Rasha Nyaze Jaafar Lebanese -1990 Rasha.jaafar90@gmail.Lebanese 0096108374945- 00961704205

Objective To obtain a position in a promising and developing company where I can discharge my own skills

Academic Qualification •Bachelor of Art (2010/2011)

Major Banking&Finance- American University of Culture&Education •Lebanese Baccalaureate (2007/2008) Major Economics &Sociology-Douris High School

Training Experience •Oct.2011-Dec. 2011: Training in AUCE (American University of Culture Education) Assisting Administration work and handling students welfare •Sep.2011: Central Bank of Lebanon (BDL) Gaining an experience of the general transactions of the bank •July 2011: Jammal Trust Bank (JTB) Assisting front line employees in handling banking transactions with clients Experience  Jan.2011-till now: Working at AUCE(American University of Culture Education) Working as a registrar at registration department and public relations

Ahmad Rabah dean of AUCE to tutor students in finance •Students of honor for the fall 2008/2009 . Excel and PowerPoint •Bilingual: Highly proficient in English and Arabic •Selected by Dr. Augs.2010:Working at AL –Jamal-Trust –Bank (JTB) Skills &Achievements •Excellent Computer Skills: Microsoft office Word.

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