Consumer Behaviour at Restaurants and Cafes

Amrita Ghosh, Roll No. 2013026 (Section-A) Abstract
The preference of eating places is often influenced by the social class of people, the status symbol associated with a restaurant. This study is an attempt to gain insight on the people’s behaviour in eating places and how design of the eating place affects the behaviour.

 Focuses on studying the behaviour of consumers consuming food at restaurants and cafes in Bandung.  Understand the role of architecture and design of the restaurants on consumer behaviour.

 Data in this study was collected using observation method with independent variable time, gender, age, length of time to consume, visitor group, activities, food sold and consumed and the atmosphere. Consumer behaviour was compared at three places which were at shopping areas, a university and a business activity area. Time of observation was around dinner Days of observation were in the end of the week and in the middle of the month. Duration of observation time was two hours each day. Data was analysed by comparing one another and interpreting the behaviour of consumers

    

    Consuming food is no longer a basic need but also a need for social function. Over the years food consuming which was primarily domestic activity has shifted outdoor due changes in lifestyle. Eating out not only serves the purpose of consuming food but also helps people relieve stress, experience a new atmosphere The study takes the case of Bandung to highlight how people tend to look for places to eat where they generally go to shop.

 What is the impact of social status in choice of restaurants made by people?  What are the factors that are to be taken into consideration while determining the target customers for a restaurant?

Astuti, Sri & Hanan, Himasari (2010) The Behaviour of Consumer Society in Consuming Food at Restaurants and Cafes Sloan, D. (2004) Culinary taste: Consumer behaviour in the International Restaurant Sector. Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann

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