856 piercing and permanent
make up. Autoclave ster-
NIGHT CLUBS ilization.Book appoint-
Heaven 024 9748 212
ments on 0243948310
Aphrodesiac 021 766734
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Cheers pub(ksi)
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under new ManageMent
Goethe Institute 021 776 764

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56 March 2009
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South Africa 27 Dansoman 021 310 903
Mali 021-663-276
Togo 228 Madina 021 501 744
Morocco 021-775-669 Uganda 256 Aviation 021 773 285
Netherlands 021-785-487 USA 1 Trade Fare 021 773 949
Niger 021-224-962 DRC 243
Zambia 260 HOSPITALS
Nigeria 021-776-158 Zimbabwe 263 Akai House Clinic 021 784 772
Norway 021-220-101 Akai House (Osu) 021 763 821
Philippines 021-516-442 AIRLINES 37 Military Hospital 021 776 111
Poland 021-502-829 Aero Contractor 21681978/9 Korle-Bu 021 665 401
Aerogem Aviation 21769298 Nyaho Clinic 021 775 341
Portugal c/o embassy of Spain. Princess Marie Louise 021 664 137
American Airlines 21688804
Russia 021-775-611 Air Crystal 21763395 West African Rescue 021 781 258
Rwanda 021-251-894 Air Ghana 21774007
Czech Rep. 021-223-540 Air Ivoire 21242056 POLICE
Air Senegal Int. 21780567 Emergency 191
Senegal 021-770-285 Antrack Air 21765377 Regional
Togo 021-777-950 Belview Airlines 21230329 Headquarters 021 664 611
Congo 021-245-977 British Airways 214996 Mobile force 021 760 273
Cathay Pacific 208138270 Accra Central 021 663 625
Turkey 021-768-567 City Link Air Ltd 770445/233905 Achimota 021 401 999
U.K. 021-221-665 Delta Airlines 765262/777756 Adabraka 021 221 368
US Embassy 021-775-347 Egypt Air 773528 Airport 021 777 592
Switzerland 021-228-125
58 March 2009