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1 Create cross-connection between optical card and EGFC16 card (Egfc08 and Egfc16 have same function so do steps

with EGFC16 card! "hen cross-connect was created between optical card and wan port of EGFC16 card#

$ Ethernet card configurations% &CG configuration ma'e EGFC16 wan port timeslots mapped into ()* group and press +appl,- button# Attention: first chose the level of VCG port, and enable LCAS function if it is necessary.

. /f enable the 0C1) function please point the source and sin' of &CG port and mapped the corresponding timeslots into 0C1) "imeslot Config and press +appl,2 button#

3 port mapping settings% ma'e connection between 0)* (outside ph,sical port! and ()* (&CG port! then press +appl,- button#

4 Chec' the ph,sical ports attribution settings % 1uto 5egotiation 6&/7 (default setting is 1, this will be used at VLA configuration part!1ddress learning and ect#

6 &015 configuration settings% create &015 table between corresponding 0)*8()* ports#

9ther settings(not be usuall, used!01C6


&015 <97Edefault setting is 80$#1=