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Answer in English:

(Translated from original Urdu answer to Enligh by Haqbaat team if

you find any errors please report)
It is hard to send you a taweez but you can contact Dawat e Islamis
taweezaat e Attaria for taweez but I will share some useful things
with you because there is saying in a Hadith that (that the most better
person and the most beloved to Allah is the one who give benefits to
others). The first thing you should do is repent from all the sins and
sleep early and then wake up early. Use oil in your hair and
kohl(Surma) in your eyes. Also sleep a bit in the afternoon and try to
say these prayers (wazaif)
1. Sura Nisa Ayat 113 :
2 .

If your child is slow minded then recite this verse 121 time and do
dham (blow air on water from your mouth) and give the water to the
child to drink ever day. If Allah wills by doing this he will become and


) . (
ALLAH in the name of, the Most Affectionate, the Merciful.

Recite the above verse for seven days (786 times daily) without
leaving any day with Darood Shareef (Blessings upon Prophet
Mohammad) at the start and end. By doing this your every need will
be fulfilled. Slow minded should recite this 786 times daily with
Blessings upong Prophet Mohammad at start and the end of the
recitation and then do dham on water and drink it. By doing this your
memory will become stronger and anything you will hear will be
3. After each prayer keep your hand on your head and Recite - Ya

21 or 11 times.

Recite Ya Aleemo 21 times with Darood at start and at last

for 40-fourty days and do dham on water and drink that much
you can In sha Allah your memory will be lightened.
5. When it is season of carrots then eat on carrot daily. Just wash it
and eat it without peeling the skin off also every vegetable or
fruite which has Vitamin C have it with with skin on because by
peeling it off you can have more vitamins and it is useful. (Book
Grailu Ilaaj by Molana Ilyaas Qadri)
6. Put 7 Almonds and 21 pieces of Kishmish (Dry grapes) in water
and in the morning eat them with milk. Specially chew the
almonds well or mash them and eat them. If Allah wills the
headache will be gone and your memory will get stronger.
7. Before reading an Islamic subject read this prayer with Blessings
upon Prophet Mohammad at start and last.


For success in Exams you can also try the following Wazifa.

Before going for an Exam first send blessings upon Prophet
Mohammad and then Recite the following verse 7 Times
Sura Anfaal Verse 63:

Then recite the following 7 times.

At the end again send blessings upon Prophet Mohammad May
peace be upon him.