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Ultimate Humility

Ultimate Humility

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A Conversation with Archiman rite Ta e!

"Sacre Fathers sa# - i ea$ o% Christian $i%e is not ma&in' mirac$es( hea$in' the sic&( or res)rrectin' the ea ( *)t an )$timate h)mi$it#"

In the summer of 1991 the Old man Tadej talked to two Belgradian students who recorded the conversation. One of them said: - E+c)se me Father( wo)$ #o) *$ess m# recor in' o% #o)r wor s an we co)$ re%resh o)rse$ves s,irit)a$$# a%terwar s? - ell! no! what"s use! m# words aren"t... $words faint% no use of it! he re&laid. - 'ou are coming with &ro(lems! I have man# &ro(lems! so )ord soothes us. I com&lain to #ou! #ou com&lain to me and all is well after... )ord soothes*

Then he telling the two students and the others also &resent there &erha&s the most (eautiful words we ever heard a(out the current situation on the earth! a(out the situation of the +an on the glo(e! a(out his &osition in relation to time and eternit#! in relation to ,od.

S)rro)n e *# secrets

- -eo&le think the# are something! (ut a man is nothing. .ladika /ikolaj sa#s! 0 hat is a man? 1 sack of stink# meat and nothing else0. /othing. 2ot head. 2as no idea he is nothing! a wea&on in hands of evil s&irits. 3vil.


,od does what 2e wants to do with us. 2owever! 2e gave us un area where we can think and decide whether we want to do good or not. 4&irits had fallen (efore +an was created. +an# centuries (efore. /ot all s&irits have &reserved their &ositions. +an is the crown of creation. 2e was created to (e the master of all material world! so that ever#thing is su(mitted to him... +aterial world! s&ace! was not as it is now. 5&on the fall it o(tained toughness and rotteness. 6es&ite toughness and rotteness it has its (eaut#... 'es... Our ancient fathers were immortal. The# did not de&end on time and s&ace the wa# we are. )ook! the# moved the wa# thoughts move... 1fter the fall ever#thing was distur(ed. ,od! (eing entire love knew that not all created creatures would (e a(le to kee& their &osition! hence he gave them time from the 7reation to 8inal 9udgement. It is the time for all reasona(le (eings to come to their senses! to return to their -arent"s em(race. To join the a(solute good! a(solute love... But &eo&le liked evil more than good. 0-adishash0 /ature* It is easier for them to think evil than good. But when a &erson think of evil thoughts the# do not let him at &eace after. 2ow (ig our fall is* Tremendous. 1wful. e cannot come to ourselves! nor do an#thing on our own. e have no idea how refle:ive forces of reason are terrori;ing us $0&adishash0 s&irits%. e think the# are our thoughts. e are (othered (# env#! menace! hatred. It is tirann# a(out tirann#. 4ole does not want it (ut it cannot release itself. It has (een accustomed to it from old times< therefore the root is so (ig and dee&. It has to (e thrown out. One has to transfer himself into love. To (e a(solutel# calm! silent. It is not eas#. 'ou see how terri(le the man"s fall is. +an is not self-sufficient. 2e de&ends on ,od"s hel&. +an thinks he knows something. 2ot head. 1ll is revealed to him from eternit#. ,od"s secret is ever#where. e are surrounded (# secrets. e are tremendous secret to ourselves. e do not know what we are. here did we come from? here are we heading? hat kind of a creature is the creature that reasons! moves and s&eaks what he knows. 2e heard something from someone! he reasons! it came to his mind. 2e creates something! does not know how. hat kind of secret is inside him? 2ow his internal organs work without his will and work &erfectl#? 1nd he distur(s all with his thoughts. - Do i$$nesses come %rom sin? - asks one of the students. - 8rom fall of thoughts. 8rom thoughts. 1ll usuall# think good and evil. such life we have. 4&irit feeds itself with thoughts! (od# with food. hat thoughts we have!

