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Historical Sketch of

Chapel Afei'

"'".,."" -e- 1'1 .. ed in the History of Freestone County Texas.Volume I (First Edition 1978) 2irca

_ .. ,C,·'''_ . ", ,. ,

. a little settlement called Plum Creek, a small band of black' Christian pioneers' ereeted

" r' -

a log church'o~ John Rothchild's land. Later, a second log church was built-on JohnL.

. • ~ r' '"

J Il's land. Yet another church was built in 1903 on this site que to dilapidation. T11,e

rI'Pt",.r;!j,TQ1Ylilies were: Brown, Cunningham, Epps, Huckaby, Jones aner~elomon. These

. . f' .

dedicated to carrying out the tenets of the African Methodist Episcopal Clnlrch.

- ~ ,. ~,' .

k, .... ~rV\ ~006·1hrough 2009, the fellowship hall was further enlarg~a and dining fumittlte ':1' sound system was installed, restrooms were enlarged and remodeled and the

-/The Tyler-District - Te-nth Episcopal District -J

,,~ Presiding Elder~: Rev. James W. ~ord ,~

District First Lady: Mrs. Virginia Ann Ford









~e..!gel, Dallas _ /"

Ebenezer, Tyler

Allen Chapel, Bryan


Ward Chapel, Marshall

.Allen Chapel, Athens ._

, ,

~iSY Chapel, Dallas _ /"

St. Luke, Garland Metropolitan, Dallas


Grant Chapel, Palestine

.Adams Chapel, Dall as,

, ,

Stearne Chapel, Bryan


Alto Circuit; Alto i

-- ~

Macedonia, Kaufman

~ ~

~ ~

Mt. Vernon, Palestine

S t Andrew, Crockett "

St Paul, Teague

Brown Chapel, Oakwood

. .

Tlcnry Chapel, OakWOOd

Johnson Chapel, Texarkana Beinel, Gilmer - J


- --' ---'

Moore State Circuit, Moore Station

~ ~

~ ~

Hamilton Memorial, Texarkana

Bethel, Longview, "

. -

Bethel/Mt. Comfort, Montalba/Palestine

Avant, Teague

. .

-Green Bay, Palestine - -.

Wayman Chapel, Oakwood Brisby Chapel, J acksonville

Allen Chapel, Ratcliff

Johnson Chapel/Si. "Thomas, Malakoff ' .. ..;



St John/Shekinah, Dallas 'Olivers Chapel, Tyler'-, ~

Pleasant Springs, Centerville


St PauliShiloh, Oakwood

Anderson Chapel, Palestine

St Paul, Centerville Allert Chapel, F omey

'Paradise, Jefferson Ayers Chapel, Rand -./





Mr. Gabriel Brown Mrs. Ann Brown Mrs. Mary Brown Mr. John Brown

Mrs. Eliza Brown Luckett Mrs. Myrtle Brown Gamage Mrs. Minnie Brown Hardy Mrs. Lucy Brown Jordan Mrs. Cathrine Brown Epps Mrs. Chartiy Brown David Mrs. Cathrine Jones

Mrs. Johnnie Jones

Mrs. Mattie Jones

Rev. Tom Jones

Mr. Gabriel Jones

Mrs. Charity Jones

Mr. Abe C. Jones

Mrs. Dollie Jones

Mrs. Erma Jones

Mrs. Rosa Jones Turner Mrs. Hertha Jones Wheat Mr. Edwin E. Wheat

Mr. Lethaniel Solomon Mr. Lofton Jones

Mr. Charles Cunningham

Mrs. C.T. Brown Mrs. Ocie B. Johnson

Mrs. Namoi Brown Mr. Edgar Manning

Mrs. W.A. Brown Mrs. Martha Cunningham

Mrs. Lottie Green Mr. Delbert Brown

Mrs. Lura Hunt Brown Mrs. Silvia Brown

Mr. Robert Cunningham Mr. W.M. Brown

Mrs. Vinnie B. Cunningham Mr. Arsby Cunningham Mrs. Elizabeth Cunningham Mrs. Mary B. Waldon

