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Mark Twain 1835-1910 His original name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens.

ens. He was born in a Little villaje near missisippi riber (Hannibal in Florida) At 12 is father dead, leave the studies and started work in a editorial he bcame famous whit his Works: the adventures of Tom swayer and the adventures of huckelberry finn his Works are inspired in his adventures when he was Young 2 1 huckleberry had 6000$ because he cauthed from a thief in the book the adventures of Tom sawyer his father was alcholic and his mother was dead judge look after his money widow Douglas look after huck

a day his father become and kidnapping his song during 2 months but a day he scaped whit a raft that he make and he travelled around mississippi river 3 he stay in a island he find the slave Jim how scaped from miss Watson there was a storm after the storm Jim and huck found a dead man in a destroy house

4 they descovered that in the village the people think that Jim have kill
huckleberry finn 5 o o o 6 7 the grifters were tricking the people for catch their Money they performing a theatre play for catch their Money and when they catch it they ran away a day 2 grifters seep in the raft and said tht they are a duke and a King the grifters took advantage of huck and Jim a steamboat crashed the raft huck stayed whit a farmers in a farm and days laters they find Jim they leave the farm

8 the grifters got drunk and Jim and Huck run away but Jim was missing Huck asked a person if he has seen strange slave, he said that Mr Phellps has cautch a slave He saw Tom sawyer and they planed how to rescued Jim They rescued Jim