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Dual Prep Lesson Plan Format

Based on Integrating Understanding By Design & Differentiated Instruction: Connecting Content and Kids Carol Ann Tomlinson & Jay McTighe, ASCD, 2006, and COE SPED De ar!men! "esson Plan #orma!

Teacher Candida!e $ame% Dere& Jones

Cohor! '% ()(

Today*s Da!e% ))+2,+20)2 Teaching Da!e% ))+2/+20)2 Men!or Teacher% Celes!e 3a!ayama

"esson Ti!le% $a!i-e American .is!roy% To!em Poles CCSS0s1% 2rade "e-el% )

Step 1Desired Results (what students will learn) A4 Brie# narra!i-e o-er-ie5 o# lesson6 s eci#y End7ring 8nders!andings and Essen!ial 97es!ions4

S!7den!s 5ill si! on #loor in reading area and :e as&ed i# !hey remem:er any!hing a:o7! !o!em ole #rom !he re-io7s lesson4 The !eacher reads or!ions o# , :oo&s er!aining !o !o!em oles and !he !ri:es !ha! crea!ed !hem4 S!7den!s 5ill learn a:o7! !he c7l!7ral signi#icance o# !o!em oles !o !hese $a!i-e American !ri:es and 5ha! !he oles 5ere made o#4 Be s7re !o engage s!7den!s in con-ersa!ion !o :e!!er !he 7nders!anding o# !he !o ic4 Proceeding !he reading 5ill :e a 5or&shee! 5i!h ; !o 6 <7es!ions #or !he s!7den!s !o #ill o7! 5i!h a small coloring or!ion #or 5hen !hey are #inished ans5ering !he <7es!ions4 End7ring 8nders!andings% 8nders!and !he signi#icance o# !o!em oles !o !he Paci#ic $or!h5es! $a!i-e American !ri:es 5ho :7il! !hem4

Essen!ial 97es!ions% =ha! signi#icance do !he !o!em oles ha-e in $a!i-e American c7l!7re> Did all $a!i-e American !ri:es ha-e !o!em oles>


S!andards% Benchmar& SS.1. .1 Per#ormance ?ndica!ors

Descri:e 5ays in 5hich o5n and o!her c7l!7res e@ ress c7l!7ral :elie#s and rac!ices !hro7gh s!ories and+or legends

S!andard Cultural Anthropology

C4 D4

2eneral "earner O7!come 02"O1% '( 97ali!y Prod7cer ?nTASC S!andard 0my #oc7s as a !eacher1% ', "earning En-ironmen!s% ,0d1 The !eacher manages !he learning en-ironmen! !o ac!i-ely and e<7i!a:ly engage learners :y organiAing, alloca!ing, and coordina!ing !he reso7rces o# !ime, s ace, and learners* a!!en!ion4

Step !Assessment "#iden$e (summati#e $he$% &or learning)

A4 Per#ormance Tas&0s1 0=ha! 5ill s!7den!s do !o demons!ra!e !heir learning>1 S!7den!s 5ill si! !hro7gh a #e5 readings a:o7! $a!i-e American c7l!7re, s eci#ically a:o7! Paci#ic $or!h5es! !ri:es 5ho :7il! !o!em oles4 S!7den!s 5ill :e as&ed !o re#lec! !hro7gho7! !he reading on 5ha! !hey are learning as 5ell as any <7es!ions !ha! may :e lingering4 A#!er5ard, s!7den!s 5ill ha-e a 5or&shee! !o #ill o7! er!aining !o !he lesson4 S!7den!s 5ill ha-e a 5ord :an& on !he :oard !o hel !hem !hro7gh !he assignmen!4 8 on com le!ion, s!7den!s 5ill color in !he ic!7re on !he assignmen!4

B41 Per#ormance Cri!eria 0How good is good enough? Em:ed chec&lis!s, r7:rics, and cri!eria41 Per&orman$e 'as%s Students will sit attenti#ely during presentation o& totem poles. A&terward* students will $omplete a small assignment pertaining to totem poles and $olor a pi$ture on the wor%sheet. Criteria ( All +uestions answered $orre$tly* with pi$ture $olored in. Criteria All +uestions answered $orre$tly* with 1 to ! mista%es and pi$ture $olored in Criteria ) ,ore than ! in$orre$t answers and in$omplete-partiall y $oloring

