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1) Do the good things ( 2 Rakhat Namaz or help to someone either in your family/ outside your family) 2) Praise the

lord (Dhikr) 3) Purify your soul by asking forgiveness. Repent for your sins. 4)Allahumma (for Mohammed Sallalahu alaihi wa sallim) 5)Ask your Dua. 6)ask only for reasonable, premissible. 7) Humbleness.. 8) For Parents 9) FOr pleaseful spouse and offsprings to offer salah. 10) Bettr Offsprings 11) Ask for removal of Bad habits, bad thoughts, bad characters away from us. 12) Ask for others as well 13) both for duniya as well as Aakhir. 14) Ask for goodness of earth 15) Rabbana Athina Fithunya. 16) Dua for Good Death. 17) Dua for Paradise (Jannah) and Qiyamah Judgement 18) Ask to keep us away from Fire of Jahannam(Hell). 19) Salah to Rasulullah SAW