E = Always) Question I yell at other drivers? I slam my brakes often I tend to overtake other drivers I feel anguish when other are driving faster/slower than me? I feel jaded after driving? Never Seldom Sometimes Often Always I tend to tail other drivers after an overtake I have been ticketed for reckless driving I feel impatient while waiting for traffic lights to go green . B = Seldom.Questionnaire • Agitators & Victims • Innate (A = Never. C = Sometimes. D = Often.

Question Yes No I was forced to drive I was getting late for work I was upset because of some personal issues My car had some technical issues I was upset because of some work related issues Other cars were honking too much The weather conditions were not appropriate The other driver was driving recklessly .

ethnicity etc. gender. demography. .• Questions inquiring about their age.

• Authorities .

Question Never Seldom Sometimes Often Always How frequently do you witness a road rage? How frequently do road rages result in a physical fight? How frequently road rages are accompanies with the exchange of abusive words? How often the victim is reimbursed by the agitator? How often the damage is faced by both the sides? Are crossroads the most vulnerable place for a road rage? .

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