Step .A$ti#e Learning Plan (detailed enough &or another tea$her to &ollow) =ri!e a de!ailed se<7encing o# yo7r student/$entered lesson. If students with severe disabilities are included in the grou ! e"bed individuali#ed ob$ectives into the general rocedures and describe the individuali#ed ro" ting! correction! and reinforce"ent rocedures %see attached for"at&. Use active verbs! Write more about what the students will do! Pro$edures Attending Cue ) e4g4, .o5 5ill !ransi!ion #rom rior ac!i-i!y :e made> .o5 5ill s!7den!*s a!!en!ion :e ca !7red rior !o !he lesson> Anti$ipatory Set ) ?n!rod7ce desired res7l!s6 as& essen!ial <7es!ion6 connec! 5i!h s!7den! e@ erience4 ?s !his re-ie5 or ne5 in#o> .o5 does lesson lin& !o re-io7s learning> ?s reCassessmen! necessary> .o5 5ill lesson :e resen!ed> ,odeling ) =ha!+ho5 5ill yo7 model> .o5 5ill yo7 s7 or! s!7den!s !o ac!i-a!e !heir o5n !hin&ing> Teacher 5illB Teacher 5ill s7mmon s!7den!s !o !he car e! and si! in !heir lines4 =ill remind !hem o# !o!em ole ar!5or& and e@ lain !he rocess o# !he assignmen!4 =ill re-ie5 !o!em oles #rom las! 5ee&4 =ill read :oo&s on !o!em oles and as& <7es!ions !o ens7re engagemen!4 =ill ans5er <7es!ions !hey may ha-e a:o7! :oo&4 Then mo-e !o assignmen!4 ? 5ill model ic!7res o# !o!em oles4 =ill engage <7es!ioning4 O##er !ime !o e@ lain !heir animal o# choice on !o!em ole4 Students will 1e gi#en an assignment with 2 +uestions and a pi$ture to $olor. Assessment will 1e 1ased on $ompletion o& assignment and num1er $orre$t. 'ea$her will pass out assignment. Students will turn in assignment. Assignment will 1e graded a$$ording to the $riteria mar%ed 1elow. 'ea$her will wal% around and tal% to them a1out assignment. S!7den! 5illB S!7den!s 5ill si! in !heir lines and lis!en !o direc!ions4

S!7den!s 5ill engage in con-ersa!ion a:o7! ar! 5or& lesson rior !o s!ar!ing assignmen!

=ill a!!em ! !o ans5er my es!ering #or ar!ici a!ion4 Dollo5ing along reading

0uided Pra$ti$e E .o5 5ill s!7den!s rac!ice !he learning> .o5 5ill yo7 rom !> =ha! are yo7 doing #or #orma!i-e assessmen!> =ha! correc!i-e #eed:ac& 5ill yo7 ro-ide>

Students will $omplete assignment &illing in all 2 +uestions as well as $olor gi#en pi$ture.

3ndependent Pra$ti$e E .o5 5ill s!7den!s demons!ra!e a:ili!y !o er#orm s&ill inde enden!ly> Assessment "#iden$eC S7mma!i-eF.o5 5ill yo7 do !he s7mma!i-e assessmen! !o de!ermine !o 5ha! degree lesson and ?EP o:Gec!i-es ha-e :een accom lished> =ha! ar! o# !heir learning 5ill s!7den!s sel#Cassess> ClosureF.o5 5ill yo7 s7mmariAe !he lesson, incl7ding re-isi!ing !he End7ring 8nders!andings and Essen!ial 97es!ions> .o5 5ill yo7 connec! !his lesson !o #7!7re learning>

Student will $omplete gi#en assignment.

