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Name: Class: 6A Date:

Worksheet (Fisa de lucru)

Teacher: Mihaela Popa

I. Body parts: Complete the sentences 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. You see with your __EYES_ You hear with your ___ You bite with your ___ You smell with your ___ You eat with your ___ You walk with your ___

II. Plurals: Put in the correct form of the plural. Example: school - schools 1) desk 2) pencil 3) child 6) watch 7) game 8) box 4) cat 5) tooth 9) man -

III. Present Simple: Put the correct forms of the verbs into the gaps. Example: 1 ).I _____ in the lake. (to swim) Answer: I swim in the lake 1) We 2) He 3) Walter and Frank 4) The cat our dog. (to call) the laptop. (to repair) hello. (to say)

under the tree. (to sit)

IV. Present Continuous: Use the words below to make sentences in present progressive. 1. Example: I / to read a book I am reading a book. 2. he / to repair his bike 3. they / to watch a film 4. Laura / to love her dog 5. we / to listen to the radio- -