Thursday, January 9, 2014 Contacts: Linda May 301 4!9 33"" #!00" Rowman & Littlefield signs eBook agreement with Douglas County Libraries $%&ruary 2', 2014 ( )Lanham, M*+ ( ,owman - Littl%.i%ld is /roud to announc% its n%w /artn%rshi/ with *ou0las County Li&rari%s to /ro1id% % &oo2s dir%ctly to th% *CL % &oo2 /lat.orm. This /artn%rshi/ is /art o. *CL3s mo1% to /artn%r dir%ctly with /u&lish%rs to /ro1id% %l%ctronic cont%nt .or /atrons. Th% n%wly si0n%d a0r%%m%nt sti/ulat%s that % &oo2s will &% /ro1id%d at a .lat discount dir%ctly to th% li&rary syst%m3s /lat.orm. This includ%s th% trad%, 0%n%ral int%r%st, and r%.%r%nc% titl%s most o. int%r%st to today3s r%ad%rs. *ou0las County Li&rari%s is on th% .or%.ront o. d%1%lo/in0 th% t%chnolo0i%s and s%r1ic%s that 0i1% /atrons 0r%at%r acc%ss to di0ital cont%nt. *CL int%rim dir%ctor ,och%ll% Lo0an says o. th% d%al, 45% ar% 1%ry /l%as%d to com% to an a0r%%m%nt to /urchas% % &oo2 .il%s .rom ,owman Littl%.i%ld .or *ou0las County Li&rari%s3 coll%ction. 6ur /atrons will now ha1% th% o//ortunity to acc%ss th%ir 0r%at non.iction titl%s on to/ics such as history, /ar%ntin0, /olitics and h%alth.7 ,owman - Littl%.i%ld 8ic% 9r%sid%nt o. Mar2%tin0 Linda May %cho%s h%r s%ntim%nt, sayin0, 45% at ,owman - Littl%.i%ld ar% 1%ry %#cit%d to ha1% this n%w a0r%%m%nt with *ou0las County Li&rari%s. Th%r% ar% s%1%ral oth%r li&rari%s and li&rary syst%ms int%r%st%d in &uyin0 % &oo2s dir%ctly .rom us to load on th%ir own /lat.orms, &ut *CL is th% only /u&lic li&rary so .ar. Th%y ha1% &%%n in th% .or%.ront o. this mo1%m%nt and w% %#/%ct to l%arn a lot .rom th% /artn%rshi/.7 ,owman - Littl%.i%ld is /l%as%d to &%com% /art o. *CL3s cont%nt o..%rin0s, and has :ust /roc%ss%d th% .irst &atch o. &oo2s .or th% *CL % &oo2 /lat.orm. *ou0las County Li&rari%s is a /assionat% ad1ocat% .or lit%racy and li.%lon0 l%arnin0. L%arn mor% at 303 '91 '323 or *ou0lasCountyLi&rari%s.or0.

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