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Build a City WebQuest - Research Worksheet

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Use a separate sheet of paper for your answers and attach it when you are finished. You may work with your partners but each person must turn in their own page of answers.
Vocabulary Write the definition and give an example for each term. 1. Transversal 2. Parallel Lines 3. Corresponding Angles 4. Vertical Angles 5. Alternate Interior Angles 6. Alternate Exterior Angles 7. Consecutive Interior Angles 8. Rectangular Prism 9. Cylindrical Prism 10.Cube 11.Skew Lines Nets Create a net for each of these 3-dimensional objects. 1. Rectangular Prism 2. Cylindrical Prism 3. Cube Angles Decide if the angles in each exercise are vertical, corresponding, alternate interior, alternate exterior, or consecutive interior. (Assume all horizontal lines are parallel.)
1. a 2. c 3. e