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Cola®Fax 3370

Cola®Fax 3370 is an anionic surfactant especially designed to be stable and function
effectively in sodium hypochlorite solutions. Cola®Fax 3370 provides the surface tension
reduction and wetting required for applications such as instant mildew remover, tile
cleaner, bowl cleaner, white wall tire cleaner, bleaching solution for paper pulp and
textiles, dairy cleaner, general stain-removing hard-surface cleaner and other uses
where hypochlorite solutions are present.

• Long range stability in sodium hypochlorite solutions
• Increases “strike” of hypochlorite solutions on hard surfaces
• Improves wetting properties of hypochlorite solutions
• Immediate solubility in water and sodium hypochlorite
• Stable in alkaline solutions

Appearance Clear viscous liquid
pH (10% solution) 2.0
Specific Gravity (25°C) 1.22
% Activity 100
Color (GVCS 33) 6
Acid Value1 (pH 5.0) 238
Acid Value2 (pH 9.8) 427

All Purpose Hypochlorite Sanitizer/Cleaner
Compound % Wt.
Sodium hypochlorite (5.25%) 96.5
Sodium hydroxide (50%) 2.5
Cola®Fax 3370 1.0_

In a comparative use test on bathroom tiles using the above formulation, the solution
containing Cola®Fax 3370 removed mildew faster than the control or the solution
containing sodium hypochlorite and sodium dodecyldiphenyloxide disulfonate. In

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addition, Cola®Fax 3370 dramatically improves the wetting properties and surface
tension reduction of the hypochlorite sanitizer/cleaner, as illustrated below:

Control Cola®Fax Sodium
(no 3370 Dodecyldiphenyloxi
surfactant) de
Surface Tension 53.5 31.0 32.2
Draves Wetting Time >600 25 265

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