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Code AmendmenLs 8elaLed Lo

Moblle lood 1rucks

ClLy of San ulego
ClLy Councll- lLem S400
March 3, 2014
C|ty's ex|st|ng regu|at|ons are outdated
ueslre Lo accommodaLe currenL food Lruck buslness model
"#$%&'&() *%++ '++,* -,,$ .#/(01 ., +)2'++3 ,4)#'.)
,& 4#%5'.) 4#,4)#.3 '&$ ,&61.#)).
lood Lrucks would be allowed by rlghL ln mosL locaLlons
(no ClLy permlL requlred)
Sub[ecL Lo a permlL ln commerclal zones and downLown
1o proLecL publlc healLh & safeLy ln congesLed locaLlons

key SLakeholders:
ulverse and compeLlng lnLeresLs lnvolved

7,,$ 8#/(01: 1radlLlonal lunch Lrucks, Loncheras & CourmeL
ÞroperLy owners LhaL wanL Lo hosL food Lrucks
lood 1ruck CusLomers, Lmployees, and Suppllers
9,:4).%&2 ;/1%&)11)1 %& 7,,$ <&$/1.#3
ÞushcarLs (l.e. hoL dog carLs, coffee carLs)
=/>+%( <&.)#)1.? PealLh & SafeLy, CommunlLy CharacLer, and
Local Lconomlc lnLeresLs
Local buslnesses, resldenLs, and consumers
CommunlLy groups
8uslness lmprovemenL ulsLrlcLs

Appllcable SLaLe Laws
9'+%-,#&%' @).'%+ 7,,$ 9,$) AB)'+.C '&$ D'-).3 9,$)E
lood Lrucks LhaL prepare food are sub[ecL Lo healLh permlLs,
lnspecLlons and posLlng of leLLer grades [usL llke resLauranLs
CounLy enforces all healLh permlLs/healLh lnspecLlons for Lhe ClLy
9'+%-,#&%' @)5)&/) '&$ 8'F'.%,& 9,$)
need SLaLe Sellers ÞermlL and ClLy 8uslness 1ax CerLlflcaLe
MusL flle sales/use Lax reLurns wlLh SLaLe 8oard of LquallzaLlon
Sales Lax ls collecLed aL raLe ln effecL aL Lhe locaLlon sale ls made
9'+%-,#&%' G)C%(+) 9,$)
ÞroLecLs cerLaln rlghLs Lo food Lruck operaLlons ln publlc rlghL-of-way
ClLy can regulaLe zones where food Lrucks operaLe, and Lhe Llme,
place, and manner of operaLlons on any sLreeL Lo proLecL publlc
healLh, safeLy & welfare

LocaLlons ÞermlLLed
7,,$ .#/(01 *,/+$ >) '++,*)$ A&, 4)#:%. #)H/%#)$E?
ln Lhe publlc rlghL-of-way (on-sLreeL)
ln lndusLrlal zones
1o serve resldenLs/guesLs of 16+ unlL resldenLlal developmenLs
Cn Lhe premlses of schools, unlverslLles, hosplLals or churches
lor prlvaLe caLerlng
1o serve acLlve consLrucLlon slLes
I -,,$ .#/(0 4)#:%. A=#,()11 JE *,/+$ >) #)H/%#)$ ,&+3?
Cn prlvaLe properLy ln commerclal zones
Cn prlvaLe properLy ln Lhe uownLown communlLy plan area
» Clvlc San ulego would process permlLs for uownLown
D4)(%'+ K5)&.1 =)#:%.1 '&$ 8):4,#'#3 L1) =)#:%.1
Þrovlde flexlblllLy Lo allow food Lrucks where oLherwlse precluded

uownLown CommunlLy Þlan Area
NC zone
6 blocks
Gaslamp Quarter
8 blocks
M%..+) <.'+3 N O'1+':4

