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! ! The make up of matter ! ! ! ! ! does matter !

! !

By Jada!

! We claim that matter is in everything. There is three forms of matter solids,liquids,and gases. An example of a solid is a pencil. An example of a liquid is water. An example of gas is oxygen. There are two kinds of matter,dark matter and regular matter. Dark matter is in black holes. Regular matter is everywhere. The more there is in an object the more mass it has. For example a car has more mass. Then a pencil because the car has more matter in it. You are always touching matter,yet you can't see or feel matter. Dark matter bends light and that's called gravitational lensing. Dark matter can be good and bad. Regular matter is mixed with dark matter, regular matter is in me and you. Dark matter is basically in everything like bricks. Lastly, dark and regular matter are solids. liquids, gases, me, you, and everything around you.! The pH chart helped us gure out the pH level of different substances. The ph 14 is the most dangerous. When baking soda and coffee we ended up with a pH of 14. When we mixed two higher leveled substances the pH turned into a lower pH level. Some substance's pH levels are effected more than others. When we mixed baking and h2o, the pH level was eight. When Jada went to the ocean, salt salt water got in her eyes and her eyes turned red and felt like they were burning.her tears are going to be a pH level of six, and the salt water would be between eight and ten.when you are swimming and you get water in your mouth your st reaction is to spit it out because chlorine isn't good for you and the chlorine has a pH level of 7.5. We mixed no iodine salt and baking soda and it became a pH level of twelve. When you mix the same pH it stays the same.

Your saliva in your throat has a, pH level of ve or six. When you drink something it changes your saliva's pH level temporarily. When we were doing the pH tests, all of the soda's had citric acid in them, and were all a pH level of four. When we did the pH tests, the lemon juice was a pH level of three. Vinegar has a pH of two. In conclusion, there are many different pH levels. How does temperature change? I claim that when we put the vinegar in with the steel wool the temperature rose. My furnace turns on and heats up the house because of wood, oil, natural gas, geothermal, solar energy, or biomass. When your body digests it creates heat. Your heart pumping action creates heat. In the car when the engine turns on and warms the car. In conclusion, heat is needed in different ways.! I claim that magnetic elds pull and push each other and attract certain metal such as iron. You can not see magnetic elds such as black holes in space. Positives do not attract another positive, but negative can attract a positive. Magnetic elds can be as small as an atom, but as big as a star. We do not know everything about magnetic elds.! Norman Borlaug, Mendeleev, and !Marie curie were great scientists. ! Borlaug and his staff in Mexico spent almost 20 years growing wheat that had high protein content to keep people from starvation. ! Dmitri Mendeleev was the scientist that created the periodic table. ! Curie discovered radioactivity and polonium. In conclusion, these scientists discovered many things. All in all, we can not live without matter. ! The periodic table shows many of the elements. Mendeleev was the rst people to create the periodic

table. The elements are shown by a letter. The periodic table ordered by the atomic number. They are grouped by noble gasses, Halogens, metalloids, alkali metals, and more. ! ! I researched dark matter and there was a whole lot of research on dark matter. I learned that text books are a lie, you can not detect or see dark matter, the only way you can see dark matter is when it passes by light by bending the light and that's called gravitational lensing. The periodic chart is not nished. We will continue to create and add new elements to the periodic table. !