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Is december and the winter has already entered in his rights.

December is the month of joy, kindness, and giving. We live in a country who has a variety of customs, traditions and holidays. The Christmas in Romania has retained all its religious and folk traditions. asically, our winter holidays begins with that of !t. "icholas, on # December each year.!t. "icholas was remarked by charity, wisdom and s$read right faith, use to give gifts at the night of December %th to children, which they find it, in this very morning, in boots . It is considered the $rotector of the $oor and giver of good fortune to marry for the unlucky girls. It is also said he brings snow, and if it snows in this day, it will be a tough winter. "e&t is feast of !t. Ignatius 'Ignat(, on December )*th,who is mentioned in Romanian traditions with the sacrifice of a $ig in every house in the honor of !aint Ignatius.This sacrifice is made more to fill the tables with meat and traditional $roducts the following holidays and the full year. The real celebrations begin with the decoration of the Christmas tree on Christmas +ve'december ), th(. -lso we abound folk tales with Christmas carols that make it a very im$ortant $art of Christmas festivities. Throughout the Christms season, little children 'es$ecially those in the villages( visit every house in the locality singing carols and reciting $oems and legends .f course, the most e&citing moment of a $erformance like this is the end, when the householder shares the gifts and congratulate the singers for their $erformance, and invite them to come ne&t year. Christmas +ve is also the time when gift e&changes is taking $lace , contrary to the -merican way of o$ening gifts on Christmas morning. Christmas 'december )%th ( and is generally considered one of the most im$ortant religious holiday. Christmas traditions vary from one area to another of our country, but the theme is everywhere the same. "ew /ear is more a secular festival than a religious one. It marks the transition into the new calendar year. ut "ew /ear Celebration is the best, whether with family or friends we s$end with games, food and drink. . It is said that as man is on "ew /ear0s, like that will be all year round 'ha$$y or sad(. "ew /ear is the celebration with the fewest Christian traditions .