P'%+3 -,,$ .#/(0 ,4)#'.%,&1 *,/+$ &,. >) 4)#:%..)$?
O'1+':4 Q/'#.)# - ºPlsLorlc hearL of San ulego"
M%..+) <.'+3 AR9 S,&)E6 ºÞreserve Amerlca CommunlLy"

P)&1)+3 $)5)+,4)$ '#)'1 *%.C C%2C +)5)+ ,- '(.%5%.3
PlsLorlc culLural resources and numerous
enLerLalnmenL venues, resLauranLs , cafes draw large
volumes of resldenLs and LourlsLs Lo Lhe area
8esLauranL/enLerLalnmenL vlslLors regularly queue
onLo sldewalk, sldewalk acLlvlLy ofLen spllls lnLo sLreeL
Large crowds from ad[acenL ÞeLco Þark SLadlum/
ConvenLlon CenLer (people, cars, Laxls, pedl cabs)
All on-sLreeL parklng spaces are llmlLed: curb slgns,
parklng meLers- plus angled parklng (ln LlLLle lLaly)
Caslamp CuarLer prohlblLs pushcarLs/drlve Lhroughs

AddlLlonal LlmlLs on ually CperaLlons

K&5%#,&:)&.'++3 1)&1%.%5) #)1,/#() S,&)1 (CC, Cl, C8)
lood Lrucks are noL permlLLed ln undeveloped resource areas
9%.3 4'#01 and 9%.3 ,*&)$ I2 M'&$1 %& D'& ='1H/'+ (CÞ, AC)
ClLy approval ls requlred for lndlvldual vendors
M,* $)&1%.3 #)1%$)&.%'+ &)%2C>,#C,,$1 (8L, 8S, 8x, 81, 8M-1)
no on-sLreeL operaLlons, zones do allow prlvaLe caLerlng, and
operaLlons on school, unlverslLy, hosplLal, and church properLles
"&61.#)). ,4)#'.%,&1 %& .C) ='#0%&2 <:4'(. "5)#+'3 T,&)
no on-sLreeL operaLlons ln mapped areas of hlgh parklng demand
8each lmpacL area: flrsL 2-3 blocks ad[acenL Lo Lhe beach
Campus lmpacL area: nelghborhoods around uCSu, SuSu, uSu

Þarklng lmpacL Cverlay Zone
Would allow food
trucks on private
property (off-street)
Purpose is to
preserve on-street
parking; allow off-
street activity with
no new parking
Existing overlay
zone applies to areas
with parking impacts
Special events okay
Þroposed ÞermlL 8equlremenL
U'V,#%.3 ,- -,,$ .#/(0 ,4)#'.%,&1 *,/+$ >) '++,*)$ *%.C &, 4)#:%.
lndusLrlal zones
Cn school, unlverslLy, hosplLal, church, or consLrucLlon slLes
lor prlvaLe caLerlng
Cn-sLreeL operaLlons
W,/+$ #)H/%#) 4)#:%. ,&+3 ,& 4#,4)#.3 %& (,::)#(%'+ S,&)1 ,# $,*&.,*&
1o avold lmpacLs Lo pedesLrlan/vehlcle clrculaLlon or lmpacLs Lo
requlred parklng ln Lhese congesLed areas
Less Lhan 3° of LoLal food Lruck operaLlons are expecLed Lo occur
on prlvaLe properLy downLown or ln commerclal zones
U%&%1.)#%'+ 4)#:%. *,/+$ >) %11/)$ ,5)# (,/&.)# (one sLaff revlewer)
SlLe plan Lo ldenLlfy adequaLe space per food Lruck (33 fL by 13 fL)
lnlLlal cosL: $491-$933 (based on complexlLy), renewal $132
Allows unllmlLed # of Lrucks Lo operaLe per approved permlL

