McNulty 1 Kristin McNulty Professor Strawn English Writing 102 14 October 2009 Process Analysis Paragraph FFD Older

plants that have become root bound will need to be transplanted to a larger container in order to flourish. Transplanting is necessary to maintain a healthy root system for the plant. Without healthy roots the over all health of the plant will suffer. First, purchase a container large enough that will allow for further root growth, a bag new potting soil, and fertilizer appropriate for the plant. Next, add potting soil to the bottom of new pot, having it ready for the plant before taking the plant from its present home. Transplanting is a traumatic experience for plants and should be done in a timely fashion so the roots will disturbed as little as possible. Having the new pot ready will keep the roots from drying out. Taking care not to damage the plant, remove it from its container. This can be accomplished by turning the plant upside down, while holding the plant gently around the base, and tapping on the bottom of the container. Furthermore, it is important to hold onto the plant so it does not fall to the ground and become damaged. Place the plant in the new container and gently fill the pot with more soil. After adding an adequate amount of soil, press it gently but firmly into the pot to remove any air pockets that might remain in the soil, this will help to keep the plant standing up straight, in the fresh soil that has not been compacted yet. After the plant has been fully transplanted and resting in its new home, it will need a boost of energy. Mixing the fertilizer (also known as plant food) as instructed on the package and watering the plant

McNulty 2 generously with the mixture, will give the plant the boost it needs to start growing again. In addition, after transplantation, the plant can only absorb so much water and nutrients at first, and as a result they should have less light than they are used to. Transplanting late in the day or providing the plant with a shady area to recuperate in will help the plant transition quickly. Remember to water the transplanted plant regularly and move to a properly lighted area in a few days. By this time the plant will have begun to grow some new roots and will be able to handle the additional light. Now that the plant has been given a new home, fresh soil, and added nutrients it will flourish and thrive beautifully.

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