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Its My Life Autobiography Project

Paragraph 1 - Birth Facts: Time, place, date, name of hospital What is your full name given at birth? Were you named after anyone? If so, who and why? Why did your parents name you what they did? How much did you weigh, and what was your height? What is your birth Zodiac sign, and what does it mean? Paragraph 2 - Family and Home: Who are your parents and what are they like? Who are your siblings; how old are they, what are they like? What ethnic group is your family? Do you have any famous relatives? Do you have pets? If so, give the name, type, and something about it. Have you always lived where you do now? If not, where else have you lived and what was it like? What types of work, hobbies, or interests do your family participate in? Paragraph 3 - Early Life through Present: Who did you stay with when you were a baby and how did you like it/them? What types of things do you remember doing before you started school? What types of teachers have you had in school? Which did you like the best and why? Where did you go during these years? What types of events happened (sad or happy)? Did you have birthday parties, family get-togethers, etc., what was special about them? What are some of the best things and worst things that happened to you? Paragraph 4 - Description of You as You are Now: What do you look like (describe in detail)? What type of personality do you have (shy, out-going, athletic, sensitive, etc.)? What are your strengths and your weaknesses? What are your current hobbies, interests, and habits? Do you belong to any clubs or organizations, or are you involved in community or church activities? Have you ever won an award? If so, what? What makes you, you? What do other people say and think about you? Paragraph 5 - Likes and Dislikes: What are some of your favoritescolor, food, TV shows, songs, books, season, etc? Who do you admire (either famous or non-famous people)? What is your idea of having a good time? What do you find boring and why? What do you dislike and why? What is something that you get angry about? What brings you the greatest joy? What types of things are important to you? Paragraph 6 - Future Plans: Discuss your hopes for the futureeducation, career, accomplishments, possessions you hope to have, family plans, where you hope to live or travel, etc. What do you see yourself doing ten years from now? Discuss your dreams, wishes, and ambitions.