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My Memorable Journey To Korea
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Table of Contents
Greetings from Cyber Tour Guide
Part 1. Unforgettable Memories in Korea
- Finally, I could come to Korea where I love so much 4
- One of the most peaceful countries in the world 5
- My second home, such a friendly country! 6
- Have A Good Time - Try Korea! 8
Part 2. Korean Tour KeyWords
- Korea? Where is it located? 14
- Originality of Hangeul 16
- Regions 18
- Eastern Coast 20
- Anniversaries & Holidays 22
- National Parks 24
- Transportation 26
- Outstanding Korean Foods 28
- UNESCO World Heritages 30
- Recreation & Leisure activities 32
Part 3. Friendly Invitation Letter to Korea
- Friendly Invitation Letter to Korea 36
- Helpful information about Korea 38
- Useful Websites 39
Greetings from Cyber Tour Guides
Hello, my friends! This is Kim Daehan and Lee Narae from Korea. As Korean Cyber Tour Guides, we are very excited to
assist you and provide you with useful information about Korea via the internet to those of you who are interested in Korean
tours. Today, we want to share some interesting stories from some friends abroad who have visited Korea, as well as stories
from Michael & Jessica who are planning Korean tourism this year, which happens to be their first visit to Korea.
There are indeed lots of books and information about Korean tourism, however, most of overseas friends told us that it would
be more helpful if they have had chance to share their vivid stories to travelers or important facts about Korea before travelers
come to Korea. This book is composed of 3 major components; 1) Unforgettable Memories in Korea, 2) Korean Tourism
Key Words, and 3) A Friendly Invitational Letter to Korea. Stories in this book will give you a better idea of tour experiences
from these friends, some key facts about Korea & its culture from region to region throughout Korea as well as practical
information about transportation, Korean foods, etc., which will be very helpful to you in becoming more knowledgeable
about Korea, and make your trip more exciting. Those key facts are composed of Korean Tour Key words under KOREAN
TOUR. Each key word, for example T of Transportation, will give you basic but useful knowledge of Korea.
As you read the Korean tour stories from friends abroad, and follow those key words, you will discover the beauty of Korea
and an enjoyable Korean tour. Knowing basic key facts, the culture of Korea will make your trip more fruitful. We wish you
will have a great time enjoying these stories. Let's start the Korean Tour with your cyber guides now!
Kim Daehan & Lee Narae VANK Cyber Tour Guides
Publisher : VANK stands for "Voluntary Agency Network of Korea", a civilian international exchange
association in Korea. It was established in 1999, and now over 15,000 voluntary members are helping to
make more of an effort to bring Korea and the world closer together for a better understanding of each
other by providing Korean information and by serving as cyber tour guides to Korea. If you are interested in
Korea, VANK cyber tour guides will be a great chance to volunteer. They will be good friends not only
during your Korean tour but also for sincere friendships. Website:
Partner : As the best Korean travel website,, the official website of
the Korea National Tourism Organization, offers the most up-to-date and useful information for people
traveling and living in Korea. The site is operated in eight different languages- English, Japanese, Chinese
(Complex and Simplified), French, German, Russian, and Spanish. Website:
My Memorable Journey To Korea
01Unforgettable Memories in Korea 05
My Memorable Journey To Korea
Unforgettable Memories in Korea 01 04
Korea is One of the Most Peaceful
Countries in the World
Hello! I am a member of "Friends of Korea Club." My name is Kwame Amponsah. I come from a beautiful
country in West Africa called Ghana. It was called "Gold Coast" before its independence on March 6, 1957.
Why, you ask? It's because explorers who came there found a lot of gold, which later became its name. My
occupation is teaching, but right now, I am doing a graduate course in Seoul Sam Yook University.
I first met Koreans when I was in the Philippines in 1996. There, I had many Korean friends who were very nice
to me. Because of their kindness, I began to like Koreans. My Korean friends in the Philippines took me to
entertaining places, which we enjoyed together. I got the impression that Koreans like amusement, which is
really good.
My first visit to Korea was in 1998, but I stayed for just a short time. My second visit was in 2001. I've been in
Korea since January 2001. In fact, in my country, Ghana, we don't know much about Koreans. We started to
know more about Koreans a couple of years ago. What we know is that Koreans are very family oriented. We
also know that it is difficult to make friends with Koreans, because they don't like to associate with foreigners.
But since I came to Korea for the past two years, I have found that most Koreans are very nice and friendly. I
have many Korean friends, both men and women. The one thing I like most about Korea is that the crime rate
here is very low compared with other countries in the world. I can say that Korea is one of the most peaceful
countries in the world. I like almost all Korean foods. My favorite Korean food is Bibimbap (steamed rice with
assorted beef and vegetables).
However, there was a funny thing that happened to me here in Korea was when I first ate "Tteokbogi"(a broiled
dish of sliced rice cake, meat, eggs, and seasoning.). I went with my Korean friends to one restaurant and they
ordered this dish and they didn't tell me that it was very hot and spicy. So when I ate it, I started crying like a
baby! Tears were running like a river from my eyes and nose! Since that day, I always want to eat this food
because I like it, even though it is hot and spicy! Experience it, and you will miss all sorts of delicious Korean
foods if you don't at least try!
Kwame Amponsah (Ghana)
Finally, I could come to
Korea, the country I love so much
Annyeong Haseyo! My name is Olivier, I live in Paris, France. I'm passionate about Korea after
visiting in the summer of 2000. My interest in Korea began a few years ago when I had to do some
research about this country in order to write an article for a game. I started to search under some
economical and cultural information, but I quickly extended my search to many different areas. For
example, I started to read each day the Korean news in French.
It's only after some months that I realized I fell in love with Korea. Then I started to listen to Korean
music. Some months later I began to talk with Koreans thanks to VANK. Then I discovered other
artists that I like very much such as Seo Tai-ji, Crying nut, Cherry filter and my most favorite:
Jaurim. Now, I saw many Korean movies, I listen almost only to Korean music, I have some Korean
friends, and I'm always interested in learning more about Korean culture. This list shows only some
of my interest in Korea. It's hard to say exactly why I love Korea but I can say for sure that I love it
very much. After earning enough money from some summer jobs, I managed to come to Korea in
August 2004. It was really amazing. I read so many things about Korea from books to the internet,
as well as just from friends who I saw Seoul. On one hand, I was disoriented because it's a foreign
country for me but on the other hand, I had the strange feeling of familiarity, so it was very good. ^^
One of my unforgettable memories when I was in Korea took place on August 10th. It was the day
of the ETP Fest (Eerie.. Ta[j] People Fest). I was there and it was really amazing. I remember this
day very well; I arrived at 2:00 pm at Jamsil Stadium. I remember the long queue to buy an ETP
Fest T-shirt. While I waited in line, I was filmed by the Staff . When it was about 4:30 pm, some
people went inside a little stadium to wait before we are able to enter the concert area. There, I
remember a Korean person came up to me with a digital camera. Initially, I thought he wanted me
to take a photo of him but in fact, he asked me to be in a photo with him! I was really surprised!
