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Red Cross Online Marketing Case Study

Red Cross Online Marketing Case Study

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Online Marketing case study that explores how the American Red Cross has raised more money online than any other organization, nearly $100M.
Online Marketing case study that explores how the American Red Cross has raised more money online than any other organization, nearly $100M.

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Published by: D.D. on Oct 14, 2009
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American Red Cross

-  Raised more money online than any other charity ($130M since 2006) -  Partners strategically and widely -  Leverages existing communities, interests -  Engages and “asks” donors via multiple channels -  Uses content to sustain relationships -  Smart deployment of technology to achieve organizational goals -  Effective coordination between national headquarters and chapters -  Measures ROI of campaigns and content

Systematic Implementation of Online Tools
-  National provides a Social Media Handbook and Online Communications Guidelines to chapters -  Organizational support from learning to implementation -  Connects social media tools to chapter goals -  National listens and responds to the 400+ daily mentions of the Red Cross -  National provides a daily email of the most relevant mentions -  Dedicated, 2-person “new media integration” team

Multichannel Brand
-  Highly integrated messaging across channels -  Deep Web/social media presence (1200+ sites, 12 channels) -  Content consistent with brand values, business goals -  Leverages existing communities, creates new ones -  All channels lead back to www.redcross.org -  Homepage refers visitors to social media channels

Local-National Coordination
-  800 chapters, 664 online -  Content sharing encouraged -  Brand identity, reputation leveraged -  Locals benefit from/ support national initiatives -  Locals build mailing list, host events

Putting Content to Work
-  Chapters encouraged to share -  Content supports AMR’s goals, consistent with brand -  Timely, relevant content (H1N1 prevention) drives traffic -  Campaigns, events create new content to sustain attention -  Evergreen content (First Aid, Disaster Preparedness) provides reason for visitors to return -  Syndicates content to partners

Productive Partnerships
-  Partners across industries— motorsports, entertainment, retail, hospitality -  Created 500 corporate giving sites, 43 celebrity-sponsored donation sites -  Actively markets partnership opportunities (10 Ways the ARC can help build your audience) -  Uses partnerships to access new communities, new donors (Vampire blood drives held at 230 high schools)

PR Powered
-  Partnerships and events generate online and traditional media impressions -  Chapters encouraged to seek out local and relevant blogs -  AMR makes it easy for traditional media, blogs, other sites to help spread the word

600,000 Inboxes At A Time
-  Delivered more than 72 million emails (can send 600,000 emails/hour) -  2007: Added 670,000 names to mailing list in 4 months -  Messages focused on human impact, gratitude to donors -  Option to donate to national headquarters, disaster relief fund, or local chapter

Mobile Fundraising
-  2008: Raised $200,000 via SMS, 40% of total funds raised via mobile -  Using mobile to reach younger audience, capitalize on growing number of users accessing Web via smartphones

Mobilizing Fans
-  Active, responsive community manager -  Repurposes, aggregates content from other channels -  Prominent call to action -  National and local chapters give AMR a deep presence, community of passionate fans -  Mobilizes its 89,303 fans, cause app (44,010 members) to raise money

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