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The Secret Garden

1. 2. 3. . ". $. %. &. How was Marys personality in the beginning of the book? Where did she move to, and why did she have to move there? How did Mary find the key to the garden? What did Mary start do after she fo!nd the garden? How did Mary meet #ollin? What are the similarities in Marys and #ollins personality? What happened to #ollin after he started to go to the garden? How did #ollin greet his father in the end of the story?

'. ()plain who these *eople are+ ,. Mary+ -. #ollin+ #.Martha+ .. -en+ (. Mrs. Medlo/k+ 0. Mr. #arven+ 1. .i/kon+ H. 2amala+

13.Mat/h the /ol!mns+ , 4444-!ry 44445tare 4444Whisper 44445kip 4444Horrid 4444Hop a6 7o 8!mp again and again over a rope that yo! are swinging. b6 7o p!t a person or thing in the gro!nd. /6 -ad, terrible, not at all ni/e. d6 7o 8!mp on one foot. e6 7o look at someone or something for a long time. f6 7o speak very softly and 9!ietly.