Þroposed 8egulaLory CrlLerla

CperaLors musL posL healLh permlL cerLlflcaLlon sLlcker and
ClLy nCC phone number (Lo help publlc reporL vlolaLlons)
CperaLlons musL be self conLalned ln Lhe vehlcle
no obsLrucLlon of pedesLrlans or vehlcles
MusL clean up Lrash ln 23 fooL radlus of food Lruck
no ampllfled sound or loud speakers
LlmlL on laLe nlghL hours Lo reduce nolse lmpacL on resldenLs
Applles Lo food Lruck operaLlons wlLhln 300 feeL of dwelllng
Pours noL permlLLed: 10pm-6am Sun-1hurs, 11pm-6am lrl-SaL

8esLauranL SeparaLlon and 8lu AssessmenL
(noL lncluded ln urafL)

AlLernaLlves prevlously consldered:
1o preclude operaLlons wlLhln 73 feeL of a resLauranL
enLrance (per clty of 5oo ltooclsco´s exlstloq coJe)
1o assess moblle food Lrucks for operaLlons ln 8lus
lood Lruck advocaLes belleve Lhese Lypes of
requlremenLs are unconsLlLuLlonal
ClLy ALLorney memo addresses legallLy of alLernaLlves
ClLy musL esLabllsh w/ subsLanLlal evldence LhaL regulaLlon
ls relaLed Lo publlc safeLy-noL economlc proLecLlonlsm
ClLy can'L requlre paymenL Lo 8uslness lmprovemenL
ulsLrlcLs unless cerLaln legal requlremenLs are meL

Þubllc CuLreach and Approval Þrocess
urafL ordlnance posLed/emalled for publlc revlew CcL 2013
SLakeholder lnpuL: Len recommendaLlons for approval
=+'&&%&2 9,::%11%,& recommended approval 3-2
9,::/&%.3 =+'&&)#1 9,::%..)) recommended approval 23-0
8)(C&%('+ I$5%1,#3 9,::%..)) recommended approval 7-0-3
9,$) U,&%.,#%&2 8)': recommended approval 7-0
8%)##'1'&.' 9,::/&%.3 9,/&(%+ recommended approval 12-0
M' X,++' DC,#)1 I11,(%'.%,& recommended approval 8-0-1
@'&(C, ;)#&'#$, =+'&&%&2 ;,'#$ recommended approval 10-0
K'1. G%++'2) I11,(%'.%,& recommended approval
;/1%&)11 <:4#,5):)&. P%1.#%(. 9,/&(%+ recommended approval
D'& P%)2, @)2%,&'+ 9C':>)# ,- 9,::)#() recommended approval

Summary of Þroposal
Allows food Lrucks on prlvaLe properLy and publlc sLreeLs
no llmlLs apply Lo ma[orlLy of food Lruck operaLlons
lndusLrlal zones, schools, unlverslLles, hosplLals, churches,
consLrucLlon slLes or prlvaLe caLerlng
ÞermlL revlew requlred only on commerclal properLy
Same as would be requlred for any new commerclal LenanL
Cne permlL can be shared by mulLlple Lrucks aL one locaLlon
1hls ls noL a ban- opLlons are avallable Lo operaLe food
Lrucks even ln mosL senslLlve speclal characLer areas
Allows food Lrucks ln speclal evenLs ln all areas, lncludlng
Caslamp CuarLer, LlLLle lLaly, and Þarklng lmpacL Cverlay Zone
Allows operaLlons on prlvaLe properLy ln Lhe beach lmpacL and
campus lmpacL areas
8equesLed AcLlon
<&.#,$/() .C) ,#$%&'&()
AfLer flnal passage, sLaff wlll submlL ordlnance Lo:
AlrporL AuLhorlLy for conslsLency deLermlnaLlon
CoasLal Commlsslon for cerLlflcaLlon of local coasLal program
SLaff wlll reLurn Lo SCLu Councll CommlLLee one year from
flnal passage for evaluaLlon of ordlnance effecLlveness

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