(And during my travel, around 5 or 6 Koreans asked me to take a photo with them at different
places, which was very strange for me). While waiting in line, I also met two Koreans who studied
in Boston, we talked about music and other various things. Then we entered the Stadium and
listened to the concert for 4 or 5 hours. It was so good! I saw Pia and Seo Tai-ji with my own eyes
and it was a crazy evening. Finally, when I took the subway after the concert, I was really tired but
so happy. I wish I could share my experience in length, but I strongly recommend you to come
Korea, and feel what Korea is really like! You will never forget it!
Thieffine Olivier, student (France)
My Memorable Journey To Korea
01Unforgettable Memories in Korea 07
My Memorable Journey To Korea
Unforgettable Memories in Korea 01 06
I have already been
to Korea twice. The
last time I was here
was in the summer
so I have a lot of
funny and
stories related with
Korea and Seoul
How to have a Cyber Tour Guide?
Cyber Tour Guides are waiting for you! Did you have fun sharing your experiences
with friends? Cyber Tour Guides will show you what Korea is like more than any other
book or information. Take the opportunity of having a Cyber Tour Guide, and enjoy
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who went this summer to Seoul. I stayed with my two female friends at our friends' house who rented out one
room for us. The first day he prepared dinner for us, taking good care of us all the time. We were having a great
time with all our friends in the evenings in Sinchon. ^^ We were about to stay there for a month but after one
week , a huge problem occurred.
I couldn't sleep for two nights because of my toothache! The pain was excruciating. In the middle of the night,
around 3 a.m. my friend took me to the Severance Hospital, because we were living near Yonsei University, but
the doctor there couldn't do more than give me an injection to alleviate the pain. So in the morning I had to find
a dental clinic very quickly! The pain was so strong that even my head was in extreme pain and I was crying by
this time. We finally went to the clinic, which was near where I was staying, and the doctor examined me. From
that day I had to visit the clinic every other day because the problem with my tooth was very serious and we had
to finish the treatment before I get on the plane back to Poland. When I heard about the cost of the treatment, I
was in a shock! I couldn't understand why was it so expensive! But I didn't have any choice. The doctors took
really good care of me, although we couldn't communicate at times. And at the end, the doctor, knowing that I
was a student who just wanted to enjoy the trip to Korea, gave me a big discount.
That was really great for me, because I hadn't anticipated on having any dental
treatment while I was in Korea. It happened so suddenly that I was
surprised by her the way she acted -in a very positive way ^^ so before
going back home I bought her some flowers, gave her Polish postcard,
and a small bottle of Polish alcohol, which I brought to Korea as a
souvenir to give to my friends. She didn't expect that and she was
very happy ^^ so that was when I began to think Korea was a
friendly country.
Magdalena Kwiatkowska
Poland (University Student)
Korea, my second home
and a friendly country!
Hi everybody, I'm very pleased to introduce myself to you. My name is
Madzia, I live in Warsaw (Poland) and I'm studying here Korean language,
history, culture and literature. The main reason why I'm interested in Korea
is my love for foreign languages. ^^ When I was applying for Korean
studies, I thought that it would be fantastic to learn something new,
something that wouldn't be similar to anything else I've learned before. So
I chose Korean! ^^ As time passed and as I was learning the language, I
started to meet Koreans and came to know more about Korean culture. I
realized that it's really interesting! So different from the traditions and
customs that we have in Europe.
My favorite things about Korea are: Samulnori (the Korean traditional
percussion quartet), Korean dance, music and movies. And of course, the
language itself! I've been playing the Korean drum called the Janggo for 3
years. And from next week I'm going to start Korean dance classes too. I
can't wait to try it. ^^ My team and I, which is called in Korean "Nabi"
already had many performances in Poland. Usually at the Korean Embassy
or for some kind of Korean events here, such as Ssang Yong, a Korean car
company in Poland this October.
My team "Nabi" has given many performances in Poland
I have already been to Korea twice. The last time I was here was in the
summer so I have a lot of funny and unforgettable stories related with
Korea and Seoul especially. The first Koreans that I've met were of course
my teachers here in Warsaw and Korean volunteers who came to Warsaw
over two years ago for a conference. That was the time when I've met my
closest Korean friend -Moo Jin. He's two years older than me but since that
time we are trying to keep in touch as much as possible. The year after the
conference I went to Korea but unfortunately I was there for only one
week so we couldn't meet, but a few months later he came to Poland and
stayed at my place for a few days. And this summer we've met in Korea. I
had a great time with him and his friends. The thing that makes me laugh
when I'm in Korea is the fact that when a Korean hears that I can speak
Korean or that I've learned how to play the Samulnori, he's always so
excited! ^^ That is so sweet!
However, there is one story that is worth mentioning. This summer when
I went to Korea I was about to search for materials for my master's thesis
together with my friends. There were altogether 9 people from Warsaw
My Memorable Journey To Korea
01Unforgettable memories in Korea 09
My Memorable Journey To Korea
Unforgettable memories in Korea 01 08
Have A Good Time -
Try Korea!
Traveling in Korea
- Recommendations and Advices to Have A Good Time!
The best way to experience that beautiful country is just to: 'Pack your suitcase', 'Take your baggage'
and 'Fly to Korea!' Make your own experience and be fascinated of an old & very young culture.
I have been to Korea 7 times, and I made experiences of about 15,000 kilometers in general by
traveling through the country. I made group tour by bus, tour with a German friend of mine who also
had much experiences in Korean life - his wife is Korean. My last experience was by going
completely alone: by train, by foot, by car and taxi.
Now I can recommend to everyone who wants to make experience of authentic life in Korea: "Go on
an individual tour through the country!" If you can speak English, it is really no problem! Do not
hesitate. In the cities you can find many younger people speaking English fluently. In little villages
sometimes it may be a problem, but in my point of view, it's no real problem because some ways of
communication are always possible! I have been in a farmer's house near Namwon city a few years
ago - the people didn't speak English, and I did not speak Korean - but I had 2 wonderful days, and we
all had a lot of fun
Leave your personal "Glasses of View" at Home!
Another recommendation I would like to make is to leave your personal "Glasses of View" at home!
If you go to another country just to look what is better or worse than staying at home, I say: "Just stay
at home!" Other places are not better or worse than home, they are just different! Be open to new
cultures and ways of life. See what people do, and how they live. Don't compare it, just be
curious for new. Stay together with the people all day. And try to understand other cultures
and their point of view.
Today, from my practices, I can compare the different ways of traveling through Korea:
Going in a group may be good for a 1st contact to Korea. If you fear the contact due to
insufficient knowledge of Korean culture and traditions, it is not a bad idea to go by a
guided bus tour. Also you can share your experience with other travelers from your
country. But if you decide to go alone, it is also a good way - and that is my 2nd
recommendation - to make always "minbak (home stay)". Staying in a family house
brings you interesting "inner sights" of Korean culture. Minbak is very good experience because you
can make friends and you can be a "part of the family" for a limited time. You will have a feeling to be
integrated and not to be a lonely foreigner in a hotel with hundreds of other lonely foreigners.
That can be very boring!
Traveling with friend is also a good idea. Stay in a " yeogwan (an inn)" - that is an authentic small
Korean guesthouse which is always clean even they are really cheap! No luxury, maybe no western
bed - but believe me: you will survive! Koreans still sleep well and stay alive over 5,000 years with
that "ondol bang" sleeping practice. If you once try it - you will like it. Or - if you and your friend both
make minbak in different families, you can also compare the living style in Korea which is varying
from modern western style to very traditional. That is also amazing - a modern and traditional style
live peaceful together.
