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Present Perfect vs.

Past Simple
Pon los verbos entre parntesis en la forma adecuada: Present Perfect o Past Simple (afirmativo, negativo o interrogativo). 1. She (put on) a lot of weight recently.

2. parents.

you ever

(have) a pet? Yes, I

(have) a dog when I lived with my

. !y parents

(live) in "aris for ten years and then they moved to #am$urg.


(live) in #am$urg for five years now.

&. 'ady (i countries, too.

(visit) a lot of poor countries. %he )ueen

(vist) a lot of poor

*. +hen


(give up) smo,ing? -h, a long time ago. I thin, I

(not smo,e) since 2....

/. !y great0grandfather

(die) forty years ago. I never

(meet) him.

1. I don2t ,now 3ane2s fianc4. I


(meet) him.

5. +hen we were on holiday, the weather

($e) awful. Since we came $ac,, the


($e) great.

6. #ow long finished university.


(study) 7nglish? 8or five years now. I

(start) when I

1.. !y $icycle is not here anymore. Someone

(ta,e) it.