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Starting DSS - > 2014/2/25 - 8:54:42 Checking Mutex Checking Mutex - ok OLE Initialize OLE Initialize - ok Set UI Language

Set UI Language - ok Initialize GDI+ Initialize GDI+ - ok Initialize Application Reset dssfilelist extension association with DSS Reset dssfilelist extension association with DSS - ok Initialized QHTM Initialized QHTM - ok Initialized QHTM Cooltips Initialized QHTM Cooltips - ok Initialize Application - ok Check remaining temp files Check remaining temp files - ok Creating Main Window Creating Main Window - ok Set Starting File List Set Starting File List - ok Going modal... Initializing Main Dialog Initializing Main Dialog - ok Creating Left Panel Creating Left Panel - ok Creating Stacking Panel Creating Stacking Panel - ok Creating Processing Panel Creating Processing Panel - ok Restoring Window Position Restoring Window Position - ok Updating All Panels Updating All Panels - ok Updating Sizes Updating Sizes - ok Ending modal... Shutting down GDI+ Shutting down GDI+ - ok