So less time and so many amazing places?
Out of my experiences, I must say: when traveling individually, try to have courage for a gap. You
cannot see all, but if you plan well, you can see much! My recommendation is: stay in Seoul, leave the
big luggage there, and go with a small bag for one or two day trip into the country! Many
interesting places are also in the surrounding area of Seoul in the Gyeonggi-do
province. You can find wonderful temples, picturesque art from former ages
and many beautiful handcraft factories, e.g. the pottery village of Icheon
(don't mix up with the city Incheon which sounds similar).
To stay mainly in Seoul is maybe an uncommon advice, because
many people think Seoul is a big ocean of skyscrapers and
houses and shopping malls, overcrowded by millions of people
and filled up with a 24 hours traffic jam, but I cannot agree:
Seoul is a mega city and has so much more! There are so
many greens in the palace gardens, in the public parks, and if
you see and look around with open eyes, you will find lots of
plants everywhere at every edge in the city. Look at Nam-
mountain which is located in the middle of the heart of the
city, or at Olympic park at the South-East: so much greens
and relaxing zones and places with beautiful sight,
Thomas Schneider
My Memorable Journey To Korea
01Unforgettable Memories in Korea 11
My Memorable Journey To Korea
Unforgettable Memories in Korea 01 10
especially in the afternoon. I walked many kilometers along the Han river bank, and you can take a
ferry or a little tour ship also at Yeouido island.
Cheonggyecheon stream, connecting generations!
Or make a walk along the Cheonggyecheon stream. I explored the new attraction when it was opened
in October 2005, it was so wonderful. Because Seoul is a city which is very dynamic you see many
older people who do not like the hectic busy day, they prefer staying in the smooth parks, and the
young ones in the city do shopping and business. But at Cheonggyecheon stream you can find old and
young: Grandpa and Grandma together with grandchildren. So this little blue ribbon does not only
connect the east and the west of "downtown" Seoul, it also connects the Generations!
I also have been to Bukhansan mountain in the north of Seoul where sophisticated climbing is possible
also as hiking with friends. Or if you have less time you can stay in Seoul, go by Metro Line Number
two next to and by foot up to Achasan mountain in the early morning, and see the sunrise in the
morning dew, and realize why Korea is still - for true - called "The Land of the Morning Calm". Later
you may dip into the shopping experience of Myeong-dong, Gangnam area or Coex mall, or visit
museums, theatres, galleries. Look for wonderful Korean handcraft at Insa-dong, which is so far away
from any mass production and you will never miss Itaewon, which is mostly a tourist shopping and at-
night-party-zone. In my deepest opinion there is no other place in Korea then in Seoul where you can
change the dynamic and progressive feeling of a pulsing metropole in a few minutes to absolutely
silence in a temple or secret garden, just amazing!
I always traveled a lot around: and that's easy because Korea has a very well developed domestic
Airline, Bus and Railroad system that bring you quick and comfortable to every place. I prefer the new
High Speed train 'KTX' which makes it possible to go to Busan in the early morning and back to Seoul
in the evening! So you can see the landscape changing from northern Gyeonggi-do territories up to
Busan and then discover a completely different scene. I also managed to go with the "intercity" train
called Saemaeul to Jeonju for a day trip to visit the famous old Hanok village there.
But also stopover visitors can see Hanok houses directly in Seoul: I’m not talking about Namsangol
Hanok Village which is a performance museum located at Nam-mountain, I’m talking about actual
living and pulsing life in the area called Bukchon, the northern Part of Seoul next to Changdeokgung
Palace! It is a very special place where old architecture meet new one.
All in all I recommend for individuals coming to Korea, make experience that way: stay in Seoul,
travel on with some day tours and then always come back to Seoul. Its comfortable, and very varying
form of travel in Korea. Do it like I did: visit Dynamic Korea and try the taste of this extraordinary
country, where the Old is Young and the Young is amazing.
Thomas, from Germany
As a member of the "German Korean Friendship Association", as the publisher of the
"Koreainfoletter" which is a very successful German Email-newsletter about Korea, and also as the
founder of the German Korean Friendship Webring, Thomas Schneider has made several photo
presentations & lectures which reflected his enthusiasm and concerns about Korea. He already put his
steps on the soil of Korea 7 times, and his reports were introduced in several German magazines. All
of his activities are non-commercial, and he started those activities to bring the knowledge of Korean
culture to Germany. Recently, he has finished a German E-Book Travel Guide about Korea. Now he
lives in city Freiburg, Black Forest region, Germany.
Personal Website:
You cannot see all, but if you plan well, you can see
much! My recommendation is: stay in Seoul, leave the
big luggage there, and go with a small bag for one or
two day trip into the country!
Korean Tour
Keywords at
a Glance
My Memorable Journey To Korea
02 Korean Tour KeyWords 13
My Memorable Journey To Korea
Korean Tour KeyWords 02 12
Keywords - Korean Tour
The location of Korea is still vague to many friends abroad.
Let's look at the world map, and find where Korea is located!
Koreans have their own language & alphabet (Hangeul). So if
you have basic knowledge of Hangeul , your trip will be more
Korea is composed of major provinces (do), and this story will
give you basic knowledge of Korean administrative units.
Korea is surrounded by seas on three sides; east (East Sea),
west (West Sea), and south (South Sea). Among them, eastern
coast is famous for its beautiful beaches and islands.
Let's find out the major anniversaries & holidays in Korea.
There are 20 national parks in Korea that have been attractive
to those who fall in love with the natural beauty of Korea.
If you have basic idea of transportation in Korea, your tour will
be more convenient and fun. Let's take a look at it!
Korean foods are considered "Healthy Food", and loved by
many overseas friends nowadays. You will learn about the
major Korean foods from this story.
If you are interested in culture or history, this part will be
helpful which tells you UNESCO World Heritages in Korea.
Let's find out what recreational & leisure activities Koreans do.
Where is it located?
Originality of Hangeul
Eastern Coast
Anniversaries & Holidays
National Parks
Outstanding Korean
UNESCO World Heritages
Recreation &
Leisure activities
Why "KOREAN TOUR"? We chose “KOREAN TOUR” as a key word to let others know about Korean
tourism & culture. Unlike other books which had only facts about Korean tourism, this book will bring you closer to
Korea with a series of short stories followed by some key words, which gives you basic but helpful information.
Wow, I didn’t know that Korea was located in northeast Asia.
I thought it was somewhere in Africa or in Europe. Even
though I heard many times about Korea, I really didn’t bother
to find out the location of Korea. I feel so ashamed to admit
that I was ignorant of Korea until recently. I have come to
learn that Korean people had their own language and writing
system called “Hangeul”. If I didn’t have a Korean friend, I
would not have known about Korea at all!
I understand, Michael. Most friends from abroad don’t know
about Korea very well. The only thing they hear about Korea
is from news such as violent crimes, corruption, or accidents.