- Are there o)r own tho)'hts an the tho)'hts that are ,$ace in o)twar $#- The# are (eing &laced in from all sides. =adiuses of thoughts are on all sides. If revealed! the# would turn out into a tremendous net. 1nd ever#one has a radio station in his inner (eing. +an is a much more &recise a&&aratus than a radio station! or a T. set! it"s just that its function is distur(ed. hat a &recise (eing a man is* 2ow divine* But we do not know how to a&&reciate that. e do not know how to join the source of life and feel the jo# of life. But we alwa#s let enem# im&ute to us... )ord revealed to 4t. 1nthon# the radius of thoughts surrounding us. hen he saw them! he sighed: 0O! )ord! who can &ass through this?0 1nd a voice he heard: 0Onl# hum(le and gentle ones0. The# touch onl# such. The# com&rise merel# of &eace and silence. 6ivine radiuses! a sign of an a(solute divine &ower. The# do not join an#thing negative. - How oes the ,o$$)te environment in%$)nce )s>

- 9ust now the# are sa#ing - our &oor 4er(ia! &oor! &oor 4er(ia. The# sa# it is &olluted with radioactive su(stances most of all. The strongest radiation is now in 4er(ia. 3normous! un(eara(le. e are not sick (ut we are not fresh. 7annot go on. 1 thought cannot (e set u&. It goes slowl#. -eo&le helth# (ut don"t know what"s wrong with them. The# take medicaments! feel even worse. 1s long as we have a (it of clean air we should use it (ut it"s also &olluted! all is. -articularl# when we deal with intellectual work! we should take a dee& (reath often (ecause heart and (rain take u& a (ig ?uantit# of o:#gen. henever there is lack of o:#gen in (rain we cannot 0switch it on0. 4omething is wrong and we wonder what is wrong. There"s not enough fuel! no o:#gen. 'ou see! the# eat &oisoned food now. e have &oisoned ever#thing. There"s nothing to (# at the market. Its nice! (ut one does not dare (u# it. B# the end of the last centur# an old man said: 0There shall comes times when &eo&le will (e &roducing &lent# of agricultural &roducts (ut shall not dare eat them0. 1nd the time did come. The# ask how come. 8ood is &oisoned! that"s how. -oisoned material food! &oisoned s&iritual food. -oisoned children! &oisoned elderl# too. -eo&le think the# will live here forever. But life turns out to (e short. hat is life! man? ell! it is nothing. It"s so short that one cannot gras& it. 'oung man does not notice it. I often think: how &oor we on the earth are (ecause we are not a(le to live not even four (illion seconds. It would take us 1>@ #ears. One hundred #ears is three (illion seconds. hat is one hundred #ears? /othing. One moment onl#... e live in eternit#. Otherwise! the fact that the glo(e turns around its a:is and around the sun gives us this time. If the sun sto&&ed in the ;enith we wouldn"t (e a(le to measure time. e live in eternit#. 1lwa#s da#light. e would have no where to (egin with. hen we don"t measure time we see it does not e:ist. It does with us who are limited. Therefore 9ovan Bogoslov with one leg on land and another one on the sea swore to ,od and said in 0=evelation0: 0there shall (e no time an#more*..0 3ternit#... meaning: ,od will start u& s&eed and material world will disa&&ear. e know that su(stance disa&&ears when it reaches the s&eed of light! A@@ thousand km &er hour. It turns into invisi(le energ#. 2ow misera(le we are* e knew a(out that s&eed (ut we didn"t know that a higher s&eed e:ists. 1nd since we now have &recise a&&artuses that can measure moves! now ,od is revealing a much higher s&eed. 1 cell! a &hoton of energ#! do the# call it &hoton or something else? It a&&ears in an instant on a screen and disa&&ears right awa#. hen on screen! it has alread# crossed our ,ala:#. 1nd diameter of our ,ala:# is B@ million of #ears of light. +eaning! it"s an incredi(le s&eed... 'es... well! s&irit is faste than thoughts. 1 thought is slow. +edium s&eed and s&irit is incredi(l# ?uick... e go into eternit#. 'es. Thank ,od to ever#thing. +uch has (een revealed to us (ut we have misused it all. e sim&l# see that we have conditioned it im&ossi(le to continue living on the earth. Because of &oison. e have &oisoned ourselves. One of our e:&erts! the author of the (ook 0The -lanet and 7ivili;ation in 6anger0! Branko Citanovic sa#s: 0In the #ear of >@@@ we shall not have drinka(le water on the glo(e0. 6rinka(le water makes onl# >D of all the water mass! while 9ED is not drinka(le. 2e sa#s that there will (e no wa# to &urif# water! ever#thing will (e &olluted. hatever &eo&le would touch! will (e &olluted. hat a tem&o of throwing things awa# ever#where on earth! &olluting ever#thing around. 2e sa#s! enem# no. 1 is engine gasses. 3ver#thing else comes after. 3ach factor# releases enormous ?uantit# of &oisonous staff. 1lso in farming. Belgrade drinks &olluted A

