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KPIs training
KPIs training

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List of HR – Training & Development Generic KPIs Statistics  % employees gone through training % HR budget spent on training % employees for

each competency level/per position % employees for each competency level/per department

 

Training Budget  expenditure on training and staff development per employee in a given period/Number of training hours per employee

Availability of Training Courses    % of training courses that match organizational requirements % of training courses that match employee's personal requirements average number of courses requested, but not offered

Impact of Training    % difference in the rate of productivity before and after training Employee satisfaction index with training % pass rate after final assessment/evaluation

Employee Development   % of employees that develop Individual Development Plan % of employees that fully execute their Individual Development Plan

Recruitment metrics Recruitment cost per employee Average time to recruit (per position) Number of CVs per channel Number of interviews per submitted CV % new hires achieving 24 months service % new hires achieving satisfactory appraisal after first assessment 2. regulation compliance. training. employee loyalty.Training KPIs . retain and develop outstanding staff. HR budget. labor relations. health & safety. performance. practices and systems are in place so that the organization can attract.Employee Career Coaching • % of employees that participate in career coaching program • % of employees that have been assessed in Assessment Center • PMP. These metrics are split into 14 categories: recruitment. Below is a list of 75 KPIs a Human Resources department could use in order to track its performance regarding this role. working time. 1. job leaving. AAT) Top 75 KPIs for Human Resources department The prime role of the Human Resources function is to support the achievement of organizational goals by ensuring that relevant and innovative people policies. HR efficiency. employee satisfaction. workforce information. compensation.

Employee loyalty metrics Employee turnover (total staff as recruited/total staff as planned) Rate of life cycles of employees (total time served in the company of all staff/total staff recruited) 6.Working time indicators .Training expenditures/total salaries and wages % HR budget spent on training % employees gone through training Number of training hours per employee Employee satisfaction index with training e-learning course utilized % e-learning pass rate 3.Performance KPIs % of appraisals completed on time % of employees above competence (and those below) % of low performing employees (and for high performing) % of employee with their performance decreased compared to last month (and increased) 5.Health and safety metrics Number of accidents per year Percentage of employees with adequate occupational health & safety training Health & safety prevention costs per month Lost time (in hours) due to accidents per year Percentage of issues raised by health & safety representatives 4.

HR efficiency metrics Sales turnover per employee (or Full Time Equivalent: FTE) Profits per employee Administration cost per employee Labor cost as % of sales 8.Compensation KPIs Salary rate / sales turnover Cost rate of workers compensation Cost rate of social insurance Cost rate of medical insurance Cost rate of benefits Average income per employee by month Average income per employee by hour Average income per employee by position .% of total hours lost to absenteeism Average overtime hours per person % of man days lost due to strike Total time lost by work late Lost time due to non-fatal accidents or accidents per year 7.

opportunities for development.HR budget metrics .Labor relation metrics Number of emails issued Number of staff briefing sessions conducted Number of teams meetings Number of unfair dismissal claims Number of active flexible work agreements 10.Employee satisfaction metrics % average satisfaction (to be split by department. etc) % average satisfaction by field (compensations and benefits. recognition. personal relations. training. work environment. etc) 12. Costing lost by violation Time lost by violation Violation rate by department 11. medium. leadership. Metric to split: small. by tenure. strong violation.9. by position.Regulation compliance KPIs Number of violation per year (by sector).

work environment.Job leaving KPIs Job leaving ratio per year Job leaving ratio per department Average age of employees that retire Percentage of early retirements Attitude of employee who leave job (satisfaction ratio with the following: salaries. opportunities for development. job. Number of Full Time Employees Number of Part Time Employees Number of employees per age category (with pyramid) Average length of service (current employees) Average length of service (terminating employees) % ratio of salaried staff to waged staff .Average cost of recruitment per year Average cost of recruitment per staff Average cost of training per year % training cost / sales turnover Training cost per employee Salary budget ratio / sales turnover Health safety cost per year Human resources cost per sales turnover Compensation and benefit cost / sales turnover per year 13. personal recognition. benefits. etc) 14.Workforce metrics Number of FTEs in HR HR FTEs as % of total workforce (FTEs) Percentage of outstanding employee probation reports. personal relations.

Efficiency .Use Kirkpatrick's Four Levels to measure program effectiveness at multiple check points 2. per certification . per training hour and hours per skill.includes cost per skill. Effectiveness .Training KPIs are in three key areas: 1. per certification.includes budget underspend and overspend and rate of burn throughout the year 3. Budget .

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