It happens in all countries, but the main reason that most of
them don’t know about Korea is that Korea is a small country
compared to other countries and do not have much
opportunity to learn about Korea nor is tourism information
widely available. As you learn more about Korea and meet
more Koreans, you will discover the beauty of Korea and the
friendliness of Korean people.
Thank you for understanding me. I agree with your point that
many foreigners don’t have enough opportunities to get to
know about Korea. I hope that this will be a great chance to
discover the delightful aspects of Korea. Now, I am proud to
say that I know the location of Korea as well as some basic
facts about Korea. But I have a curious question about
Hangeul. I thought Koreans used mostly Chinese characters,
no? It also surprises me that Hangeul is registered with
UNESCO. Can you tell me more about this story?
Ok. I’ll tell you more about it. Please look at the next page.
Useful Websites : The official website of the Korean Government
Travel Tips
If you bring ‘Dollar’ or ‘Euro’, you may face some
difficulties, keep in mind that daily currency is ‘Korean
won’, but you can exchange it at most banks if not all.
My Memorable Journey To Korea
02 Korean Tour KeyWords 15
My Memorable Journey To Korea
Korean Tour KeyWords 02 14
Korea at a Glance
_Official Name:Republic of Korea
_Population:48,290,000 (2005)
_Capital city:Seoul
_Currency:Korean won
_Climate:4 distinct seasons
Korean National Flag
Have you heard of the ‘1988 Seoul
Olympic Game’ or the ‘2002 World Cup’?
You may answer, “Yes”. Well, do you know
where Korea is located? Even though
many friends from abroad are aware of
the Olympic games or World Cup games,
most of them don’t know where those big
world events were held. It is partly
because that Korean is not a big country
that you can easily find on the map.
Most travelers who had unforgettable
experiences in Korea tell us that they
didn’t know Korea was such a charming
place. Let’s explore Korea with two of our
Korean friends “Kim Daehan” and “Lee
Narae” who are today’s Cyber Tour Guides
for “Michael” and “Jessica” who are
thinking of traveling to Korea this year.
Are you ready to feel the beauty of Korea?
Where is it
Located in Northeast Asia
Korea Connects Eastern
Continents and Seas

The Location of Korea
My Memorable Journey To Korea
02 Korean Tour KeyWords 17
My Memorable Journey To Korea
Korean Tour KeyWords 02 16
Korean people have their own language
and unique Korean alphabet system called
Hangeul. Hangeul is considered to be one
of the most efficient alphabets in the
world, and it is also praised from many
language scholars for its scientific design,
and simplicity. It was created by King
Sejong the Great (the 4th King of the
Joseon Dynasty) in 1443. The first Korean
alphabet was referredtoas “Hunminjeongeum”
in 1446, which means “Proper Sounds to
Instruct the People”. So “Hunminjeongeum”
was the original name of the Korean
alphabet, which was renamed Hangeul in
the 20th century.
Why did King Sejong the Great invent
Before its creation, Korean people had been using Chinese characters to express their thoughts but it could not fully express the
words and meanings of Korean thoughts. Moreover common people had no way to express their thoughts and feelings because
of the difficulty of Chinese characters. King Sejong felt great sympathy for the people, and that’s why “Hunminjeongeum” was
created. When it was first created, it had 28 letters in all, of which only 24 letters are used today. Koreans celebrate October 9th
as Hangeul Day to commemorate the invention of the writing system.
(¿¸J) +(n) +(u¸¡) +(¡¸J)
+(n) ¬(I¸n) ·(·) <(n¿)
×(]) >(rJ) =(J) ÷(¡)
·(n) ×(J)
·(n) ·(yn) ¹(ro) ¹(yro)
·(o) ¬(yo) -(n) -(yn)
.(rn) ¹())
In 1997, “Hunminjeongeum” was registered as the ‘Memory
of the World’ by UNESCO. There is also a prize called “King
Sejong Literacy Prize”, which is given annually to a country or
an organization for its efforts for outstanding and meritorious
achievement in contributing to the fight for literacy.
I read a news article that described Hangeul as one of the
easiest alphabets to learn in the world.
Yes, right. Hangeul is very famous for its simplicity. The
reason that the illiteracy rate of Koreans is extremely low is
that they use Hangeul, a simple alphabetic system. Some
scholars called it “Morning letters” because it could be learned
in one morning. It is not surprising for a foreigner to gain a
basic knowledge of Hangeul only after one or two hours of
intensive studying.
Wow, that’s so interesting! I’d better start learning Hangeul
before I go to Korea! ¸ |¸ |
Good luck! It will be very helpful if you learn some Korean
starting with the alphabet before coming.
24 letters of Korean alphabet
Made up of 14 Consonants Made up of 10 Vowels
Useful Websites
Daily Korean Expressions
Learn daily useful Korean Expressions!
Digital Hangeul (Korean) Museum
Provide digitalized Hangeul contents & its cultural
KBS WORLD “Let’s Learn Korea”
Gives you an online lecture of Korean language
Travel Tips
Koreans are learning more foreign languages,
especially English. However, if you learn some key
expressions of Korean language or basic Hangeul, and
use it when you talk to Koreans, you will be more kindly
and hospitably treated wherever you go.
of Hangeul

Unique, Scientific, and Simple
My Memorable Journey To Korea
02 Korean Tour KeyWords 19
My Memorable Journey To Korea
Korean Tour KeyWords 02 18
Seoul Metropolitan City
Seoul, the capital city, is the heart of Korea’s culture,
education, politics & economics.
Gyeonggi-do & Tourist Attractions
Gyeonggi-do has a variety of traditional culture
places; Hwasong Fortress (Suwon), Korean Folk
Village (Yongin) and ceramics (Icheon). Everland
(amusement park) is a good choice for excitement.
Gangwon-do & Tourist Attractions
Gangwon-do is full of natural attractions (Mt.
Seorak-san), fine beaches and clean coastlines.
Countless ski resorts attract many tourists due to
the heavy snowfall in the winter on the mountains.
Chungcheong-do & Tourist Attractions
Chungcheong-do possesses relics from the
ancient Kingdom Baekje, The Independence Hall
of Korea (Cheonan), and natural tourist spots (Mt.
Songnisan). The hot springs in this area are also
worthy to visit.
Jeolla-do & Tourist Attractions
Jeolla-do has a bunch of cultural heritages,
historical sites, and beautiful coastlines with
islands; dolmen sites (Gochang), the home of
Pansori (traditional Korean opera, Namwon city).
It is also famous for its scrumptious & healthy
Gyeongsang-do & Tourist Attractions
Gyeongsang-do is the home of the ancient
kingdom ‘Silla’ and ‘Gaya’. Gyeongju (the capital
of the Silla), Andong Hahoe Village, and Haeinsa
Temple are the most celebrated tourist
Jeju-do & Tourist Attractions
Jeju-do, the premier tourist destination because of
its stunning natural scenery (Mt. Halla-san,
beaches, waterfalls, cliffs, and caves) and
superior tourist amenities, is recognized as an
ideal resort. The Jungmun Tourist Complex is
worth visiting.
Every Korean Region
Has its Own Natural Beauty & Cultural Relics

There are three administrative units (tiers) in South Korea: seven
metropolitan cities such as Seoul or Busan and nine provinces (do),
cities (si) and counties (gun), and dong in cities and ri in provinces, the
lowest units.