Mr. Verdine Huckaby

Mrs. Ardelia Huckaby

Mr. Mack Huckaby Mrs. Tiny Huckaby

Mr. Will Hickaby

Mr. Walter Huckaby Mr. Theo Huckaby

Mrs. Hattie Lenard

Mrs. Fletta Phillips

Mr. Ned Solomon

Mrs. Tiny Solomon

Mr. McClinton Solomon Mrs. Mary D. Jones

Mr. Alvin Johnson

Mrs. Arthenia Johnson

Mrs. Martha Scott Mr. D.A. Allen Mrs. F.C. Henley Mr. A.J. Henley

Mrs. Jessie Mae Pope Mrs. Priscilla Solomon Mr. Kenchion Jones, Sr. Mrs. Walonia Jones

Mrs. Annie B. McIlveen

Mr. Jodie Turner, Jr. Mr. Bradford Manning Mr. David E. Byars Mr. Lester Huckaby

Mr. James F. Malone

Mrs. Cornelia Huckaby Mr. Claude Jones

Mr. Willie Solomon

Mr. Samuel Cunnningham

Mrs. Teresa S. Smith

Mrs. Charity Dobins Mr. Anthony Livingston Mrs. Tiny Norsingle

Mrs. Virginia B. Cunningham Mrs. Mary Willis Livingston Mr. Robert Perry

Mr. Joe Bryant Mrs. Addie Perry

Mrs. Luciel Bryant Mr. William (Buck) Livingston

We remember with Thanksgiving

all these and other former members, whose names do not appear.

Bishops Past to Present

Presiding Elders Past to Present

Bishop G.B. Young

Bishop 1. Gomez

Rev. J.R. Pierson Rev. John Lynn Rev. A. Devar Rev. S.B. Jones Rev. E. Prince Rev. R.C. Walker Rev. J.J. Harman Rev. W.A. Baxter Rev. R.T. Thomas Rev. M.T. Harvey

Rev. J.T. Langham Rev. C.C. Johnson Rev. S.M. Hobbs Rev. L.E. Reid Rev. Warren Scott Rev. W.D. Turner Rev. W.C. Ervin, III

Rev. James W. Ford

Bishop H.T. Prim

Bishop W.F. Ball

Bishop S.I. Sherman

Bishop lH. Adams

Bishop H.W. Murph

Bishop R.E. Stokes

Bishop Robert L. Pruitt

Bishop 1.R. Bryant

Bishop McKinley Young

Bishop Gregory G.M. Ingram

Previous to Present Pastors (In no certain order)

Rev. A.G. Glass Rev. R.W. Fowler Rev. A.W. Mitchel Rev. W.E. Thomas

Rev. J.L. Kirkesy Rev. J.L. Ross Rev. J.H. Haley

Rev. L.E. Browning Rev. O.D. Baron Rev. L.D. Fields Rev. J.H. Little

Rev. L.C. Emanuel Rev. W.M. Presley Rev. Lenard Harris

Rev. C.E. Dickey Rev. A.D. Baker Rev. A.L. Henderson

Rev. L.D. Lincoln Rev. J.C. Rogers Rev. N.A. Burton Rev. W.B. Baker

Rev. Dempsey Lloyd Rev. L.J. Malone

Rev. J.O. Meeks

Rev. Nathaniel Gamble Rev. Jerome Maberry Rev. William Kary McDonald Rev. Bernard Lee Smith Rev. H.K Clan

Rev. Jesse Turner, Sr.

Rev. James Joey Baggett

Brown Chapel Cemetery Rules & Regulations

Joe Bryant & Edwin E. Wheat, because of the need for order in the process of burials & maintenance of the grounds, came up with certain rules & regulations to govern the upkeep of the cemetery.

Goals have had to change little since its inception. But with modern times, the commitment of the upkeep has undergone an evolution. Thus prompting the following changes.

Placement of Potted Plants: In order to properly maintain the grounds, it is necessary that all grave decorations be limited to cut flowers or artificial flowers, placed in approved vases.

Wreaths, Floral stands & Other Floral Tributes will be interred.

Plantings of any type are not permitted on or near graves at any time.

All floral items not compliant, will be removed within one month.

No ornamental objects, such as chairs, settees, candles, tovs, bottles, detached pictures or any other objects determined to be a hazard can be placed on or near grave-sites. It will be removed & disposed of by grounds-keeper.

A walk-in gate has been added for your convenience and easy access to your loved ones. It is located to the very right of the drive-thru gate.

Please keep all gates closed.