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Resetting the Maintenance Tank

During the Head Cleaning process your DTG Viper forces ink through the print head. This excess ink goes into a holding bottle called the Waste Ink Canister / Bottle, accessible through the door on the right side of the Panel. In the standard Epson Stylus Pro 4880, this excess ink is passed into a holding tank called the Maintenance Tank. This tank has an ink counting chip, similar to that found on the ink cartridges. In this case, however, the Maintenance Tank chip will create an error when it is full, or near full. This function is embedded in the firmware of the printer and as such is a function which carries over to the DTG Viper. The front end of the Epson Maintenance Tank, complete with the ink count chip, is located at the rear of the DTG Viper,under the right hand side (under white ink pod) Cartridge Bay.



The display panel may occasionally display NO MNT TK. This error may be caused by a slight shifting of the maintenance tank due to vibrations during printing. If this error is displayed, simply slide out the Maintenance Tank slightly (about halfway out) and POP it back inn with a little force, (it may not work the 1st time, so try that at least three times) to re-seat the maintenance tank. If this does not resolve the problem, then move on to the steps below. . Open the Maintenance Tank Compartment, slide out the Maintenance Tank and apply the Chip Resetter to the ink count chip on the side of the Maintenance Tank as described in the following link How To Reset Ink Chips On Viper . Once the chip has been reset successfully, slide the Maintenance Tank back into the compartment, and close the door.

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