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Icicle sells interest in Salmones Aysen

Icicle sells interest in Salmones Aysen

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Published by: Deckboss on Mar 05, 2014
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March 4, 2014

Icicle Seafoods sells interest in Salmones Aysen S.A. to former Icicle executives; continues marketing and sales partnership of Chilean farmed salmon
Icicle Seafoods is selling its 50 percent interest in Salmones Aysen S.A., a Chilean producer of farm-raised coho and Atlantic salmon, to an ownership group which includes two of Icicle’s former executives. “This is a beneficial arrangement all around. Icicle will focus on our core businesses in wild-caught Alaskan seafood and farmed salmon in the Pacific Northwest, while a new ownership group focuses on the Chilean farmed fish operations,” said Amy Humphreys, President and CEO of Icicle. “We’re pleased that everyone wins under this deal and that a solid ownership group will be in place to manage and grow the Chilean fish farming business.” Dennis Guhlke and Don Giles, both former executives of Icicle who initiated the company’s entry into the Chilean market years ago, along with their long-term partner Pablo Baraona, have acquired Icicle’s half of the ownership interest in a transaction that closed March 4. Salmones Aysen will continue to work with Icicle, which will provide marketing and sales services for the Chilean products through its Icicle Japan division. “Don and I look forward to returning to Salmones Aysen and reuniting with Pablo and his management team. Aysen has demonstrated solid growth since its inception and we are eager to contribute our efforts to continue developing this business,” said Dennis Guhlke. “The marketing and sales partnership between Salmones Aysen and Icicle Japan has been a positive one for both parties over the years and we are pleased it will remain intact,” said Pablo Baraona, the majority owner and General Manager of Salmones Aysen. Icicle is focused on expanding its salmon farming operations in the Puget Sound region. The company also continues to make significant investments in its Alaska operations, including the recent addition of its Wood River plant and adding more processing capability on floating processing vessels and landbased processing facilities. “We’re confident that Icicle is on the right track with our focus on expanding our core operations and broadening our reach in global markets. We have an incredible team at Icicle that will continue to move this organization forward,” Humphreys added.

Icicle Seafoods, Inc. is a primary processor of seafood including salmon, pollock, crab, halibut, cod, sablefish and herring in most major fisheries throughout Alaska, with both onshore and floating processing facilities. Icicle also owns the largest salmon farming company in the U.S., which produces salmon fillets and value-added salmon products in the Pacific Northwest. Icicle, headquartered in Seattle, provides customers with the highest quality seafood.

Salmones Aysen S.A. is a Chilean farm-raised salmon business founded in 2006. Headquartered in Santiago, Chile, Aysen has operations in Regions X and XI currently focused on the production of highquality coho and Atlantic salmon. The majority of its production is processed by its plant in Puerto Montt, with product forms that include fresh and frozen H&G, head-on and fillet. Sales are global, with primary markets including Japan, Korea, Russia, Taiwan and the United States.

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