water. 1n engineer working in +akis there sa#s: 0 e chloride water and &ollute it further. It does not work. Bacteria and (accillus are easil# removed (ut not &oison0. 8iltrate it as long as #ou wish! cleanse! (oil! do whatever #ou want - it"s still &oison! all around is &oison. ithout drinka(le water life fades awa#. 2uman organism contains F@ &ercent of water. )and farming has made a significant &rogress (ut man# sorts of trees have disa&&eared. 3lm has vanished long ago. -eo&le in T... sa# that to&s of coniferous forests are withering. =adiation is strong and mountain creeks are &olluted. -oisonous rains are falling through soil. 4oil is &oisoned. e are &oisoned... ,lor# to thee )ord. 1nd &eo&le are never satisfied with what the# have. Its alwa#s insufficient to them. This (egan right after the fall of our ancient &arents. Bloodshed came immediatl# after. 7ain killed his #ounger (rother 1(el out of sheer env#. Because 1(el"s sacrifice was acce&ted and not his. This is where all (egan. 1nd is still on. There is no &eace. 1ll are seeking something as if the# were to live forever and there is nothing. /othing... nothing... It seems the end is come. The s&eed of factor# &olluting is enormous< we won"t (e a(le to live with it much longer. Thank ,od! (irds are still here... But man# s&ecies have vanished. 6estruction is (igger and (igger and life is du#ing awa#... This is not a secret. 1(out ten #ears ago when snowfall was (ig! man# ra((its would gather around in the moonlight! in (ig circles! there in the field where there are no trees! the# would chase each other! turn around in the snow! &la#ing. The# would rejoice. 9o# of living. 1nimals have jo# of living. e distur( and stir them. The# do not care! do not &re&are storage for wheat! nothing! and #et ,od feeds them. The# sna& u& something there! (ranches! find &rotection out there! slee&. I thank thee ,od. e don"t do that. 1 (ird alwa#s cele(rates ,od. It starts (efore down at three and sings until nine! never sto&s. 1t nine (irds silents down a (it! then the# go for food and feed children. Then it sings again. /o one forces it to sing. It sings. hether someone listen or not. 1nd we! we are frowned! noses u&. e don"t feel like singing! we don"t feel like doing an#thing. e should tr# to (e like (irds. The# are alwa#s cheerful. 1nd what a(out us? 4omething is (othering us. 1nd what is it? /othing. Is that right? - That"s right! re&lies the student. e (other ourselves! sa#s 8ather.

- Father( I wo)$ $i&e to &now .o s wi$$/ How to ma&e o)r choices( to %in a !o* here or there( to marr# or not to marr#/ - ,od is o&ening a &ath for us himself. 2e reveals in line with 2is sacred will. Through -arents 2is sacred will announces itself. If we o(e# &arents ever#thing will go well and will (e (lessed. If we o&&ose to them! there"s nothing for us. It goes! goes! (ut more (ackward then forward. 8or instance! su&&ose #ou fell in love with a girl and want to have her at an# cost. But father and mother sa#: 0)isten son! she is not for #ou0. In vain! devil tied u& #our mind! ca&tured #ou! #ou stu((ornl# insist #ou want her! &eriod. 04on! she is not for #ou0! &arents sa# again. 0 e shall find another girl for #ou0. The# refuse< the# want it at an# cost. The# get married. The# think all is ideal. The# are in love. 1fter some time their love fades and nothing remains. Best is when &arents make &reagreements! when difference in age is not too (ig and even if a #oung cou&le have never seen each other (efore! when get together it"s &erfect. hen love (looms in marrage. Then marriage is not &remeditated! a cu&le has their &arent"s (lessing and all goes well after... +arriage life! it is not so nice life! sweet... Oh! it is sour. 3ven then #ou see #ou are not free. 'ou G

