HTML Compiler 1.

5 + Portable
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HTML Compiler 1.5 + Portable | 9.7 1! MB HTML Compiler is a program for Microsof !i"do#s$ m% &a allo#s 'o( o p( a" e" ire HTML applica io" $i"cl(di"g HTML) C**) +a,a*crip ) -mages) e c.% i" o a" s a"dalo"e !i"do#s applica io" #&ic& ca" be e/ec( ed li0e a"' o &er !i"do#s applica io". HTML Compiler allo#s 'o( o c(s omize &e res(l ed e/ec( able file b' c&a"gi"g &eir ico" a"d es ablis&i"g se,eral o &er op io"s. For e/ample) 'o( ca" allo# or disallo# &e possibili ' of pri" &e HTML pages) allo# or disallo# &e e/ selec io" a"d ma"') ma"' more. 1lso 'o( ca" specif' cer ai" file 'pes o be e/ rac ed or a( oma icall' e/ec( ed. !i & HTML Compiler a"d &e po#er of #eb ec&"ologies $HTML) C**) +a,a*crip ) -mages) e c.%) 'o( ca" crea e s a"dalo"e e/ec( able applica io"s for Microsof !i"do#s$ m% i"cl(di"g 2 ili ies) Help Files) -" erac i,e e3boo0s) 4rese" a io"s) T( orials) 5ios0s) C6 i" erfaces) 7d(ca io"al games) *ales8promo io"al ma erials) Tes s a"d 9(izzes) a"d more... Main pro"ram #eat$res HTML Compiler prod(ce s a"dalo"e e/ec( ables Comma"d Li"e ,ersio" for ba c& compila io"s :o(r app files are "e,er e/ rac ed o &e 4C 2"icode s(ppor for bo & file "ames a"d co" e" s :o(r HTML code ca" o i" erac #i & 'o(r applica io" HTML Compiler is m(l ila"g(age a"d s(ppor &emes :o(r e/ec( ables also s(ppor doze"s of &emes oo 4ass#ord pro ec ed applica io"s if 'o( #a" ed 7/ er"al +a,a*crip o i" erac #i & 'o(r p(blica io" :o(r p(blica io"s are comple el' ro'al ' free

& mlcompiler.1llo#s compress) pro ec a"d sig" applica io"s .* : !i"do#s <48=is a8>8? La"g(age : 7"glis& Home Pa"e 3 & p:88###.com8 .

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