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Open letter of the leaders of major Ukrainian television groups to the Russian colleagues

To: Director General JSC Channel One Konstantin Ernst Director General Federal State Unitary Enterprise "All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company" Oleg Dobrodeev Director General JSC NTV Broadcasting Company Vladimir Kulistikov

Dear colleagues, friends! We know each other for a long time, we are united by collaborative project, similar worldviews and all of us are madly in love with television. We believe and know that you also do not want war between two brotherly nations - Russians and Ukrainians. Each of us is a patriot of our countries and on each of us lays particular responsibility at this challenging and volatile (dangerously explosive) moment. We ask you for open, balanced and objective coverage of events taking place today in Ukraine. We ask you to understand and support the position of all central Ukrainian TV channels and to consider responsibly every word. We have no rights to stir up enmity between the fraternal Russian and Ukrainian people, to broadcast unverified information or distort the reality. We are confident that if the existing confrontation escalates into military action - the will be no winners, everyone will lose. Our populations, bounded with history, faith and blood will both lose. We believe that today, together we can do everything to prevent this from happening. We believe there will be peace between our two countries.

Yours sincerely, Head of Inter Media Group, Anna Bezludnaya Head of Starlight Media Vladimir Borodyansky Head of Media Group Ukraine Fedor Ogarkov Head of 1+1 Media Alexandr Tkachenko