0en "d4 Di##eren!ia!ion Plan #or !he 2eneral Ed7ca!ion classroom, nonC?EP s!7den!s 0;0( Di##eren!ia!e !he learning
en-ironmen!, con!en!, rocess, or er#ormance !as& #or indi-id7als or small gro7 s 0e4g4, gi#!ed, E"" s!7den!s, reading gro7 s14

?den!i#y !he !y e o# need 0e4g4, E""s, gi#!ed

"is! !he !y e o# di##eren!ia!ion 0learning en-ironmen!, con!en!,

s!7den!s, reading needs, ;0( s!7den!s,

enrichmen!, and o!her lans #or indi-id7al s!7den! learning1

rocess, or er#ormance !as&1 and !ell ho5 yo7 5ill di##eren!ia!e 0e4g4 change sea!ing, gi-e a more ad-anced+sim ler reading assignmen!, e!c41

E""s SPED Accelera!ed "earners

$+A .el #rom EA $+A

A4 Ma!erials !o ha-e ready% Pencil, colored encil, crayon, a!!en!i-e a!!i!7de

B4 A

ro@ima!e !ime needed #or lesson% ) .o7r

C4 Heso7rces 05here ? go! my ideas1% My o5n idea4 Ma!erial #rom :oo&s% $or!h American ?ndian, The Ar! o# !he $or!h American ?ndian, & Scholas!ic Encyclo edia o# !he $or!h American ?ndian

Step 5Re&le$tion (re+uired) 3n your written re&le$tion* please respond to at least three o& the &i#e &a$ets (e.g.* lesson stru$ture* student intera$tion* et$.) o& your lesson (in$luding all o& the 1ulleted +uestions). 6"#eryone needs to in$lude 7Assessment8 as one o& the three &a$ets dis$ussed.


"ESSO$ STH8CT8HE% =ha! 5ere some s!reng!hs o# yo7r lesson> =ha! 5o7ld yo7 change> Did yo7r s!7den!s mee! !he S!andard+Benchmar& or ?EP o:Gec!i-e yo7 chose #or !he lesson> =hich di##eren!ia!ed ins!r7c!ional s!ra!egies and -aried modali!ies did yo7 7se> .o5 e##ec!i-e 5ere !hey> .o5 e##ec!i-e 5ere !he indi-id7al or gro7 ada !a!ions and+or modi#ica!ions yo7 ro-ided> 6ASS"SS,"9'4 =ha! e-idence can yo7 sho5 a:o7! yo7r s!7den!s* learning> 0?ncl7de s!7den! 5or& sam les41 Descri:e ho5 5ell aligned yo7r Assessmen! E-idence 5as in rela!ion !o !he Desired Hes7l!s 0End7ring 8nders!andings and Essen!ial 97es!ions14 Did !he Assessmen! yield !he da!a yo7 needed in order !o de!ermine ho5 5ell yo7r s!7den!s a!!ained !he Desired Hes7l!s> Descri:e !he Ine@! s!e * lesson !ha! yo7 designed #or yo7r s!7den!s !o #ollo5 7 on !his lesson4 =ha! e-idence did yo7 ga!her #rom !he assessmen! !ha! led yo7 !o design !his Ine@! s!e * lesson> .o5 did yo7 :7ild on !heir &no5ledge, s&ills, or dis osi!ions> =ha! modi#ica!ions did yo7 ma&e #or yo7r di-erse learners d7ring !he #irs! and second lessons> ST8DE$T ?$TEHACT?O$% .o5 5ell did yo7 rela!e !he lesson !o s!7den!s* &no5ledge, e@ eriences, and in!eres!s> =ere yo7 leased 5i!h s!7den! res onses> Did yo7 modi#y !he lesson according !o s!7den!s* res onses> .o5> Did yo7 address all s!7den!s e<7ally and incl7de each indi-id7al in disc7ssion+ans5ering <7es!ions>

BE.AJ?OH+MA$A2EME$T% .o5 5ell did yo7 manage classroom :eha-ior> =ha! !echni<7es 5or&ed :es! and 5ha! didn*!> =hy> =ha! o!her :eha-ioral !echni<7es co7ld yo7 ha-e 7sed> =ere !here o##C!as& :eha-iors> ?# yes, d7ring 5ha! or!ions o# class !ime 5ere s!7den!s* o##C!as&> =ha! did yo7 do !o engage o##C!as& s!7den!s> CO""ABOHAT?O$% .o5 did yo7 de-elo !his lesson> Did yo7 consider s!7den! in!eres!s> Did yo7 comm7nica!e and lan 5i!h yo7r Men!or Teacher or o!her ad7l!s #rom !he comm7ni!y 0school and+or larger comm7ni!y1> Did yo7 ha-e comm7ni!y mem:ers ar!ici a!e in !he lesson> ?# so, ho5>