The leaning Tower of Teluk Intan, malaysia

1 The life you live is what you create in your mind. It pays to be moral, compassionate and kind.

Teluk Intan, Malaysia – A Section Of The town

2 Gratitude is a noble quality. Forgiveness strengthens spirituality.

Teluk Intan, Malaysia – One of the Town Mosques

3 You cannot please everybody every time. Realizing this brings mental peace to your mind.

Teluk Intan, Malaysia – The Oldest Chinese Temple

4 There will be some kind of failure before success. What is important is to keep trying your best.

Teluk Intan, Malaysia – Roman Catholic Church

5 Everything you experience will come to pass. Peacefulness you’ll get realizing things don’t last.

Teluk Intan, Malaysia – Hindu Temple

6 Meaningful work and leisure are indeed a true treasure.

Teluk Intan, Malaysia – Old Police Station

7 Life is uncertain truly. Death visits everybody. Live righteously and wisely.

Teluk Intan, Malaysia – A Shopping Complex

8 What matters truly is Compassion and Wisdom in the mind. These two states lead to Peace and Truth Sublime.

Teluk Intan, Malaysia – A Hawkers’ Center

9 The Past cannot be altered or brought back. The Future is uncertain – it’s a fact. LIVE in the NOW – Profound Peace you will get.

Teluk Intan, Malaysia – Leaning Tower Complex

10 Avoid Evil, Do Good And Purify The Mind This will lead to Peace and Bliss of the highest kind

Teluk Intan, Malaysia – The Perak River

The End

Realizing the true Nature of all things, may we have happiness, peace and blessings!

Teluk Intan, Malaysia
Leaning Clock Tower – Night Scene

With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin