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Ruth Jones believes God sent her to the struggling s hool in Grand Ra!ids to give the students a han e at li"e# The moment Ruth Jones stepped into the building, she new it was going to be bad. The Grand Rapids MI public elementary school known as Henry Paideia cademy looked like the ruins o! something, she said. The building was dark and cold, and there were no pictures, no signs anywhere that children were inhabiting this place. "ut as she stood in the hall, she said God began to reveal His !lan !or the school that was on the #erge o! closing. God let the hallway appear pitch black all around me. "ut where I stood there was light. I! I mo#ed, the light mo#ed. God said$ %ou are the light in this place now. That was &' years ago when Henry cademy was about to become the only school in Grand Rapids history to be closed because o! !ailure. study had shown that in (' years only a )uarter o! its students had graduated !rom high school, and none had gone on to college. Today students !rom Henry Paideia are not only graduating !rom high school, they are *oining +ational Honor ,ociety. The school-s dramatic turnaround had been the sub*ect o! media reports, and the academy has recei#ed numerous awards and accolades, as well as #isits !rom !orm Michigan Go#ernor John .ngler and President George /. "ush. /hat is more the 0'' student school that one !aced closure has a waiting list. t the center o! the trans!ormation stands Ruth Jones, a celebrated inner city schoolteacher who did not have a $aster%s degree on or e1perience in administration and ne#er wanted to be a principal. "ut when her !ile somehow ended up on the superintendent-s desk as a candidate to lead the struggling school, she sensed God leading her to pursue the position. &' member panel inter#iewed her, asking !or an introduction and her philosophy on education. Ruth Jones told them how the 2ord changed my li!e. ,he told them, God is bringing me to this school because he wants to heal these children and gi#e them a chance at li!e. +inety minutes a!ter her inter#iew, she was named head o! the school. That is when her work began. The school had long been dys!unctional. 3ne teacher stacked books on her desk like a !ort so the children would not hit her. Many o! the students li#ed in po#erty, and their neighborhoods were in!ested with drugs and crime. Jones said she began to pray that God-s anointing would destro& e#ery &o'e keeping the children !rom learning, a habit she maintains.

/hen I touch these children, I 'no( I a$ in ovenant (ith God, and these bondages (ill dro! o"", says Jones Jones addressed their practical needs too. ,ome children came to school dirty, so she installed !our washing machines and dryers to clean their clothes. It is not always easy teaching at the school, said !ourth grade teacher Ro4anna 2ee. ,ome o! these students ha#e a lot o! emotional baggage. I tell them that it is ama4ing what they ha#e to deal with and still make it to school. sta!! o! ('' #olunteers does e#erything !rom comb hair to tutor in reading and math. The school teaches parenting skills, and church groups and business help pro#ide !ood and clothing. I was inspired to get in#ol#ed by President "ush-s speech to do something !or the community, said #olunteer Patsy 2ucas. "y working one on one with the same child e#ery week, I !eel that I brought some stability to the li!e o! that child. Jones !lights to gi#e her students the same )uality o! li!e children !rom wealthier neighborhoods ha#e. /e act like *ust because a child is poor, they are going to be able to do without all the things our kids ha#e and be the same as our kids and come out all right. /e sow nothing, we reap nothing, said Jones. .#en (' years later, Jones is still ama4ed at how the school changed. There is nothing !arti ularl& great about $e# God *ust said$ You (ill do. I 'no( I an do an&thing i" I align $&sel" (ith God# 5 translate tradu4ca traduise4 #erschiebt #ertaal http$66babel! http$66! %our 2ocal 7338 " +9 +eeds %ou Please help. Thank %3:; http$66niel4ekock.insane* http$66!ood&bank.insane* 7338" +9 as a /ord 8oc http$66calameo.com6books6'''<&='=0(b0=>=d<=0!a http$66calameo.com6books6'''<&='=0?<!&<d>b?ec' "ook o! Isaiah$

2earn to do good, seek *ustice, rebuke the oppressor@ de!end the !atherless, plead !or the widowAand you shall eat the good o! the land. .#ery day help someone who can ne#er reciprocate. This is my obligation. 5 John /oodenBs PHI23,3PH% The great :C2 basketball coach The best way to !ind yoursel! is to lose yoursel! in the ser#ice o! others. 5 Mahatma Gandhi Those who bring ,unshine into the li#es o! others cannot keep it !rom themsel#es. "e a "ringer o! the 2IGHT. 2uke ('$&? HI,T3R% o! , +T C2 :, http$66calameo.com6books6'''<0==D><DDd!(d(0!!b http$66scribd.com6doc6=(?((D<' History o! Thanksgi#ing 8ay in :, http$66calameo.com6books6'''<&='=0a(E(&c!?d00e http$66scribd.com6doc6>>''0D'E 7R.. e"ook$ The Miracle o! Tithing@ by Mark Fictor Hansen http$66calameo.com6books6'''<0==D>b<d!?d(><(c0 http$66mark#ictorhansen.com6!reegi!t.php http$66calameo.com6books6'''<0==D>(>E&a<?>d<'E http$66worldcat.org6oclc6=&DEE00? http$66librarything.com6work6((>0( http$66scribd.com6doc6=(?'E0<= http$66slideshare.net6<8>==&'4E>E<&&9>>>6theGmiracleGo!Gtithing "ook ,ummary$ The Miracle o! Tithing http$66www.calameo.com6books6'''<0==D>''0!a'cbDcdb http$66scribd.com6doc6=(?(&(>E book$ Raising %our Child to "e a Mensch@ by +eil 9urshan http$66worldcat.org6oclc6(=D?'D(< http$66librarything.com6work60'('??0 5

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Container gardening, 9eyhole gardening, 3rganic )uaponics gardening, !rican "ag Gardens, +o 8ig gardening, gro!orestry gardening, Israeli Greenhouses Technology !or Hot Climates, 3rganic Hydroponics gardening and Gardening Therapy. Gardening is microGclimate speci!ic. These means that local gardeners might know o! gardening techni)ues and resources which are help!ul !or the location you li#e in. 9eep researching, reading, re!ining your gardening methods and e1perimenting with di!!erent growing techni)ues. 3rganic Gardening technology is changing and impro#ing all the time. lso, as the climate changes, you may need to learn other gardening techni)ues !or #arious climates. http$ 5 ,3/I+G ,..8 I+ %3:R TIM. 37 +..8, by Joel 3steen G Message 0&? Pod Cast http$66pod!eed.net6episode60&?NGN,owingNaN,eedNinN%ourNTimeNo!N+eed6>?'>=0 5 3rganic 2 /+ C R. Manual@ by Paul Tukey http$66worldcat.org6oclc6D0??0(&? http$66librarything.com6work6&><&<D( http$66worldcat.org6oclc6<&&&D=DE http$66librarything.com6work6&>(>=<< http$66scribd.com6doc6='EDE'(( http$66sa! http$ http$ http$ http$ 5 H%8R3P3+IC G R8.+I+G and Greenhouses http$ http$ book$ Hobby Hydroponics@ by Howard M. Resh http$66worldcat.org6oclc6=(=E<<0< http$ http$66librarything.com6work6&D?0&=' http$

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Wine 2 Hot
Global /arming is 8.,TR3%I+G the /ine Industry http$!><&E.php http$66scribd.com6doc6=(&<D0(=

Maple Syrup Industry Feels the Heat !rom Global Warming

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&'' percent to >'' percent. In Thailand, soil properly treated increased producti#ity by o#er >'' percent. FermiCo http$ book$ /orms .at My Garbage@ by Mary ppelho! http$66worldcat.org6oclc6>D<<(?>?( http$66librarything.com6work6(&?<=D http$ /orm Compost is an e1cellent soil builder and organic !ertili4er. /orm Compost breaks down slowly in soil, where there is much rain or lawn watering. Chemical !ertili4ers, which are made !rom 7ossil 7uels, will wash out o! the soil )uickly and pollute surrounding areas, causing !ish kills and making drinking water unsa!e. /orm Tea may reduce or eliminate #arious plant pests and diseases. lso, #arious worms added to soil, will increase its producti#ity. .prida http$ "iochar G Carbon ,oils G Charcoal "iochar is an e1cellent soil builder. "iochar can dramatically reduce the amount o! !ertili4ers and water needed, and greatly increase soil producti#ity. ,oils in the ma4on Jungles, to which "iochar was added se#eral hundred years ago, are still #ery producti#e today. Thus, one treatment o! certain types o! biochars may last hundreds o! years. Mycelium Running$ How Mushrooms Can Help ,a#e the /orld@ by Paul ,tamets http$66worldcat.org6oclc6<'<'0(D' http$66librarything.com6work6>?>?&( book$ The 3ne ,traw Re#olution@ by Masanobu 7ukuoka http$66worldcat.org6oclc6<?=<?DD>< http$66librarything.com6work6(0(>D& .arth :serBs Guide to Permaculture@ by Rosemary Morrow http$66worldcat.org6oclc6D0D><??= http$66librarything.com6work6>&=''? ,epp Hol4erBs Permaculture$ Practical Guide to ,mallG,cale, Integrati#e 7arming and Gardening@ by ,epp Hol4er http$66worldcat.org6oclc6<?>0?='E0 http$66ama4on.com6dp6(<'0=E0D'K cres:, http$ 7R.. Cataloge o! "ooks cres:, carries many books, 8F8Bs and other materials about success!ul organic gardening, organic

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librarything loc.go# S,AP your *oo's with 3ther People ,wap " ,wap "ooks6d 5 S.STAINA*LE TECHNOLOGY "or ,O/EN http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$66www.ncsc.ncsu.edu6programs6ncLsolarLinLschools.c!m http$66www.!sec.uc!.edu http$ http$66www.*ourneyto! http$66www.electricGcarsGareG!orGgirls.com6mamasGmoppingGupGtheGworld.html http$ http$ http$ http$ http$66www.strawbale! http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$66www.calearth.org6apprent.htm http$ http$ http$ http$66www.hl! http$ http$66www.bare! http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$! http$66www.s)uare! http$66phillyimc.org6en6&''D6'&60<D>'.shtml 3rganic 7arming Training$ http$66www.wwoo!.org book$ /omen in Green, Foices o! ,ustainable 8esign@ by 9ira Gould http$ book$ ,olar 2i#ing ,ourcebook 0'th nni#ersary .dition, by John ,chae!!er Center !or +eighborhood Technology http$ http$ Green .mpowerment$ http$ http$ http$ http$66www.nati#esun.bi4 http$ http$

Cohousing$ http$ http$ http$ ,ingle Mothers House ,haring$ http$ Communities !or 8isabled people$ http$ http$66www.le!t! http$ http$ Communities !or the 3lder people$ http$66www.! Car,haring$ http$ 7ree organic gardeningG!arming Catalog$ http$66www.acresusa.com6other6!reesample.htm 7ree ,:,T I+ "2. T.CH+323G% Journal http$ book$ %ou Can I! %ou Think %ou Can@ by +orman Fincent Peale book$ Pioneer 8octor, the ,tory o! a /omanBs /ork@ by Mari Grana book$ "old ,pirit@ by 2inda 2awrence Hunt 5 I C + 83 22 THI+G, THR: G38 /H3 ,TR.+GTH.+, M.. 5 The e#erlasting God, the 2ord, the Creator o! the ends o! the earth, neither !aints nor is weary. He gi#es power to the weak. To those who ha#e no might, He increases their strength. .#en the youths shall !aint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly !all. "ut those who wait on the 2ord, He shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not !aint. 5

,:,T I+ "2. 8.,IG+, 73R 8.F.23PI+G C3:+TRI., http$ http$66other?' http$ http$66architecture! http$66build&.li#e* http$* http$66build>.li#e* http$* http$66natural(* http$66natural&* http$66strawbale&.li#e* http$ http$ book$ 8esign !or the 3ther ?'H@ by Cynthia .. ,mith 23C 2 Groups ,upporting .2.CTRIC :T3mobiles http$* http$ http$ http$ http$66www.sourceguides.com6energy http$ /3M.+ .lectric Car Groups http$66www.electricGcarsGareG! Con#ert G , Cars to PlugGIn .2.CTRIC utos http$ http$ http$ http$ http$66www.sourceguides.com6energy Con#ert H%"RI8 Cars to PlugGIn .2.CTRIC utos http$ http$ http$66www.r)riley.com61r0.htm http$66www.eaaG phe#.org6wiki6PriusPlus http$ http$ http$66www.a! http$66www.a(&0systems.com6hymotion http$ http$ http$66www.sourceguides.com6energy W .lectric M3T3RC%C2., http$ http$ http$ http$66www.patenteGer!indungen.de6er!indungenL!ahrraeder.htm http$ http$66www.sourceguides.com6energy .lectric "IC%C2., http$

http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$66www.sourceguides.com6energy Recharge your .lectric uto with R.+./ "2. .+.RG% http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$66www.koru! http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$66www.sourceguides.com6energy http$66www.i& http$ http$66www.! http$ 8F8$ /H3 9I22.8 TH. .2.CTRIC C RI http$66ama4on.com6/hoG9illedG.lectricGMartinG,heen6dp6"'''I=%E7: http$ http$66e#(.org book$ Internal Combustion@ by .dwin "lack http$66www.worldcat.org6oclc6<?'&('>& http$66www.librarything.com6work6(=<DE'' http$,'88***8=gwC http$66www.internalcombustionbook.com6 book$ The Tyranny o! 3il@ by ntonia Juhas4 http$66www.worldcat.org6oclc6(?(?0'&(= http$66www.librarything.com6work6<(<=>(0 http$,'r>C http$66www.scribd.com6doc6>='=E(>( R.+./ "2. .+.RG% 8IR.CT3R% http$66www.sourceguides.com6energy http$66www.i& http$66new*ersey.indymedia.org6en6&''D6'D6(<<&0.shtml http$66sandiego.indymedia.org6en6&''D6'06(&=>0&.shtml

http$66neworleans.indymedia.org6news6&''D6'D6('==D.php http$66bulgaria.indymedia.org6newswire6display6(D(D&6inde1.php ,:,T I+ "2. T.CH+323G% M.8IC 2 7 CI2ITI., and M.8IC 2 .O:IPM.+T http$66www.! http$66sunutility.com6htmlLpg6healthcare.html http$66w! http$66sun!rost.com6#accineLre!rigerators.html http$66plantsG!orGpeople.org6eng http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$66www.d! http$ http$ http$66www.powere!! http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$66www.greengridroo! http$66! http$66chlor! http$66www.hl!.org.np6,powts.html http$ http$ CH:RCH., G .nergy ,tewardship http$66green0church.insane* http$66green>church.insane* 3RG +IC GRIC:2T:R. /I22 T.RMI+ T. /3R28 H:+G.R http$66www.midiaindependente.org6en6blue6&''=6'<60&'00?.shtml /I+T.R 7 RMI+G +8 G R8.+I+G T.CH+323G% http$!arm.org6!eatures6'>'>6moore6greenhouse.shtml http$!arm.org6!eatures6'>'>6moore6greenhouseII.shtml http$66biointensi#e! http$66www.!ourseason! http$ http$66www.growbiointensi#e.org6newsletter6may&'''6passi#eGsolar.html http$ Passi#e ,olar Greenhouse /orkshop$ design, construction and year round production$ contact$ sandcmooreX* telephone$ D(D.&&=.&>E? Q:, R ,te#e and Carol Moore book$ 7our ,eason Har#est@ by .liot Coleman http$66www.!ourseason!arm.com6main6books6books.html book$ ,olar Gardening@ by 2eande Fogel Poisson http$ book$ /inter Har#est Manual@ by .liot Coleman http$66www.!ourseason!arm.com6main6books6books.html book$ 2asagna Gardening@ by Patricia 2an4a bring sun light indoors to grow !ood$ http$ energy e!!icient 2.8 grow lights$ http$ /ater /allsGThermal Mass http$ /ater /all 8esign Manual http$66www.builditsolar.com6Pro*ects6,paceHeating6 /ater/allIntro.pd! Polyma1 /ater /all "ag http$ http$ 7R.. P2 +,$ How to make a simple GR..+H3:,. http$66!ood!ore#eryone.org6pd!6G"GLChptL('.pd! H. TI+G GR..+ H3:,., with ,32 R H3T / T.R and radiant heating systems Q:sing the !loor as a Thermal Mass !or Retaining Heat at +ight G see TH.RM 2 M ,,R

http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$66www.orangeG 7ree Installation Manual$ http$66www.radiantec.com6installation.htm ,olar /ater /all !or Passi#e ,olar Heating http$ http$ /ater /all 8esign Manual http$66www.builditsolar.com6Pro*ects6,paceHeating6 /ater/allIntro.pd! Polyma1 /ater /all "ag http$ book$ .nergy Conser#ation !or Commercial Greenhouses@ by John "artok http$66www.growingedge.com6store6booksLmultimedia.php book$ "iodynamic Greenhouse Management@ by Hein4 Grot4ke book$ Greenhouses !or Homeowners and Gardeners@ by John "artok http$66www.growingedge.com6store6booksLmultimedia.php book$ Complete Greenhouse "ook, "uilding and :sing Greenhouses !rom ColdG7rames to ,olar ,tructures@ by Peter Clegg book$ Complete book o! the Greenhouse@ by Ian /alls http$ book$ Greener Greenhouses@ http$66www.growingedge.com6store6booksLmultimedia.php book$ Greenhouse GardenerBs Companion@ by ,hane ,mith book$ "uilding %our 3wn Greenhouse@ by Mark 7reeman book$ Gardening :nder Co#er$ +orthwest Guide to ,olar Greenhouses, Cold 7rames@ by /illiam Head book$ "uilding and :sing Cold 7rames book$ Polytunnel Companion@ by Jayne +e#ille book$ Gardening :nder Plastic$ How to :se 7leece, 7ilms, Cloches and Polytunnels@ by "ernard ,alt book$ ,tarting .arly 7lowering and Fegetable Plants :nder Glass@ by Charles +issley bring sun light indoors to grow !ood$ http$ http$ /ater /allsGThermal Mass http$ Fertical indoor Garding$ http$66&'D.(==.&.D' http$ http$ http$66www.growingedge.com6maga4ine6backLissues6#iewLarticle.php0I I8J(D'0&' ,32 R P3/.R.8 GR..+H3:,., and passi#e solar heated greenhouses http$66www.growingedge.com6maga4ine6backLissues6#iewLarticle.php0I I8J(D'0&' http$ http$66www.scrupe.com6CollectingH&'8etails6collectingLdetails.htm http$ ,olar /ater /all !or Passi#e ,olar Heating http$ /ater /all 8esign Manual http$66www.builditsolar.com6Pro*ects6,paceHeating6 /ater/allIntro.pd! Polyma1 /ater /all "ag http$ "ringing ,un 2ight Indoors !or Gardening inside your home Qrecycling indoor air with plants, sa#e energy, grow !ood indoorsR http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ book$ 8aylight 8esign o! "uildings@ by +ick "aker http$ book$ How To Grow 7resh ir@ by ". C. /ol#erton http$

R.7I+.R% R.73RM, P322:TI3+ and 8. TH 8oes "ig 3il ha#e a body bag with your name on itI http$!ineryre! http$66www.cleartheair.org6dirtypower http$ http$66shell! http$ I, G38 GR..+ http$66www.chelseagreen.com6&''<6items6ser#egod http$ book$ Care o! Creation@ by R. J. "erry book$ ,er#e God, ,a#e the Planet@ by J. Matthew ,leeth book$ 3ur 7atherBs /orld@ by .dward R "rown book$ Redeeming Creation@ by 7red Fan 8yke book$ .arthG/ise@ by Cal#in ". 8ewitt book$ Caring !or Creation@ .dited by ,arah Tillett book$ Moral Climate, the .thics o! Global /arming@ by Michael ,. +orthcott book$ 7or the "eauty o! the .arth@ by ,te#en "oumaGPrediger book$ ,a#ing GodBs Green .arth@ by Tri Robinson book$ God Is Green@ by Ian "radley book$ God in Creation@ by Jurgen Moltmann *ournal$ Creation Care Maga4ine http$ 9eepers o! the .arth. 5 ,I3:K PR %.R Grand!ather Great ,pirit QHoly ,pirit, or ,pirit o! God R 7ill us with the 2ight. Gi#e us the strength to understand, and the eyes to see. Teach us to walk the so!t .arth as relati#es to all that li#e. 5 3RG +IC G R8.+I+G 7ree 3rganic Gardening Catalog http$66www.acresusa.com6other6!reesample.htm book$ How to Grow /orld Record Tomatoes@ by Charles /ilber http$ book$ ,)uare 7oot Gardening@ by Mel "artholomew http$66www.s)uare! book$ ,oul o! ,oil, book@ by Joseph ,millie book$ /orms .at My Garbage@ by Mary ppelho! http$ http$ book$ Compost Tea Manual, =th edition@ by .laine Ingham http$ http$66www.soil! http$66www.#ermico.com6compostLteaLbrewers.htm book$ n .arth ,a#ing Re#olution@ by Teruo Higa http$66www.e!! http$66www.emin!!o http$ http$

book$ 7ourG,eason Har#est@ by .liot Coleman http$66www.!ourseason! http$66www.ledGgrowG http$66www.!i! book$ "read !rom ,tones@ by Michael 3lson http$ http$ http$ http$66www.uoguelph.ca6rocks http$ http$ http$ http$66www.wewantreal! http$66www.canhealyoursel!.com6trees.htm http$ http$ http$ http$ books$ 7ood +ot 2awns@ by Heather C. 7lores book$ 3rganic 2awn Care Manual@ by Paul Tukey http$ http$ books$ Complete "ook o! .dible 2andscaping@ by Rosalind Creasy books$ .dible 7lower Garden@ by Rosalind Creasy book$ Pre#enting 8eer 8amage@ by Robert Juhre 3rganic insect repellant G Garlic "arrier$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$66www.!o1!arm! 3rganic /eed 9iller G &=H cetic cid eliminates /eeds$ http$66www.gardensali#e.com6article.aspI aiJ><EPbhcd&J((<&&&<=&E http$66www.milkyspore.com6burnout.htm http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$66india.indymedia.org6en6&''=6(&6&((&&<.shtml http$ http$66www.mcsG http$ /orm Tea$ http$66www.#ermico.com6castings.htm http$ http$ http$66www.gaiacollege.cahttp$ http$ ,ustainable Technology !or your community$ ,eattle Tilth$ http$ http$ http$66www.wwoo!.org http$ Microgardens$ http$ http$ http$66www.neem! http$ http$ 7or more in!ormation, please contact local gardeners and !armers who speciali4e in 3rganic gardening, Permaculture gardening, "iodynamic gardening, Japanese 9yusei +ature gardening G ,hi4en +ouhou, "iointensi#e gardening, Heirloom gardeningGHeritage ,eeds, gro!orestry gardening, 3rganic Hydroponics gardening and Gardening Therapy. Gardening is microGclimate speci!ic. These means that local gardeners might know o! gardening techni)ues and resources which are help!ul !or the location you li#e in. 9eep researching, reading, re!ining your gardening methods and e1perimenting with di!!erent growing techni)ues. .co Gardening technology is changing and impro#ing all the time. lso, as the climate changes, you may need to learn other gardening techni)ues !or #arious climates. http$ .C3 7 RMI+G G 3RG +IC G R8.+I+G "339 C T 23G http$66www.acresusa.com6other6!reesample.htm 3RG +IC T.CH+323G%$ 7 RMI+G G G R8.+I+G

http$66india.indymedia.org6en6&''=6(&6&((&&<.shtml http$66neworleans.indymedia.org6news6&''D6'=6('&?=.php http$66gamle.indymedia.no6newswire6display6&'?><6inde1.php F32:+T..R to /3R9 on 3RG +IC 7 RM, all o#er the /orld http$66www.wwoo!.org http$66www.wwoo!.it http$66www.wwoo!.dk http$66www.wwoo!.de http$66www.wwoo! http$66www.wwoo!.ca book$ .urope Through the "ack 8oor@ by Rick ,te#es O: 8R:P2I+G 7338 PR38:CTI3+ G 3RG +IC 7 RMI+G +8 G R8.+I+G Per a report !rom Malaysia, crops grown with Folcanic Rock 8ust Q http$ R and .e!!ecti#e MicroGorganisms Q.M http$66www.e!! R increased production by >''H. Re!erences$ Permaculture Maga4ine, Y=(, ,pring &''D@ article$ ,tone ge ,cience@ by 8ylan 9eating http$ http$66www.s)uare! http$ http$ book$ n .arth ,a#ing Re#olution, Fol. (, Fol &@ by Teruo Higa http$ productsGbooksL#ideos.html book$ "read !rom ,tones@ by Michael 3lson http$ book$ .coG7arm@ by Charles /alters http$ book$ /orms .at My Garbage@ by Mary ppelho! http$ http$ book$ Recycle /ith .arthworms@ by ,helley Grossman http$66www.wormbooks.com6all.books.htm http$ book$ The 7armerBs .arthworm Handbook@ by 8a#id .rnst http$ book$ Pre#enting 8eer 8amage@ by Robert Juhre .e!!ecti#e MicroGorganisms$ http$66www.emin!!o http$ http$ http$ http$*p http$ http$ http$ 7ree organic gardeningG!arming Catalog$ http$66www.acresusa.com6other6!reesample.htm C R"3+ ,3I2, dding CH RC3 2 to soil 5 http$ 5 greatly increases crop production !or #ery many years. Re!erences$ ,olar Today *ournal, +o#68ec &''<, article$ ChairBs Corner$ Positi#e Charcoal e)uals +egati#e Carbon@ by Roanl 2arson http$ Permaculture Maga4ine, Y=', /inter &''<@ article$ The Magical ,oils 3! .l 8erado@ by Terra Preta http$ http$!arm.org6columns6researchLpaul6&''<6'('<6charcoal.shtml http$ http$66iaicon! http$!o http$66www.css.cornell.edu6!aculty6lehmann6terraLpreta6TerraPretahome.htm http$66www.css.cornell.edu6!aculty6lehmann6publications.htm http$66delta!armpress.com6news6'=(((>GterraGpreta http$66www.dynamoti#e.com6english6biooil6char.html http$ CH RC3 2 ,3I2$ daptation ,trategies !or Global Change$

http$66www.css.cornell.edu6!aculty6lehmann6publ6Mit dapt,tratGlobChangeH&'((,H&'>'0G >&D,H&'2ehmann,H&'&''<.pd! http$66www.css.cornell.edu6!aculty6lehmann6publ62ehmannH&'etH&'al.,H&'&''&,H&'/C,, H&'"angkok,H&'paperH&'no.'>>?.pd! book$ Carbon Cycle@ by 2eonard Rid4on http$ book$ 2ost Crops o! the Incas http$66www.growingedge.com6maga4ine6backLissues6#iewLarticle.php0I I8J(>'<<E C3MP3,T T. $ I+CR. ,.8 7338 PR38:CTI3+ Compost Tea !ights plant diseases, insects and increases plant growth. http$66www.#ermico.com6compostLteaLbrewers.htm http$ http$ http$ http$66attra.ncat.org6attraGpub6compostGteaGnotes.htmlYsoil!oodweb book$ Compost Tea "rewing Manual, =th edition@ by .laine Ingham http$!ort.com6shope1d.aspIidJ(E http$66www.#ermico.com6compostLteaLbrewers.htm http$66www.soil! book$ n Introduction to the ,oil 7oodweb@ by .laine Ingham http$66www.soil! http$!ort.com6shope1d.aspIidJ&& seminars$ http$66www.soil! /3RM C3MP3,TI+G$ R.C%C2I+G G ,3I2 IMPR3F.M.+T G I+CR. ,.8 7338 PR38:CTI3+ /orm Composting rapidly con#erts organic waste into sa!e and #ery bene!icial garden products. http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$66www.wonderwormsuk.com6recycling http$66www.s!en#ironment.org6ourLprograms6topics.htmlIssiJ0PtiJ< http$66whatcom.wsu.edu6ag6compost6Redwormsedit.htm http$66www.homestead.org6Gardening6Raising.arthworms.htm book$ /orms .at My Garbage@ by Mary ppelho! http$ http$ book$ Recycle /ith .arthworms@ by ,helley Grossman http$66www.wormbooks.com6all.books.htm book$ 2et n .arthworm "e %our Garbage Man http$66www.wormbooks.com6all.books.htm book$ Composting /ith /orms@ by G. Pilkington http$ book$ /ormBs .ye Fiew o! Recycling Rubbish http$66www.organicn4.org6page6organicGn4GbookG clubGchildren book$ The 7armerBs .arthworm Handbook@ by 8a#id .rnst http$ article$ The /orm Composting Toilet http$ book$ The /orm Ca!Z$ MidG,cale Fermicomposting o! 2unchroom /astesG Manual !or ,chools resources !or the Classroom http$66www.wormwoman.com6acatalog6inde1.html schools and uni#erities composting their organic waste http$66www.wormwoman.com6acatalog6inde1.html newsletters$ http$66www.#ermico.com6newsletter(.htm training and seminars$ http$66www.#ermico.com6seminar.htm 9itchen /orm Composter http$ ..M. C3MP3,TI+G$ R.C%C2I+G G C2. +I+G P322:T.8 ,3I2, G I+CR. ,.8 7338

PR38:CTI3+ .!!ecti#e Microorganisms Composting con#erts animal waste into sa!e garden products and eliminates odors. http$66www.e!! http$ http$ http$66www.emrousa.com6about.html http$ http$66www.emin!!o http$66www.agriton.nl6apnanman.html http$*p http$ http$ http$ http$66www.multikra! http$ http$66www.unet.or.*p http$*p http$ http$66www.chu* http$ http$ http$ http$!!ecti#eH&'Microorganisms.htm http$ http$ http$ http$!arm.org6depts6gleanings6'E'06rutter.shtml http$66www.hinduonnet.com6&''=6'(6'(6stories6&''='('((D(D'0''.htm book$ "ene!icial and .!!ecti#e Microorganisms !or a ,ustainable griculture and .n#ironment@ by Teruo Higa book$ n .arth ,a#ing Re#olution@ by Teruo Higa http$ booksL#ideos.html book$ .co Pure The 7ront 2ine o! .M 9itchen Garbage Recycle@ by .M JohoGshitsu book$ .M TeacherBs Manual Trans!orming /aste http$ CompostGMing !or 9itchen /aste Recycling http$!orm.htm "okashi CompostGMing ,ystems http$!orm.htm .M 9itchen and Garden Composters http$66www.emtrading.com6store(6emkc(''('>LD''L&<L(=L0L&<(.html /3RM T. $ 7IGHT, P2 +T 8I,. ,., G 3RG +IC 7.RTI2IM.R, http$66www.our#italearth.com6wormGtea.htm http$66bristen.com6natureshop6garden*ournal6wormtea.htm http$66www.kitsape4earth.com6!act.htmlYtea 3TH.R C3MP3,TI+G M.TH38, book$ 2et it Rot@ by ,tu Campbell http$ book$ ,ecret 2i!e o! Compost@ by Malcom "eck http$66www.acresusa.com6books6closeup.aspIactionJsearchPprodidJ>(PcatidJPpcidJ& book$ 7letcher ,imsB Compost@ by Charles /alters http$66www.acresusa.com6books6closeup.aspIactionJsearchPprodidJ>0PcatidJPpcidJ& book$ Mulch It@ by ,tu Campbell http$ book$ 7ield Guide to 3nG7arm Composting@ by Mark 8ougherty http$66www.acresusa.com6books6closeup.aspIactionJsearchPprodidJ((?&PcatidJPpcidJ& P:RI7%I+G and R.C%C2I+G P322:T.8 ,3I2 with plants phytoe1traction o! lead, arsenic and uranium !rom soil@ oil spills and hydrocarbons http$66ei.cornell.edu6biodeg6bioremed http$ http$66www.e!!ecti#emicroG http$ http$ http$ http$ http$66www.lbl.go#6.R,P http$ http$!orest.org6,olutionLtoLtheLPollution http$66www.bloodo!

http$66www.!ungi.com6mycotech6myco#a.html http$66www.!ungi.com6mycotech6!armwaste.html book$ Mycelium Running@ by Paul ,tamets http$66www.yesmaga4ine.org6article.aspII8J(>?= http$66www.bloodo! re!erence$ Permaculture Maga4ine, Y=0, utumn &''D@ Permaculture +ews$ Mushroom Magic in the ma4on http$ P.RM C:2T:R. G Going "eyond ,ustainability into the 7uture http$ http$ http$66www.attra.org6attraGpub6perma.html http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$66www.permaculture.bi4 http$66www.tortuga.com6permacultura http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$66permacultura.! http$ http$ http$ http$ http$66www.u!pa.br6permacultura http$66www.mutantia&(.com.ar6permacultura.html http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$ http$66www.mmr! http$ book$ Permaculture Principles and Pathways "eyond ,ustainability@ by 8a#id Holmgren book$ ,mall Is "eauti!ul@ by .. 7. ,chumacher book$ Ga#iotas, Fillage to Rein#ent the /orld@ by lan /eisman http$66dharmaGha#en.org6!i#eG ha#ens6ga#iotas.htm *ournal$ Permaculture cti#ist http$ *ournal$ Permaculture Maga4ine http$ *ournal$ Permaculture 8rylands Journal http$ Permaculture ,tore$ http$ http$ http$ 5 General 2inks to ,ustainable Technology http$66note00.insane* http$66calameo.com6books6'''<&='=0de>(<&DE=D0& 5 -EEP O.R CO.NTRY STRONG LI-E A ROC-; Please support LOCALLY generated and LOCALLY owned rene(able energ& systems. Thank you.

/ORE JO*S and .C3+3MIC GR3/TH

Per the /isconsin .nergy "ureau, locally generated renewable energy Qsolar water heating, solar pool heating, solar building heating, passi#e solar buildings, solar daylighting, solar electric, wind energy, microGhydro, earth energy, organic #egetable diesel !uel, solarGhydrogen !uel cells, windGhydrogen !uel cells, wa#eGhydrogen !uel cells, tidal power, Geothermal Hydronic heating and cooling, organic !arming and gardeningR, creates THR.. TIM., more *obs and economic growth in local economies than using imported !ossil !uel or energy !rom other regions.


More Jobs, Economic Progress, Clean Environment !" be St#$i%&

0REE subs ri!tion to a Solar Maga4ine !or your S hool Librar& http$66redwoodalliance.org6librarian 5 Praise God 5 "e Thank!ul 5 7orgi#e 5 Recei#e the "lessings 5 Gi#e God the Glory 5 pro#erb$ A Good Person leaves an inheritan e to their hildren1s hildren. ,hat 'ind o" an inheritan e are &ou leavingI 5 Please share these web sites with !riends and others who are concerned about our childrenBs !uture and our grandchildrenBs !uture. Thank you !or all o! your help. 5

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