Korea is also surrounded by seas on all three sides - the East Sea, the
West Sea and the South Sea. Mountain ranges have been traditionally the
natural boundaries between the regions. Because of infrequent contact
between regions, there still exist differences in dialects, customs, and
It means that there is a lot of diversity in each region, doesn’t it? Cool!
That’s good information to know before I arrange my travel plans! Well,
where do I start first?
There are three
units (tiers) in
South Korea
Korean Regions
Region Website
Useful Websites
Provide local tourist information with useful details about Korean
Travel Tips
Arranging travel theme packages based on regional foods, cultural
& historic sites or resorts is one of the wisest ways, because there
are so many attractions in every region.
Regions of Korea
Korean History
(Time Table)
ILk-Hc CILnccI=cnc
F/9T 9F/
>2333 - 108 B.C.
>37 B.C. - A.D. 668
>18 B.C. - A.D. 660
>57 B.C. - A.D. 935
>100 - 1 B.C. - A.D. 562
>698 ~ 926
07_Goryeo Dynasty
>918 ~ 1392
08_Joseon Dynasty
>1392 ~ 1910
09_Japanese Occupation
>1910 ~ 1945
10_Republic of Korea
>1945 ~ Present
My Memorable Journey To Korea
02 Korean Tour KeyWords 21
My Memorable Journey To Korea
Korean Tour KeyWords 02 20
Special Photo Gallery of
Ulleungdo island
Hey, Jessica! Where do
you want to go first
when you come to
Of course, the beach!
I really love summer
because I like
swimming and
sunbathing. Which
place is good for that in
I recommend you to go
to the east coast. There
are lots of beautiful
beaches and bathing
resorts, that`s why
many Koreans go to the
east coast when they
have summer vacation.
Compared to the other
two seas in Korea, the
East Sea is so pure and
blue. The clear blue
color of the East Sea
has been loved by many
Koreans, especially by
young couples.
Yes, I remembered that
I had a wonderful time
with my friends while
having summer
vacation there. I loved
the sea, and both the
sunrise and sunset were
so beautiful. I could
understand why so
many people went to
the east coast before
dawn on New Year’s
I can imagine how
beautiful it is!
That's not all, Michael.
There are also two
beautiful islands on the
East Sea; Ulleungdo
island and Dokdo
Oh, I heard those names
before. Is it true that
people can travel to
Dokdo? Which
province does
Ulleungdo and Dokdo
belong to?
Yes, you can go to
Dokdo at any time via
Ulleungdo island, and
those two islands
belong to
Gyeongsangbuk-do. I
had a chance to explore
the islands of Ulleungdo
& Dokdo last year with
my friends. It was
fantastic! The
landscapes and foods
were really
unforgettable. Even
though I had a headache
from seasickness, it was
worth traveling to. If
you have in mind a
place you want to visit,
I strongly suggest
taking some anti-
seasickness pills before
you get on the boat.
The Best Tourist Coast For Summer Lovers!

ast Coast
Beautiful houses facing East Sea A natural made tunnel
Poles that are used to dry squids Squid boats in Jeodong port
Dongdongju (unrefined rice alcohol) Tumakjip, a traditional house of Ulleungdo
Useful Websites Ulleung-gun (The official website of Ulleung-gun)
Cyber Dokdo (Guide to Dokdo Island)
Travel Tips
Three Things Most Recognized and Five Things with the Most Quantity of Ulleungdo
- Three Things Most Well-Known for in Ulleungdo: thieves, pollution, and snakes
- FiveThingsthat Ulleungdohasalot of: aromatictrees, winds, beautiful women, water andthestones Dokdo
My Memorable Journey To Korea
02 Korean Tour KeyWords 23
Seollal and Chuseok are the two
biggest holidays in Korea. Koreans
celebrate Seollal which is Lunar New
Year’s Day than New Year’s Day
(January 1
). Most Koreans go to
their hometowns to see their family
in Seollal and Chuseok. This is why
a bunch of cars are stuck in traffic on
every highway just like a parking lot
especially during those holidays.
I saw that scene on the TV news.
Now, I can understand why it
happened. What do they usually do
on this holiday? Are there any
traditional games or do they have
any special events?
Yes, putting on Hanbok (Korean
traditional costume), Koreans have
ancestor-memorial services and go
to their ancestor’s graves, and they
play traditional games with family, for
example; playing Yut, a traditional
four-stick game, Neolttwigi
(Korean seesaw) and kite flying.
I had a chance to play that game
with my Korean friends last year. It
seemed a very simple game, and it
was really fun! I think that is a great
game to play with family. It is
“Yunnori” in Korean, right?
Yes, that’s what it’s called, 4 Yuts
(sticks) are used. Upper side of Yut
is round with a dark color and the
bottom side is flat with lighter
color. You throw them up in the air,
then figure out which side is up or
down and move your piece until
reaching the goal (the starting
point). Usually 5 pieces are used in
one game.
You can move your pieces by
stacking them on top of each other;
this way it can be easier to win but
just the same, easier to lose them all
at once. Since it is possible to chase
the other player’s pieces, and land
on them. If this happens, the losers
should start from the beginning but
the player who landed on them can
get one more chance at throwing
the Yut sticks! So it is very
important how to control the
movement of the pieces.
Thanks for your kind explanation.
How about playing “Yunnori”
tonight? I think I can be better now!
1/1 New Year's Day The first day of the new Year
Seollal (lunar calendar) The first day of the first month by the lunar calendar, Seollal is one of the biggest
traditional holidays along with Chuseok. Koreans eat Tteokguk (rice-cake soup) on
3/1 Independence It is the anniversary of the Independence Movement of March 1st against Japanese
occupational rule in 1919.
5/5 Children's Day A day celebrating children.
Buddha's Birthday The eighth day of the fourth month by the lunar calendar. Solemn rituals are held at
Buddhist temples. The climax of the holiday is a lantern parade in downtown Seoul.
6/6 Memorial Day People commemorate those who sacrificed their lives for the country and in many
places as well as at the National Cemetery memorial services are held.
7/17 Constitution Day Constitution Day commemorates the promulgation of the Republic of Korea's
Constitution in 1948.
8/15 Liberation Day August 15th in 1945, Korea was liberated from Japan's 35-year-long occupation. The
day also marks the establishment of the government of the Republic of Korea in 1948.
Chuseok Chuseok is the 15th day of the eighth month by the lunar calendar. It is one of the
biggest holidays of the year. Families hold memorial services at home or at family
graves. Koreans view the full moon and make a wish on Chuseok.
10/3 National Foundation Day This day commemorates the founding of the first nation of Korea by Dangun in 2333
12/25 Christmas Both Christians and non-Christians celebrate this day as in the West.
Major Holidays in Korea
Date Holiday Details
Movement Day
(Thanks giving Day
by the lunar calendar)
& Holidays
Korean Holidays,
A Balance of Tradition & Modernity

My Memorable Journey To Korea
Korean Tour KeyWords 02 22
Useful Websites
Yonhap News Korean Festivals
Easy & well-organized information on
Korean Festivals
Travel Tips
If you want to see and experience
Korean traditional plays, visit “The
Korean Folk Village.” 4
Yut playing, a traditional four-stick game
My Memorable Journey To Korea
02 Korean Tour KeyWords 25
My Memorable Journey To Korea
Korean Tour KeyWords 02 24
As Korean movies and TV dramas are introduced
to many countries nowadays, foreigners are be
coming interested in the natural beauty of Korea.
