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Dear Parents and Students,

Mr. Cloyd Rm. 447 623-474-5250 Algebra II- 2014Spring

The following letter is to inform you and welcome you to Mr. Cloyds Algebra II class for the 2014 fall semester. From this day forth I consider each parent, student, and myself to be a team with the goal to succeed. I deeply believe a students success relies heavily on this three-person team and its ability to work together. Therefore, in order to start off on the correct foot, below is a general outline of my expectations, rules, consequences, rewards, homework, and materials for my classroom. Expectations 1. Come ready to learn 2. Come ready to take notes 3. Come ready to be called on I leave no kid with the chance to sleep, disrupt, slouch, bore, or give up. That is because it is my job, their job, and your job to see this student succeed and I care for each students future. Rules 1. Respect a. When I am speaking, youre not, and I have your undivided attention b. Treat others kindly and do not allow your actions to disrupt anyones learning c. My name is Mr. Cloyd, Mr. C, or Coach, nothing else d. Leave my classroom in better shape than you found it

It is simple, respect. It is my one rule and it is the one thing I know will translate through out any students path in life. My four main rules will be monitored and dealt with accordingly. Consequences/Rewards 1. 1st infraction- Verbal warning 2. 2nd infraction- 15 min. Lunch detention or after school with me 3. 3rd infraction- Call home 4. 4th infraction- Administrative involvement Of course, these are my set consequences for my particular rules. Any infraction of the rules, specifically stated in the schools handbook, will be dealt with as stated in the handbook. Rewards are given out as I see fit. These include a positive email/call home, extra credit, homework passes, food, etc. Homework Expect homework each night. Even if there is no homework, studying on ones own each night is expected. I am not here to waste any students time because I know family and other matters are very important. Therefore, any homework given is appropriate on the basis of class comprehension.

(see back)

Materials Needed Again, all student should be ready to take notes and do class activities each day. Supplies needed: 1. 2. 3. 4. Pencil (pens are acceptable, but if work becomes too messy, I will give it back to be done in pencil) Loose leaf paper or notebook (College rule, suggest 3 subject) 3 ring binder (no less than 1 and a half inch) Post-it notes

If anyone needs help obtaining supplies, please contact me or the school. I know the school and I will do our best to get every student the supplies they need. Grading/Homework Grading will be done on a 10 point scale: A= 100-90% B=89-80% C=79-70% D=69-60% F=59%- or less Again, homework is not made as a waste of time, but thought out carefully and based on class comprehension and needs.

Thank you for taking the time to read this over with my student. I expect them to know and understand each part of my syllabus, as I feel it will only help with their success. Please contact me with any questions. Sincerely, Mr. Cloyd (Do not cut ) I have read and understood Mr. Cloyds syllabus: Yes_________ No__________ Students name:______________________________________________ Date:_______________ Period______________ Parents Signature:____________________________________________________ Date:_______________