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Textiles = Fashion

but also much more than that !

Fa Quix, Fedustria
Belgium-China Business Forum – 9th October 2009
Textiles = Fashion


ƒ Design
ƒ Brands
Textiles = 3 Applications
Garments (fashion) Interior decoration

Technical applications
Interior Decoration
= Belgian Specialty !
Furniture Fabrics Carpets & Rugs

Mattress Ticking

Exports to more than 100 countries

Technical Applications
Technical Textiles = a textile solution for
technical challenges in our society

ƒ Safety & protection

ƒ Sports
ƒ Environment
ƒ Health care
ƒ …
Textiles Today
Textiles for personal protection

Bulletproof jacket

Protection against Protection

conditions weather against wounds
by chain saw

High visibility garments

Textiles Today
Protection jacket for motorcyclist
Sports Textiles

Inflatable boat


Hot air Swimsuit Stringing

balloon « shark skin » racket
Textiles Today
Artificial grass for sport grounds &

Chemical surface produced on the basis of

synthetic materials : better than natural grass!
Textiles Today
Geotextiles and Agrotextiles
textiles for agriculture
Fabrics for water
engineering, roads and
Protective nets for cultures
Sea walls re-inforced by geotextiles Barriers against hydrocarbons
Textiles Today
Medical textiles

Medical corsetry Bioresorbable

Barrier textiles against sutures
viruses and bacteria

Wound treatment Medical Knitted implants

stockings For shoulders
Textiles Today
Textile roofs and textile
Hannover Pusan Stadium, South Korea

Denver Airport
Technical Textiles
Progress through innovation
R&D is the key to success
Trends :
ƒ nano-technologies
ƒ new coatings
ƒ bio-polymers
ƒ …
Innovation is

ƒ Processes
ƒ Products

to finally make:
Happy !

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