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Some Suggestions: Amber Diceless Battlestar Galactica Cartoon Action Hour D20 Modern Deadlands Doctor Who Diceless (any) Dresden Files Game of Thrones Grimm GURPS Jeremiah (D20) Kobalds Ate My Baby! MAGE: The Mean Streets (pdf) S.P.E.C.I.A.L. (Fallout) Savage Worlds Shadowrun Standard RPG System Star Wars (Saga Edition) Warhammer Fantasy Warhammer

Expectations: Put simply, you are to write a 5-7 page paper comparing the three tabletop systems we studied in great detail with another system of your choosing and give a presentation to the class about the game you choose.

1) Do NOT simply choose an earlier/alternate version of one we already did w/o talking with me first! 2) Read all the important parts of the fourth system. Do not make assumptions about the system. Play test it if you need to, by running your dog (or a human if you know some) through a oneshot campaign until you understand it.

3) Go to secondary sources. Read what others have said about the system. Developer (author) notes and blogs are awesome. Be prepared to cite these as sources. 4) Write a 5-7 page critical comparative analysis of the system, being sure to pay attention to the following elements telling WHY each of these is important and WHY each was chosen to be the way it was, comparing THE GAME YOU CHOSE thoroughly WITH the other three games we studied: Narrative Elements (be both general and specific!) Game Mechanics (be VERY specific!) Character Elements (Stats, Traits, Abilities, etc) Underlying Purpose of the Game 5) Prepare a SHORT 5-7 minute presentation with shiny pictures to present to the class on WK 10 or 11 highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the game system you chose.

*Note: You CAN choose a computer game system if you absolutely must, but you must play 40+ hours of It, and it MUST be one with a clearly defined and available mechanics which you must be able to analyze AS IF it was a tabletop mechanic. Yes this is more work, and no it is not worth more points, but it may be worth it to you personally if you want to go crazy go-nuts on it.