Cut back on Lay off Stick with Figure out Pass over Find out Hand in Get ahead

Give up Come up with Go under Catch on Set up Take off Carry out Think about Put off Hang on Get by get behind Get into Gat away Get back to Get off Get around Get around to Get together Get along wich

decrease Stop employing someone Continue Understand or solve Not notice, ignore Discover Give to someone Be successful Stop trying Think of Gi bankrupt Become popular Organize and start Increase dramatically Execute/perform Consider possibility postpone Wait for a moment support enter Escape Return to Leave fromwork avoid Do sth eventually Meet informal Be compatible with

Recortar gastos respedir Darse cuenta/resolver No considerar averiguar entregar Salir adelante rendirse Inventarse Irse a pique Fundar/instalar Despegar/tomar vuelo Llevar a cabo Pensar /plantearse postergar esperar Sobrevivir con Respaldar Entrar/meterse Escapar Volver a Lograr/librarse evitar Decidirse a Reunirse Levvarse bien

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