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Bitter Sweet Symphony ‘Words and Music by Richard Ashoroft, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards play 6 times Ee mi tt - a ei i G) bitter sweet_ sym-pho = ny that's fe @) - ver prayed but to-night Tm on my knees, ___ yeah —) (© 1997 Mirage Music Ltd and ABKCO Music nc, USA ‘Westminster Music Ltd, London SW10 0SZ and ABKGO Music Ltd, New York 10019, USA i > sae if uy PIL take you down the on = ly 1 let the me-lo-dy shine, let it cleanse fe 2 bee in Re a — down, — now, youknowthe one —that_—takes you to the bur the air - wavesare clean and there's no - i ei pla - ces where all bo - dy sing 8m? i in my mould, 1 No am here aunt i change,1 can change, or a Ea i in my mould, ae I can change, I canchange, but I'm here but tm a ee ® mil-lion different peo-ple from one_ an?

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