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Cloning Principle 1. Cloning is creating replica of your source instance (prod,..) to target (test,dev..

.) so that patch level & data in target instance is same as source instance. 2. Overview of cloning steps 2.1 Ensure you are autoconfig ena led on oth !pplication "ier & #ata ase tier ("his is for $apid Clone) 2.2 %aintain snapshot is e&ecuted at least once after any patches(tech stac') or data ase changes(adding new ta lespace) 2.( $un )reclone on #* "ier (on +ource ) 2., $un )reclone on !pps "ier (on +ource) 2.- Copy source instance file system to target instance 2.. $un postclone/config on #* "ier (on "arget 0nstance) 2.1 $un postclone/config on !pps "ier (on "arget 0nstance) 2.2 3pdate )rofile option (server, responsi ility, user level), )rinter, wor'flow config settings What changed in Rapid Clone from 11i to R12/12i 44444444444444444 1. script in 11i is in 5CO%%O67"O)/admin/scripts/5CO6"E8"76!%E where as same perl script in $12/12i is in 506+"7"O)/admin/scripts (0f you want to 'now more a outINSTANCE_T P in R12 or 12i clic! here ) 2. 9iles to copy, 0f target instance pre:e&ist 4In 11i you copy 5!));7"O), 5O!7<"%;, 5O!7=!>!, 5O!7=$E7"O), 5CO%%O67"O)/util, 5CO%%O67"O)/clone, 2?. & i!+ O$!C;E7<O%E, #ata ase O$!C;E7<O%E & #*7"O) 4In R12/12i you copy 5!));7"O), 5CO%%O67"O), 9orms & $eports O$!C;E7<O%E (1?.1.2), @e 0!+7O$!C;E7<O%E (1?.1.() , #ata ase O$!C;E7<O%E & #*7"O) (. Clone Configuration +cript on target instance ( in oth 11i & $12, 12i is in same location 5CO%%O67"O)/clone/ in) ,. "here is no change in clone script location at #ata ase "ier in 11i or $12/12i +o there is not much changed in cloning process as whole from Oracle !pplication 11i to $12/12i

Related "oc#ment 4444444: 2(?.12.1 Cloning Oracle !pplications $elease 11i with $apid Clone (%etalin' 6ote) ,?.A22.1 Cloning Oracle !pplications $elease 12 with $apid Clone (%etalin' 6ote)