Some friends told me that they didn't know that
Korea had such splendid sceneries. Which places
are famous for its natural beauty in Korea?
Korea has designated National Parks for the
preservation of natural environment and beauty as
well as to promote public health, leisure, and
recreation. Most Korean National Parks are
mountains, but coasts are also included because
Korea is surrounded by seas.
If you like mountain climbing, Korean mountains
will be wonderful challenges. Most mountains are
not too high, easy to climb, and there are many
cultural & historical places in the mountains such
as Buddhist temples, sites of Three Kingdom
period. As Korea has four distinct seasons, each
season has very different attractions to see.
I see. Four distinct season sounds so nice,
especially for those who are living in the country
that has only one or two seasons. Though it rains
much in the monsoon season, Korea’s climate or
natural beauty is quite attractive. I wish they
would keep the beauty cleaner for the next
National Parks of Korea
1 Jirisan Jeollanam-do, Jeollabuk-do, Gyeongsangnam-do Considered a harmonious Mountain
2 Gyeongju Gyeongsangbuk-do Preserves the cultural sites of Silla.
3 Gyeryongsan Chungcheongnam-do Most scenic mountain in Chungcheongnam-do.
4 Jeollanam-do, Gyeongsangnam-do First maritime national park.
5 Seoraksan Gangwon-do Known for its beauty, profound sea, spring water, and ski resorts.
6 Songnisan Chungcheongbuk-do, Gyeongsangbuk-do The mountain presents a superb view of eight peaks.
7 Hallasan Jeju-do Mt. Hallasan is famous for its vertical ecosystem of plants.
8 Naejangsan Jeollanam-do, Jeollabuk-do Known for its beauty in the fall.
9 Gayasan Gyeongsangnam-do, Gyeongsangbuk-do Famous for its historical sites (Haeinsa, Temple) and scenic landscapes.
10 Deogyusan Jeollabuk-do, Gyeongsangnam-do The name of Deogyusan means virtuous and generous mountain.
11 Odaesan Gangwon-do A cradle of Buddhist culture & temples
12 Juwangsan Gyeongsangbuk-do Rocky peaks and scenic valleys
13 Chungcheongnam-do Offers dramatic coastal scenery of beaches.
14 Jeollanam-do The largest national park dotted with 1,596 small and large islands
15 Bukhansan Seoul, Gyeonggi-do Large granite rocks
16 Chiaksan Gangwon-do Natural beauty and temples
17 Woraksan Chungcheongbuk-do, Gyeongsangbuk-do Steep, but popular because of its splendid natural scenery
18 Sobaeksan Chungcheongbuk-do, Gyeongsangbuk-do It is said to be in an ideal location according to the theories of geomancy
19 Wolchulsan Jeollanam-do The smallest national park in Korea
20 Byeonsanban-do Jeollabuk-do The only peninsula Park in Korea
No. Name of Park Location (Province) Notes
(Hallyeo Maritime)
Dadohae haesang
(Marine Archipelago)
Taean- haean
(Taean Coast)
Korean National Parks,
Experience the National
Beauty of Korea!
Useful Websites
Korea National Park Service
This site gives you basic understanding of
Korean National Parks as well as websites of
each park.
Travel Tips
In most National Parks any volatile material is
not allowed for the preservation of the parks.
Check safety regulations before visiting a park
for more enjoyable trip.
National Parks of Korea
My Memorable Journey To Korea
02 Korean Tour KeyWords 27
My Memorable Journey To Korea
Korean Tour KeyWords 02 26
Air International Airport Incheon, Gimhae, Cheongju, Daegu, Yangyang and Jeju
Domestic Airport Gimpo, Wonju, Gunsan, Gwangju, Mokpo, Yeosu, Pohang, etc.
Ferry Ferry boat Busan (largest international seaport), Incheon, Jeju, Pohang, etc.
Rail KTX train Korea Train Express (High Speed Express train)
It stops only at the major KTX stations.
Saemaeul train First class train
Mugunghwa train Second class train with reasonable fare
Subway Subway in city Available in Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi-do Province, Busan, Daegu and Gwangju
Bus Long Distance Deluxe express bus is more expensive for their spacious seats and useful facilities
Intercity Bus Connects almost every city and town.
City Bus Buses are usually available in every city or town.
Travel Tip
If you are traveling by bus or subway in Seoul, it would be more convenient and
economical using a transportation card (regular card or so called "T-Money card")
which enables you to transfer fare discounts when changing transportation means;
subway to bus (city bus/village shuttle bus) or bus to subway. Paying fares in cash is a
little bit more expensive than using a transportation card.
Village Shuttle Bus Cheapfare, but can’t takeyoufar. It usuallygoesaroundpeople’sneighborhoods, availablewithinSeoul.
Taxi Regular taxi Convenient with reasonable fares
Deluxe Taxi Offers more passenger space and a high standard of service, but it’s more expensive,
usually these taxis are black with a dark yellow stripe.
Taxi Van As an eight-passenger van, it is good for passengers carrying large amounts of
luggage. The fare is same as Deluxe Taxi
Car Rental Rental Service If you are a first comer, it is wise to hire a driver along with a car because of different
traffic laws and an unfamiliarity with the roads.

Transportation of Korea
Express Bus
Gimpo Airport is the largest international airport, right?
It was, however, after Incheon International Airport opened, it became to a domestic airport. You'd better update
your Korean travel knowledge before you leave! Incheon International Airport opened in 2001, and became the
largest international airport in Korea offering flights to all parts of the world. It is considered a gateway to Korea.
Transportations available in Korea are airplane, train, bus (long distance express bus, intercity bus, city bus), ferry
boat, subway, taxi, and car rental.
City bus in Seoul Ferry boat
KTX train Subway in Seoul
Convenient & Reasonable
Fares, Brings You to Your
Tour Destinations!
Useful Websites
Travel Tips
Incheon International Airport : Flight & airport information
Korail : Provides train schedules, offers online reservations
Because of many people on the go, booking tickets in advance is highly recommended
for weekend travel, especially train tickets. It will also be wise to not plan to travel too far
during Seollal and Chuseok, for most Koreans will be on the roads or the railway going
to visit their hometowns.
Type Details
What does “Defuse heat with heat” mean? One of my Korean friends
used to say that but I don’t understand how heat can defuse heat?
It doesn’t sound so logical to defuse heat with heat in the hot summer.
As one of the famous Korean sayings, it is one of the reasonable ways
to bear the hot summer in Korea. How? It is by eating hot foods! From
the olden times, Koreans believed that “food is the best medicine.” They
think food is not just for daily life but also a good way to keep them
healthy. So most Korean foods are very good for one’s health because
of such healthy ingredients and they developed various kinds of food for
4 distinct seasons. You can really see the wisdom of Korean people. In
Korea, summer is sultry and humid so people easily get exhausted.