are tied u&! firml#. 2arnessed in a cart #ou must &ull (ecause #ou are (eaten. 7hildren demand. 'ou have to &ull whether #ou want it or not. 1nd when #ou were free! #ou had some other thoughts... and now #ou must think not onl# of #ourself (ut also a(out man# others. - Two wa#s are in $i%e0 c$eric $i%e or marria'e( or is there some other wa#- How can I $earn what is the ri'ht wa# %or me- /ot ever#one can acce&t clerg# life. 'es. 7leric life is not eas#. )ife on the earth is not at all regardless of circumstances. The one who lived the wa# he wanted and how his heart demanded was 4olomon! Cing 4olomon and the son of Cing 6avid. 2e ruled for fort# #ears! never fought against an#one. ,od (lessed him with wisdom. 2e also (uilt the 9erusalem tem&le. +an# would come from all sides of the world to him to listen to him... 1nd he sa#s: 0 hatever m# heart wished I fulfilled. I wanted to have (eatiful vine#ards! so I &lanted them. -alaces I had too. I had the most modern standing arm# in 9erusalim. But I did not fight against an#one0! 8r. sa#s and continues: 0I wanted to have &lent# of gold and silver and ,od gave it to me. I tried various lifest#les to see if there is a &ermanent consolation here on the earth to go on living like that... But I see onl# vanit# a(ove vanit# here on the earth and s&irit is uneas#. /o consolation. 1 &ermanent one...0 'ou see! 4olomon sa#s this. 1 wise &erson. +eaning! have what #ou want ! (e what #ou want! nothing else matters to #ou. 4hort! as if #ou never have lived. 'ou thought #ou"ve taken all wisdom of this world. 2ot head. 1nd if onl# #ou could take a look from aside! #ou would see #ourself showing off like a turke#! there is nothing $laugh%. 3m&t# head... 'es. ho on this ,lo(e was or will (e a universall# familiar with ever#thing? /o(od#. 3ver#one takes his own direction in learning! &utting (its together and in this wa# we (ecome one entit#. -eo&le adore &hiloso&hers! various scientists! alwa#s ?uote their words. /o(od# &a#s attention to ,od"s &romise to our ancient &arents to send a savior of the world and (ring us (ack to our original condition. /o one knew it would (e ,od himself. Onl# 2e who created us can (ring us into our original status! who else? 1nd 2e did come (ut the# did not acce&t 2im... 'ou see! we are (a&ti;ed in 7hrist! we are 7hristians formall# and not the wa# ,od wants. There is nothing good in us. 1s soon as we (ecome aware that we think evil and can (e angr# and humiliate our closest! nothing good can ha&&en... But the# read it and #et do not com&rehend. ho out of all &hiloso&hers could have said for himself: 0I am the a#! Truth and )ife0. /o one could sa# that. 1nd also: 0I am the (read of life0. Or: 0 ho (elieves in me has eternal life0. But &eo&le are narow-minded. The# understand little! com&rehend little. 3ver#thing else (ut truth is closer to him. e (elieve we are of some significance... /o significance whatsover. 'es. Ideal of 7hristian life! as sacred fathers sa#s! is ultimate soothing. 5ltimate soothing. Those awarded (# ,od"s kindness! he who is calm and gentle! he is not angr#. 3ven if #ou curse him! #ou are getting angr# and he feels sorr# for #ou for (othering #ourself. - To conc$) e( te$$ )s ,$ease i% a reme # %or )s %a$$en an i$$ e+ists- It certainl# does e:ist. To o(e#. To soothe and listen. 8or someone calm and gentle and who o(e#s our &eo&le sa#: 0 ho o(e#s much gets0. 2e who o(e#s is soothed. 1nd as soon as we o&&ose! #ou notice at once #our enem# is destro#ing #our life. It sim&l# does not work an# more... B

- Father( m# ,arents are ivorce / M# M)m has *ro)'ht me into %aith/// Father is a'ainst .o / 1ho to o*e#- - asks a girl. - ell! it is not u& to #ou if #our &arents are getting on well or not! if the# ?uarrel! if the# are good or not good. The# have to (e something sacred for #ou. 4o that #ou can get ,od"s (lessing and (e well off. 'es. e must not insult &arents! not even in thoughts. 1nd it"s u& to them how the# (ehave toward us. It"s their (usiness. There are some &arents who were e:treml# drastic! who torture their children. Two (rothers for instance had a good mother who tells them to o(e# father although he... to get ,od"s (lessing. Toda# the# work in the 0)itas0 in -o;arevac and do not allow an# comment a(out their father (e uttered. /o one is allowed to make offences. The two (rothers sa#: 0Our father is sacred for us0. The# had #ears of hardshi& with their father who was merciless to them. But #ou see! ,od (lessed them and the# are full of life energ#. Thankful to ,od. 8or! ,od"s (lessing had it that we come to this world through our &arents. 8or what the# are! the# will answer (efore ,od! the# will answer for us too. 1nd we do not answer for them. e shall answer for how we! or if we res&ected them or not. The state of s&irit on the earth is that (ad (ecause even little children! five-#ear-olds! o&&ose their &arents. This is the reason wh# we are in such a (ad situation! we do not o(e# our &arents. The same situation is ever#where in this world.


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