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org aOct/09

The Duffys Return to Cambodia
It’s been five months ture, and the reception in Cam- unreached countries of the
since we’ve been on the for- bodia. We love the heart and world. The young Cambodian
Please pray for us: eign mission field, and upon vision of Cambodian Mission Church is hungry for the sweet
-our upcoming language leaving Cambodia in May, the Outreach which has is mani- knowledge of their living savior
study, and that we would third world country with it’s fested in it’s brilliant strategy to Jesus Christ, and with your
be able to have conversa- scarred heart, has only been draw in the unreached, and it’s prayers, we shall do our part in
tions in Khmai in about 6 calling us back. Cambodia has labor of love in educating chil- feeding them.
continued to hold it’s door dren and teaching them about
wide open to us, as the minis- Jesus.
try Cambodian Mission Out- We will continue to
-committed prayer and fi- reach (whom we greatly en-
nancial support teach in the English school as
joyed working with previously) well as teaching Bible classes.
has invited us to come and We will also be enrolling in
- good health; it's hard to continue working with them. university to study the Cam-
stay healthy in a nation like
Josh and I will be fly bodian language ‘Khmai’.
Cambodia out of Canada on October We will be in Cambo-
20th and will arrive in Phnom dia until at least May, but
Penh, Cambodia on the 23rd. probably longer.
We feel that we are
It is exciting and even following our hearts in return-
reassuring in a sense, to return ing to Cambodia and putting
to the same ministry and even our hands to a precious work
know what to expect and al- in one of the poorest and most
ready have a taste for the cul-

Our Goals
- learn enough of the Khmai gas, Ontario, and Prince Ed-
language to be able to converse ward Island, crossing denomi- the ministry and
in some capacity with Cambo- national lines by tying in with make it better
dians Presbyterian, Pentecostal, and - write 1 booklet
- we plan on being in Cambo- non-denominational churches each, which will be
dia until the end of the sum- - serve Keat Kove and the made available by the
mer, which we then intend to Cambodian Mission Outreach fall
further establish a speaking in whatever capacity that is
circuit which includes Las Ve- necessary, striving to benefit