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1. What is the difference between SOA and ESB? Why use ESB, since we can decouple stuff in SOA?

2. Can BW domain have multiple machines? 3. Can one machine have multiple domains? 4. How to make any process single threaded? 5. You have deployed the process using TIBCO admin GUI and its not started. What to do? 6. SOAP can call only one operation? How to call multiple operations? 7. Is there any other way to call web service besides SOAP? 8. What can you do to improve the performance? 9. Using JBDC palette, can we capture real time update in the database? 10. When you do code review, what sort of things you look for? Ans: 1. I though this is a very complicated question. In my opinion. SOA is an architecture, ESB is a technique. ESB provides infrastructure for SOA. 2. Yes. You can add multiple machines into TIBCO Domain and deploy your application in this domain and running on different machines. 3. Yes. You can create multiple domains on one machine. 4. There are two ways to make your process running as single thread. First, Set the Max Jobs = 1 and check the Use Activation Limit for specified process in TIBCO administrator can make the process instance execute in the order. Second, you can set the Sequencing Key as a constant value for a process. You can reference my blog entry tiple-processes-32261 5. I will go to the TIBCO_HOME\tra\domain\<Domain_name>\application\<application_name>\ to find the .bat or .sh file and execute it in the command line window to check the log. According the log information take the next action. 6. SOAP Event pallette only can have one operation. If you want multiple operation, you can generate Service pallette from processes or WSDL. 7. I think the answer is you can send SOAP envelope text using HTTPRequestReply pallette. 8. To improve the performance, you can increase the Java heap size, thread count or other parameters. 9. This is a new feature of BW5.7. You can set elapsedTime.JDBCUpdateActivity is set to true in designer.tra. Then the JDBC Update activity will add an output item "Elapsed Time" specify the update realtime in database. 10. What's your code review mean? BW process review? I think the logic correct is the most important. Then is the exception process.