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Persamaan Persepsi



The vascular system appears in the middle of the third week (day 15-16), when the embryo is no longer able to satisfy its nutritional requirements by diffusion alone. Formation of cardiac loop : day 22 24

Day 22-24

Day 28- ventrikel looping

Day 30 septal formation

Sirkulasi fetus dan neonatus


Frank Starling Law

Kurva Fungsi Jantung

Cardiac cycle

Pressure-volume curve

Heart Sound
1st sound caused by vibrations set up by the sudden closure of the mitral and tricuspid valves at the start of ventricular systole 2nd sound caused by vibrations associated with closure of the aortic and pulmonary valves just after the end of ventricular systole. 3rd sound occurs (after S2) during the period of rapid passive ventricular filling 4th sound (before S1) is associated with atrial contraction and rapid active filling of the ventricle

Abnormal heart sound Blood flow is laminar and nonturbulent up to a critical velocity; above this velocity, and beyond an obstruction, blood flow is turbulent. Laminar flow is silent, but turbulent flow creates sounds

murmurs due to disorders of the aortic and pulmonic valves are usually heard best at the base of the heart, and murmurs due to mitral disease are usually heard best at the apex. duration, character, accentuation, and transmission of the sound that help to locate its origin in one valve or the other

Pemeriksaan Fisik Thorax

General Survey, vital sign Inspeksi : eye, nose, mucosa , nails Palpasi : arteries (include JVP), apex, base Perkusi : semua lapang thorax, batas jantung Auskultasi :lapang thorax, katup