Samgyetang is the most common and famous health food eaten on bongnal (the most hottest period in midsummer). “Sam”
means ginseng and “Gye” stands for chicken and “Tang” is soup. Now you can guess what is samgyetang. It is a ginseng
chicken soup, believed to cool the body down during hot and humid days. Ginseng, jujube and other ingredients are herbal
medicines that are grown in Korea. Therefore, samgyetang is not only a seasonal food but also the best medicine for the hot
summer. That is one of Koreans’ wise words to overcome the hot summer heat with “heat” by eating hot food. Why don’t you try it?
My Memorable Journey To Korea
Korean Tour KeyWords 02 28
The most
famous Korean
food, “Kimchi”
Kimchi is pickled &
fermented vegetables; cabbage, radish and
cucumber, seasoned with garlic, red pepper powder,
ginger, green onion, radish. With its abundant lactic
acid and dietary fiber Korean kimchi helps prevent
constipation by causing bowel and intestinal
movement. It is a low-caloric fermented food
containing various kinds of vitamins and inorganic
substances and helps prevent obesity.
Korean Food
Tour by Regions
Suwon (Gyeonggi-do)
C~llí (n~tí¬~leH leel tíls)
Ulleungdo (Gyeongsang-do)
Tl~c~elíl~¡ (se~st¬eH títe ní×eH
víll ~ sn~ll slelllísl)
Sokcho (Gangwon-do)
O|í¬cet ¯i¬H~e (slilleH s¬iíH)
Chuncheon (Gangwon-do)
M~kciksi (litkvle~l ¬ttHles)
Busan (Gyeongsang-do)
Dt¬c¬~e l~|et¬ (¡~¬-ltíeH ctee¬
t¬ít¬s víll se~lttHs)
Masan (Gyeongsang-do)
/ci||ín (sle~neH ~¬clet)
Jeju island (Jeju-do)
Jet¬ltk|ik (títe ctiel víll ~l~lt¬e)
Ganghwado (Gyeonggi-do)
H~e¬H~e¬cí lte (slíteH t~v
l~tce-eyeH lettí¬c)
ltl~kletnletk (llítk ní×eH-
ct~í¬ ¡tttíHce víll ¡in¡kí¬)
Jeonju (Jeolla-do)
Hílínl~¡ (tttkeH títe víll
~ssttleH ctee¬s ~¬H vecel~lles)
Yuseong (Chungcheong-do)
Dili Hísl (He~¬ titH Hísles)
Namwon (Jeolla-do)
Clietl~¬c (niHlísl sti¡)
Satisfy your Taste
And Make you Healty!

Useful Websites
Travel Tips
Recipes for Korean Foods
Koreans use chopsticks with a spoon. If you are not used to using chopsticks, it would
be helpful to ask for a fork in a restaurant.
æ Mnsnn
J=jL IsInnH
F/9T 9F/
ginseng chicken soup
J=jL IsInnH
F/9T 9F/
My Memorable Journey To Korea
02 Korean Tour KeyWords 31
In Korea

Enj oy Korean Cul tural and Hi stori cal
Relics Recognized Around the World!
Are there any places that help me understand Korean history or cultural heritages better?
Yes, there are some places, which are designated as World Heritages by UNESCO. 7
World Heritages are in South Korea. They are lots of historical and cultural gems of
Korea, which will give you a chance to discover the deep values of Korean history &
cultures that you can hardly from books.
Useful Websites
Cultural Heritage Administration (World Heritage Section)
UNESCO World Heritage Center (Republic of Korea Section)
Travel Tips
In Korea cultural & historic relics are everywhere, so it will make your travel more
fruitful if you learn some basic knowledge of Korean history ahead of time.
Changdeokgung Palace
the only palace in Korea that pre-
serves the architectural style of the
Joseon Dynasty
Gochang, Hwasun, and
Ganghwa Dolmen Sites
the prehistoric cemeteries at Gochang,
Hwasun, and Ganghwa contain many
hundreds of examples of dolmens.
Gyeongju Historic Areas,
containaremarkableconcentrationof out-
standing examples of Korean Buddhist
art, in the form of sculpture, pagoda,
and the remains of temple & palace.
Haeinsa Temple Janggyeong
Panjeon, the Depositories for the
Tripitaka Koreana Woodblocks,
themost completecollectionof Buddhist
texts, engraved on 80,000 woodblocks.
Hwaseong Fortress,
was built to show the King's filial
piety towardhis father Jangheonseja,
and also to build a new city with its
own economic power.
Jongmyo Shrine,
the oldest and most authentic of
the Confucian royal shrines to
have been preserved.
Seokguram Grotto
& Bulguksa Temple,
established in the 8th century on
the slopes of Mount Toham, a
monumental statue of the Buddha.
What do Korean people do for their leisure time?
They play lots of different kinds of sports. Baseball,
basketball, and soccer are the main leisure sports enjoyed
by many Koreans. As you know, the Korean soccer team
advanced to the semi-finals, ranked as # 4th in the “2002
FIFA World Cup Korea-Japan”, which was a remarkable
success because Korea was the only Asian team that
advanced to the semi-finals in 2002. For that reason,
soccer has become much more popular.
Among the traditional Korean sports, Ssireum (Korean
traditional wrestling) and Taekwondo (a martial art) are
most beloved ones. Both sports are loved not only by
Koreans but also by many friends living abroad thanks to
becoming widely recognized through international sports
events and cultural exchanges.
Can you tell me more about Ssireum? Is it the same as
Sumo wrestling?
No, Ssireum is very different from Sumo (a Japanese style
of wrestling). Ssireum is one of the folk competitions in
which two players, holding on to a satba (a cloth-sash tied
around the waist and thigh), use their muscles and various
techniques to wrestle each other to the ground. Its history
began at the same time that communities began to form.
My Memorable Journey To Korea
02 Korean Tour KeyWords 33
My Memorable Journey To Korea
Korean Tour KeyWords 02 32
ecreation &
Leisure activities

Experi ence Korean Recreati onal Sports & Joi n the
“Hallyu” Wave that’s Spreading through Asia
Ok, I see. I heard that there are much more leisure sports in
Korea because of its four distinct season. Is that right?
Yes, as you pointed out, the four distinct season is one of
the unique beauties of Korea. Moved by the charming
landscape of winter (which scenes captured so many
foreigners’ hearts through TV dramas), many foreigners are
visiting Korea to experience it.
Is that phenomenon called “Hallyu”?
Right. Hallyu, or the Korean Wave, is a phenomenon of
Korean popular culture, which has spread across the world.
In particular, Korean dramas and films have earned
worldwide recognition for their artistic values. Just in
recent years, Korean culture made a great advance
attracting not only Koreans but also foreigners, and it
renewed the image of Korea from an “economically
developing country” to an “economically as well as
culturally developed country”. I think it would be great
experience if you took a tour to the film locations of the
well-known Korean dramas and movies.
Oh, that’s a good idea. I have longed to visit those locations
that have beautiful sceneries.
Korean culture made a great advance attracting not only
Koreans but also foreigners, and it renewed the image of Korea
from an “economically developing country” to an “economically
as well as culturally developed country”.
