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Far Eastern University- Dr.

Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation

School of Respiratory Therapy

In Completion with the Requirements of

Research II

Awareness of First Year and Second Year Respiratory Therapy Students of FEU-NRMF
A.Y. 2013-2014 on the General Roles of Respiratory Therapist in a Hospital Setting

Submitted by:
Arsenal, Karl Adrian O.
Castillo, Ana Julia A.D
Icasiano, Adiel Ray P.
Condat, Jose Alvaro B.



The Researchers wish to express their gratitude to their Research Professors, Ms. Zorayda
Bandong and Mr. Johnny Ressureccion for guiding us in finishing this thesis.
The Researchers would like to give appreciation to our friends and families who gave their
support and love in completing this thesis.
Most of all, The Researchers would like to thank Almighty God, for helping us to finish this

List of Figures..10
List of Tables13
CHAPTER 1: The Problem and Its Background
1.1 Introduction...1
1.2 Theoretical Framework.1
1.3 Conceptual Framework.2
1.4 Statement of the Problem..3
1.5 Statement of the Hypothesis..3
1.6 Assumption of the Study...3
1.7 Significance of the Study..3
1.8 Scope and Delimitation.4
1.9 Definition of Terms...4
CHAPTER 2: Review of Related Literature5
CHAPTER 3: Research Methodology
3.1 Research Design8
3.2 Data Gathering Procedure.8
3.2 Instrumentation..8
3.4 Locale and Population8
CHAPTER 4: Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data10
CHAPTER 5: Summary of Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations
5.1 Summary21
5.2 Conclusion.21
5.3 Recommendation...21

ARSENAL, Karl Adrian O.

CASTILLO, Ana Julia A.D.
CONDAT, Jose Alvaro B.
ICASIANO, Adiel Ray P.