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1. Write the correct forms of the verbs to BE, HAVE and CAN (PAST SIMPLE):
affirmatives (+)
negatives (-)
interrogatives (?)
12 points
2. Fill in am (not), is (not), are (not), was (not), were (not), can (not), could (not), has (not) got, have
(not) got, doesnt have or dont have, had, or didnt have.
1. A: _________ she 15 years old?
B: No, she __________. I _________15 and she _________ only 13.
A: How old _______ your sister?
B: Laura ____________ 14 now. We celebrated her birthday party yesterday. It ___________ a great
party. All her friends ___________ here.
2. A: _________ your sister ride a motorbike?
B: No, she ___________, but she ________ drive a car very well. When she __________ little, I
_______ a motorbike and I ___________ ride it very well. Now we both __________ cars but I
________ drive it as well as she ____________.
3. A:________ there a supermarket here twenty years ago?
B: No, there _________. There __________ huge warehouses here.
4. Look at this new building! It __________ our new theatre. It _____________ here when I ______ little.
There ______ a cinema in this place 15 years ago but the town ___________ a theatre then. It is the first
time we _________ a theatre in our town!
5. When Mary was little, she _______ lots of dolls to play with. Now she ______ 19 and she still _________
many dolls, but she ___________ time to play with them, because she ____________ very busy. She
____________ a student now and she ___________ to study very hard. Her little sister Betsy ________
play with Marys dolls now, but she doesnt like them. She __________ lots of new beautiful toys and
plays with them.
35 points
3. Correct the mistakes :
1. My twin brothers can talk when they were two years old.
2. Steve couldnt drive a car when he is five.
3. Did you had a TV then?
4. My friends was at work at the moment.
5. Bob could play basketball now. His leg is broken.


6. Joe and I are good friends when I was 10.

7. I dont has a lot of books when I was little.
8. Tom and Mary was at the party last night.

8 points

4. Write a paragraph about life in London one hundred years ago and life in London today.
Use the notes below.

not many people/ shops
poor people, small houses
few places for entertainment

lots of supermarkets, offices
modern flats, big houses, rich people
theatres, cinemas, clubs or pubs

15 points
TOTAL 86 points