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The Chicano Movement By: Paul Quevedo-Davila Azael Junior Division Website

I chose this topic because at first my partner and I wanted to do the Aztecs but then our teacher suggested we do the Chicano Movement since it has more resources than the Aztecs. And also because I wanted to do something to impress my dad since he is a genius when it comes to Mexican history. A couple of days later my grandma said that I should do it to learn of my cultures history and my ancestors. My brother told me I should do it so I could help him with a history project that he has to do which happens to be Mexican history. I thought I should do it because Im interested in things I dont know and not things that I do know, sometimes. I was also interested in why Mexicans were allowed to be here after knowing that colored people were discriminated, and every time I asked my mom or dad and even teachers they would always tell me to look it up. I conducted my research by looking on the web. Also, by books and videos of people who lived through the Chicano Movement. I was also trying to get some information from my grandfather but he just told me that it was like the civil rights movement but for Mexicans and that Csar Chvez was the leader of the Chicano movement just like Martin Luther king was the leader of the civil rights movement. I was also trying to get an interview from a man that I emailed who was part of the Chicano movement but he never answered. I also saw some images of the Chicano Movement and how they marched to

Washington. Also, in one of those images I saw Csar Chvez shaking Robert F. Kennedys hand who was in favor of the movement and not against it. Some very useful websites were ownandProudTheChicanoMovement.htm,, htm,, and I chose to do a website because Im really good at technology and learn fast with it. I didnt do a billboard or a poster because Im not very good at drawing and Im not really good at painting. Also, because I really like to play with technology and I had a great time will working on my website. I also thought it would be neat to email my website to my elementary teachers, middle school teachers, and parents to show them everything Ive accomplished thanks to them. My topic relates to the NHD theme because its not just Mexican history its also American history. If it werent for Csar Chvez or Roberto Clemente Mexicans wouldnt be able to go to college or play sports or even go to school. It didnt just affect the past but it also affected the present and it will affect the future. If it werent for The Chicano Movement I probably

wouldnt be in school or even in the United States. The Chicano Movement allowed Mexicans to vote, work, and go to school and college.