My Memorable Journey To Korea
02 Korean Tour KeyWords 35
My Memorable Journey To Korea
Korean Tour KeyWords 02 34
Daejanggeum (Drama)
Ancient Palace (Seoul), Daejanggeum Theme Park
(MBC’s Yangju Culture Valley, Gyeonggi-do) Korean
Folk Village (Yongin, Gyeonggi-do), Naesosa Temple
(Buan, Jeollabuk-do)
Theme 1 :
Film Location depict-
ing Traditional cus-
Emperor of the Sea (Drama)
Cheonghaejin Port Village (Wando, Jeollanam-do),
Sillabang (Wando, Jeollanam-do)
Chihwaseon (Movie)
Ganghwa-do (Ganghwa, Gyeonggi-do), Naganeupseong
(Suncheon, Jeollanam-do)
Travel Tips Do you want to learn more about Hallyu stars, dramas, or movies? Come to Hallyu Hall
located at Korea Tourism Organization in Seoul!
For more information: Dial 1330(Korea Travel Information number)
Useful Websites Hello HALLYU : Provides information about Korean movies, dramas, actors & actresses,
film locations, and Hallyu e-books.
Tour Road Map,
visiting film locations of dramas and movies
Moved by the charming landscape of winter (which scenes
captured so many foreigners' hearts through TV dramas),
many foreigners are visiting Korea to experience it.
Winter Sonata (Drama)
Namiseom Island (Chuncheon, Gangwon-do),
Junsang’s House (Chuncheon, Gangwon-do)
Chuam Beach (Donghae, Gangwon-do), Oedo
Maritime Park (Geojedo Island, Gyeongsangnam-do)
Theme 2 :
Film Location Depicting
Nature & Emotion
Stairway to Heaven (Drama)
Lotte World (Seoul), Muuido Island (Incheon,
Gyeonggi-do), Silmido Island (Incheon, Gyeonggi-do)
Theme 3 :
Film Location depicting
City & Entertainment Life
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring (Movie)
Jusanji Lake (Cheongsong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do)
My Memorable Journey To Korea
03 Friendly Invitation Letter to Korea 37
My Memorable Journey To Korea
Friendly Invitation Letter to Korea 03 36
C&G Bldg. 201, 425-17 Sindang 2-dong Jung-gu, Seoul, 100-834, S.KOREA
TEL. 82-2-2237-7407 FAX. 82-2-2237-7409 Email.
VANK stands for 'Voluntary Agency Network of Korea', a civilian international exchange association in
Korea. We promote Korea's image all over the world through the Internet. VANK was established in
1999 by volunteers, and now has over 15,000 members. Using e-mail or internet we serve as cyber
travel guides to overseas Koreans and foreigners so that they can understand Korean culture and
language better, and at the same time we hope to build international friendships. VANK is a great
chance for those who are interested in Korean language, arts, cultural education, history,
geography, social studies, and sciences to learn about our country. We also welcome anyone with
open arms who wants to make Korean friends!
01As the best Korean travel website,, the official website of the Korea National
Tourism Organization, offers the most up-to-date and useful information for people traveling and
living in Korea. The site is operated in eight different languages- English, Japanese, Chinese (Complex and
Simplified), French, German, Russian, and Spanish. (
02'Cyber Diplomats' Win Presidential Award
1he Voluntary Agency Network of Korea (VANK), a civilian group trying to promote Korea abroad, will receive a
presidential award for its work on Friday. The Government Information Agency said on Thursday that VANK will be
given a prize due to its many endeavors such as correcting misinformation about Korea on the Internet.
Last year, the group convinced the National Geographic, Graphic Maps, and other major international map companies
to use both 'East Sea' and the 'Sea of Japan' in their publications," the agency said. A civilian group that has
approximately11,800 members, VANK also promotes exchanges between Koreans and foreigners through its
work online since its founding in 1999. Its homepage is at :". (January 9, 2003)
- The Korea Times
03VANK provides pictures of Korea to
You can see the pictures on the following website
Contact VANK
Hello. I located your organization from the internet, which came up as one of the top travel
& tour related organizations in your country.
Let me introduce myself to you. I am a member of VANK (Voluntary Agency
Network of Korea) from Korea. We are cyber travel guides who help foreigners understand
Korean culture, language, life, etc., better through e-mail or postal mail, and as well as
provide overseas travel companies with Korean travel guidebooks through post or internet
free of charge. The travel guidebooks provide a wide range of practical information about
traveling in Korea. They also offer great tips on accommodations, shopping, transportation,
food, and Korean maps.
All of VANK's members, ranging from elementary school first graders to housewives, are
participating in voluntary activities that aim at introducing Korea to other countries, and
enhancing a favorable image of Korea through pen pals and e-pals. I think VANK is a great
opportunity for foreigners who are interested in Korean culture, language, literature, and
history - or for those who just want to get information on sightseeing, tours, and attractions in
If there is anyone interested in Korea in your organization, please recommend us to
them. We can be cyber travel guides for them so that they may understand
Korea better, and also build lasting international friendships. We
would be very appreciative if you would consider visiting and linking
VANK's website ( with your website for
promoting good relations.
In addition, we can provide you with the latest Korean tour & travel information
with new photos free of charge. If you are interested in receiving the latest Korean
tour information, please contact us.
Just for your reference,, the official website of the Korea National Tourism
Organization, has included VANK activities for you to view. We look forward to having the
opportunity to work with you. Thank you for your kind consideration and cooperation.
VANK (Voluntary Agency Network of Korea)
A Friendly Invitational Letter to
Travel & Tourism Organizations
My Memorable Journey To Korea
03 Friendly Invitation Letter to Korea 39
My Memorable Journey To Korea
Friendly Invitation Letter to Korea 03 38
Helpful information
about Korea
English online newspaper
run by VANK reporters
Korean Food
Postcards set
Famous Korean Foods
With Some Brief
Korean Map
Map of Korea with
short provincial
Korean History Postcards set
Gives you an overall view of Korean
History with photos
An Online Download Website
You can download all these sources related to Korea from this website below.
Request for Printed Edition (For official Use Only)
If you want to request those sources related to Korea for official use only, please visit website below.
World Map
Medium sized World Map suitable for school education
Goguryeo Stamps
Memorial stamps of Korean
ancient kingdom, "Goguryeo"
01 02 03
04 05 06
01. Friends of Korea Club l Korean Pen Pals & Stories
02. PRKOREA TIMES l VANK English newspape
03. PHOTO Korea l Korean photo gallery
04.Tour2korea l Best Korean tour portal
05. Hello Hallyu l Best Hallyu Information website
06. E-Pals Class Exchange l E-Pals Class Exchange Center
Contains Basic
knowledge of
Korea & its Culture
My Memorable Journey To Korea
Friendly Invitation Letter to Korea 03 40
Publishing & Contact Information
My Memorable Journey To Korea With Cyber Tour Guides
Publisher VANK Partner Tour2korea Editor Sung-il Jang(
Friends of Korea Club
Korean Photo
E-pals Classroom Exchange
Overseas Korean Network
Tour2Korea (Partner)
Postal Address
VANK : C&G Bldg. 201, 425-17 Sindang 2-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, 100-834, S.KOREA
TEL. 82-2-2237-7407 FAX. 82-2-2237-7409
CopyrightVANK All rights reserved.

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