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The Academy for Technology & the Classics Lesson Plan Template Instructors name: Cermanski Course/Grade: Creative

Comprehensive Week of: Monday, Feb 24 to Tuesday, March 4 Unit Name: Hybrid Clay Sculptures

Common Core/ NM Content Standards: NMVA 1, 4, 5

Essential Question(s): What is a hybrid? Where do we see hybrids? (nature, mythology, mascots, seeds, etc.) How can I use clay to make a sculpture? How can I embellish my sculpture with other objects? (Feathers, small twigs, etc.) Other considerations (modifications, accommodations, acceleration, etc.): Students who are struggling will get more one-on-one assistance Students who are advanced will get the opportunity to try portraits in different media

Connections (prior learning/prior knowledge): Students are familiar with sculpture from previous projects. Students are familiar with hybrids from other classes.

Resources/Materials Teacher: Images of hybrid sculptures, plastic bags and wet rags to cover sculptures, air dry clay, popsicle sticks for cutting up clay and blending, small pieces of wood for bases (my wood pile) Tips for making an animal:

Students: Sketch paper, pencil, air dry clay, embellishments, clay tools, toothpick for fine details,small piece of wood for base (raid backyard wood pile!) Assessment (How will you monitor progress and know students have successfully met outcomes?) Daily: Progression on turning sketches into a sculpture This Week: Basic form of sculpture Unit: Completion of portrait of friend and self-portrait

Time allotted

Lesson activities for instructor and students

MONDAY 2/24 Learning Target-TSW learn tips about hybrids and how to draw one. TSW know this once he/she has completed at least one hybrid sketch.

TUESDAY 2/25 Learning Target-TSW learn how to use air dry clay to create a sculpture. TSW know this when his/her sculpture base is complete.

WEDNESDAY 2/26 Learning Target- Learning Target-TSW learn how to add embellishments to a sculpture. TSW know this once he/she has added at least one embellishment to his/her sculpture.

Do NowWhat is a hybrid? What are some examples in the world, nature, animals, etc.? I. Show images of hybrid sculptures II. Explain project to studentsuse air dry clay and embellishments to create hybrid sculpture. III. Ask students to make 4 thumbnail sketches (divide sketchbook paper into 4 different squares) I. Review hybrids II. Ask students to show sketches to someone next to them and discuss ideas III. Demonstrate making sculpture, using tools, adding embellishments IV. Students show me sketches and pick one to start V. Start working on base of sculpture I. Continue making a strong base for sculpture and start adding embellishments. II. Demonstrate how to make a clay base and attach to wood

THURSDAY 2/27 Learning TargetTSW learn how to paint and varnish a clay sculpture. TSW know this once he/she has completed gessoing/painting his/her sculpture. FRIDAY 2/28 Learning TargetTSW learn how to paint and varnish a clay sculpture. TSW know this once he/she has completed gessoing/painting his/her sculpture. MONDAY 3/3 Learning TargetTSW learn how to ensure his/her sculpture is balanced. TSW know this when the sculpture easily stands on its own, and all elements appear to have visual balance. TUESDAY 3/4 Learning TargetTSW participate effectively in a critique. TSW know this


Demonstrate how to paint sculpture and how to paint on varnish. Continue making sculpture

1. Start painting/gessoing sculpture

1. Finish painting sculptures and make sure sculpture is balanced


when he/she has given at least two constructive comments to classmates