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Debtors Conf. Letter

Debtors Conf. Letter

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Published by Manu Rajput

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Published by: Manu Rajput on Oct 15, 2009
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TO, TATA SERVICES LTD. NEW DELHI Date :18.06.2007 Dear Sir/Madam As part of our annual audit, we request that you confirm the balance owing by your company to Radiant Limousine Services Private Limited, The total outstanding till 30th April 2007 is Rs.24,03,159. If you agree with the balance shown, please complete “Part A” of this letter. If you do not agree, please complete “Part B” of this letter and reconcile the difference. Please sign and return the completed letter. Yours sincerely Radiant Limousine Services Private Limited Alok Rakshit Director _____________________________

I/We have compared the statement of account with our records and advise that: Part A Part B The balance of Rs…………… with our records. at 31st March 2007 agrees

Our records show a balance of Rs._______________________as at 31st March 2007 and a reconciliation of the difference is below/attached.

Yours faithfully

______________________________ Signature ______________________________ Name

______________________________ Position

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