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The Make Up of Matter does Matter !

By Exavier!

Every thing is made up of matter. First of all, matter is a solid, liquid, and a gas. The more mass an object has the more matter it has. Also, matter is made of molecules and when two molecules will contract, they cause heat because of friction. All matter has a physical or a chemical reaction. Matter can not be created or destroyed. Matter takes up space and sometimes it's invisible and others times you can see it. Finally, the make up of matter does matter. ! The pH level can be measured in everything we drink. The pH level changes because of the substances in the liquid. The lower pH levels have more acid. I learned that when we tested the substances only a few of the text had a different pH level. We noticed that all of the substances that had a pH level of four have caffeine in it. Also all but one of the substances contains water had a pH level of ve. We found that real lemon was the only substance that pH level of three and also had the most acid of all the substances. The mode of all the substance is a pH of four. The average pH is a pH of six because it's saliva (spit). For example when I drink hot sauce( which has vinegar in it so it's a pH level of two) so my pH level changed, and gave me heart burn. I took some TUMS which has a pH of nine. All TUMS really do is it mobilize your pH level. When you go to an ocean if you drink the salt water all it does is dehydrate you instead of hydrating you. If you go to the store and buy Arm & Hammer together they put baking soda inside the toothpaste so you can't see the baking soda. In conclusion, you need to know the pH levels that

you are putting in your mouth. ! Thermal energy has to do with temperature. We found that the amount of vinegar you to the steel wool affects the temperature. When we increased the amount of vinegar the temperature rose when the steel wool is soaked. The and heat from the furnace keeps my house worm. A furnace provides heat because wood, charcoal, propane, water, geothermal, oil, natural gas, solar, and biomass are all fuel to the furnace. Inside my body my heart pumps, creating heat for my blood, motion energy from cells. Digestion creates heat. Temperature will change with activity caused by reactions. ! Magnetic elds come in a variety of sizes. Basically, there is a magnetic eld around our earth that keeps the earth from being exposed to intense sun rays. When we put two magnets under the zip lock bag of iron shavings, they were attracted to the magnets in a pattern. Scientists have collected shards of pottery over the centuries and scientists tested the magnetic pole to determine how strong the magnetic elds were at that time. We can not always see magnetic elds.! These scientists, Mendeleev, Curie, and Borlaug had there own special talents. Mendeleev invented the rst periodic table. Curie died from radiation due to her discoveries of polonium and radium. Borlaug spent forty years helping the people around the world to not starve after he worked twenty years creating high protein wheat. These scientists made improvements to the world.! The Periodic Table helps us to identify the elements. Coal and elements from the periodic table have an atomic number which is the number of protons. The elements themselves are categorized by halogens, Noble gases, metalloids, and others. Another way to put them in groups is solid, liquid, gases, and unknown. In conclusion, we know more elements will be discovered since Mendeleev's table.