The Sunny Side Caf é

SPECIALS Asparagus & Feta Cheese Benedict Grilled asparagus and crumbled feta cheese on a toasted English muffin. Topped with two poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce. $12.95 Meyer Lemon Chicken Alameda Marinated chic en breast from Golden Gate Meat !ompan"# garlic$roasted tomatoes# sauteed spinach and %ac cheese in a sa&or" 'rench toast sandwich. Topped with two eggs o&er$ eas"# Hollandaise and a hone"$mustard sauce. $12.95 The Prairie Dog (auteed broccoli rabe# arugula# ale and red potatoes topped with whole wheat toast and one egg o&er$eas" )in the hole#* with bacon and +omesco sauce. $1,.95 Mascarpone Blood Orange Pancakes Topped with grilled blood oranges. $-.5, . $9.25 Rasp erry!Meyer Lemon French Toast /aguette 'rench toast in a Me"er lemon batter# topped with a warm raspberr" sauce. $-.5,

Blood Orange Mimosa
Freshly Pressed Blood Oranges with Champagne $6.75

"pecial Break#ast Tasting Menu 'or Two to (hare 0no substitutions or changes1


• • • • •

!hoice of two3 Mimosa or 4arge 5range 6uice 7 house$made Muffin of the 8a" 7 single 7sparagus 9 'eta !heese /enedict 7 side portion of the :rairie 8og 7 Mascarpone /lood 5range :anca e

7 side order of +aspberr" Me"er 4emon 'rench Toast