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Editing Pictures

j Black Border: Adding a Black Border to Pictures

This function creates black borders along the border of a picture. Choose from Thin, Medium or Broad lines. The created pictures are stored as separate files.

Choose the desired picture from full-frame (A34) or thumbnail (A115) playback mode and press the d button.
The playback menu is displayed.

Use the multi selector to choose j Black border and press the k button.

Playback menu Rotate image Hide image Small picture Voice memo Copy Black border Sequence display options

Choose the desired frame thickness and press the k button.

Black border Thin Medium Broad

Editing Pictures

Choose Yes and press the k button.

A new copy with a black border is created. To cancel, choose No and press the k button. Copies created by editing with black borders can be recognized by the J icon displayed in playback mode.
Create a copy with a black border?

Yes No

Notes on Black Border

A part of the picture equivalent to the thickness of the black border is cut off because the black border overlaps the picture. When a picture with a black border is printed using a printers borderless print function, the black border may not be printed.

More Information

See File and Folder Names (A215) for more information.